Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Busy, wet day....

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

The night was warmish and inside was almost moist with the humidity as the morning came into being today. Didn't take long to turn on the heater as the moisture seemed almost cool. Wasn't long before we were shutting the heat off. ~laugh~  

HUP-3 Retriever Navy Helicopter

Breakfast over we loaded ourselves into the temporary set of wheels we are driving and headed out to S. Pecan Street's dead end section to get our morning walk in. The weather was nice but it was windy with a few clouds rolling in. The sounds of a nail gun were constant during our walk today as was the sound of two airplanes circling overhead and making that sound you often associate with old war movies of planes diving toward each other. 

F1 Phantom

The green fields are proof of the upcoming spring, the blazing Camellia bushes are everywhere adding a splash of colour in various places along the road sides. Trees seem to be pushing out a few hints of buds and new leaves as well. Amazing the way spring comes here so early. 
F2H- Banshee
After our walk we climbed back into our 'rental' and headed out to Florida once again and the Navy base there. Our trip last week was a quickie trip and only whetted our appetite to see more.  We took a detour though before getting to the Naval base, instead opting to check out a future campground. Big Lagoon State Park offers promise for another time. The park has numerous sites, some with cement pads, some with small patches of sand, some with longer uneven sites, and some that look just like pretty good sites. We will keep it in mind for future visits. We made note of the sites we think would work for us just in case we want to make a reservation. Two weeks max stay in the park. No sewer, only a dump station, but lots of walking paths and white sand.This park is the state of Florida close to the Navy base. 

Fighter Jet parked outside the Museum

Arriving at the Navy base the line up to get in was long, took us at least 10 minutes to make it to the check point. Today the Navy was checking id's, not the tin men they had the other day. Today they actually checked our ids, to make certain we matched our pictures, unlike the last time, the guy didn't even look at the passports we handed him. Today they even wanted to see my drivers license along with my passport. Nice young fellas, polite, official, and efficient, just what you'd expect from the Navy!!!

Underside of 2 of the 4 Blue Angel Planes hanging from the ceiling.

Reaching the Museum we parked quite far out as the inner parking areas were all full. It's much busier these days than it used to be. Not complaining, always nice to see people making use of the opportunities to learn more about their own history, their life and liberty. Major check points at the door as well, had to go back to the rent-a-wreck and get my id or I couldn't get in the door. I had left my purse locked in the car because it's heavy and a pain in the ass to carry all the time but I wasn't going to walk all the way back to the car to put it away again. 

One of the many helicopters in the museum

We spent some time walking around, viewing the planes and helicopters, blimps, cars, jeeps, and camps that are scattered over a huge space. There is very little free space that isn't jammed full of artifacts of various kinds. Almost all of the planes/helo's/ exhibits have their information displayed in front of them, but some of those hanging from the ceiling or walls are often hard to find the information about them. Picture taking is also difficult as the exhibits are almost stacked on top of each other and in some cases are literally stacked one on top of the other. At one point I counted 4 planes stacked almost directly on top of each other. It's sometimes difficult to tell while looking at them where one plane starts and one stops, so when you look in the pictures, it's confusing. 

A Japanese ZERO airplane

We toured the Hanger Bay 1 today as well. We were able to board the front of Air Force One Helicopter used by both Ford and Nixon during their tenure in the White House, with a wax figure of Nixon sitting in the helicopter on display. Among the many things to see there were coast guard rescue helicopters and paraphernalia they use in their jobs every day such as rescue baskets, ropes, winches, etc. It was in this hanger that Riley and I took part in our first simulator ride of the day. It was a small set of seats that moved with the flight of the Blue Angels. Not as lively as the other simulator but it was enjoyable all the same. It gave you an idea of what the Blue Angels precision flying team is capable of in their shows. It described a number of the maneuvers they perform as well as take you through the maneuver. 
Man on the moon, and a lunar landing module.
From this hanger we went back to the Museum building and moved upstairs to continue our tour. We once again rode the Blue Angels Simulator just as we did on Friday when we visited. It was still interesting but not as thrilling as the first ride. We found out that we could take a different ride in the same simulator which would be more in keeping with the Desert Storm air assault and for an extra $3 each we took that flight as well. It had much different kinds of graphics and did a bit more maneuvering than the other flight. We enjoyed it a great deal. 
Nixon aboard Air Force One Helicopter
That brought us to the end of the day for touring the Museum, we may go back one more time to take a guided tour and ride the trolley into the bone yard to see some other planes, but we'll figure that out another time. From the Museum we headed down to Fort Barrancas, which we may tour at some point but as we pulled into the parking lot it began to rain. We decided to head home. 
Japanese GEORGE airplane
It rained all the way home and at times rained pretty hard, with lightning in the sky but line not sheet lightning. Lots of rumbling thunder as well. Home and into the Igloo we found that the rain picked up steadily and the thunder and lightning were loud and continuous for most of the afternoon. I had myself a little nap as I was totally exhausted for some reason. The rain continued until after dinner time. 
Riley testing her wings...
Dinner time for me wasn't happening, I just wasn't hungry, so Riley made herself some Turkey taco's and seemed to enjoy them a great deal. Sorry no pics. 
After that we cleaned up and I read for most of the evening. A call from Dad to check on us as he heard of bad weather down here in our neighbourhood. Always nice to hear  from folks whether it's on the phone, text or email. 

Headed off to bed around 10:30 and start editing pics from today, and to write my blog. Later than usual doing that but I was enjoying my book. 

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Until next safe, take care.....

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