Sunday, February 5, 2017

A fantastic walk and a then a really really lazy day....

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

Tonights pic taken with my phone.

A coolish night but not too bad, and once the sun came up it warmed up rapidly. A fantastic day with lots of sun until this afternoon when the clouds rolled in but didn't do anything other than cover the sun. Tomorrow will be warmer still and we're excited. ~laugh~ 

Breakfast was delayed a bit as we sorted laundry and changed linens in prep for laundry day probably tomorrow but maybe Tuesday. Depends on how the day goes. We shall see. We always have four loads, every time, so we are consistently dirty or clean depending on how one looks at it. ~laugh~ 

This is the dead end portion of South Pecan Street which is actually called Lay Lane at this point..

We decided as we were eating breakfast that we were going to do our hour walk today as we've been slipping a bit lately. So we headed out the driveway, hung a right then the second left to South Pecan Street. At the second stop sign where a fella sells fresh produce (which we haven't stopped to check out this year yet) the thru street is a dead end. So we actually crossed over, parked the Dogsled on the road side and walked on that street. We had to make two rounds of the walk to make up our hour but it was nice, quiet, a couple of vehicles but other than that, it was just great. Lots of garbage along the road side as people will dump their stuff in the ditch instead of taking it to the dump, you know how that goes right? I think we'll be walking there quite a bit from now on, it's convenient, close and pretty sparse in traffic. 

Isn't this just a gnarly old tree? 

After our walk we came back to the Igloo where we spent the remainder of the day just doing nothing. And I mean nothing. ~laugh~ I read pretty much all the rest of the day, except for a few short periods in which we were at the clubhouse and when we helped Miss Pat (next door of Roy & Patricia) bring her groceries into the house. She has a bad leg and Roy can't help as he requires a walker to get around due to his broken hip. We noticed her sitting in her car for a while and I walked over to see if there was something wrong. She told me she was debating about staying in the car or getting the groceries out, said she didn't want to have to do all that work of taking the groceries out and up the ramp into the house. It's a lot of trips for her. So I called Riley over and we carried her groceries inside for her. One trip we were finished.  So she was happy to have them inside, we were happy to help so it all worked out. 

This subdivision on Juniper Street can be seen from S Pecan Street.

I sat outside most of the day in the sunshine and now I'm much redder than I thought. ~laugh~ Doesn't hurt but it looks really red. Oh well, in a day or two it'll be a fantastic tan. I won't mind that. 

Fields are becoming greener each day....

Some of the park owner's family were having a shouting match pretty much most of the afternoon, it was annoying. At one point it looked as if it was physical as well as vocal. We stayed home and minded our own business. Always safer that way. Never know who's carrying weapons down here.It went on until just about dark when one of the people involved left. Hopefully they stay gone and things stay quiet. 

South Pecan Street. Nice walking here.

Dinner was a bit different tonight. We BBQ'd of course but went for something we don't usually have. Mild Italian sausages with Thyme Mushrooms and Green beans, with bread stuffing on the side. It was all very good and different than our usual fare. WE both enjoyed it a great deal. 

Dinner tonight was different but good.

After a quick clean up inside and out side, a trip to the dumpster, I wrapped Riley's toe (she has a corn) and settled down to Skype with my dad. It was nice to see him and chat with him for a bit. He looks pretty much the same as always, no extra growths of any kind that I could see like a set of horns or something. ~laugh~ We managed to connect as we've changed the time HE comes on to 8:30 - 9:00 pm HIS time, while I still come on at 7:30 - 8:00 pm MY time. Before we were missing each other as here in Foley we are an hour behind Ontario time and that would put our chatting right into the middle of my dinner. I'm glad we got that straightened out. 

So now it's dark and time for settling down and doing our own thing. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Until next safe, take care.....

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