Thursday, February 9, 2017

It was a day....

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

A warm night turned cold just as it was darkest over night. The wind blew and rattled a few things but then the sky lightened, things kind of seemed to calmed down and yet it didn't warm up any until late this afternoon. A very cold north wind blew here most of the day and even a bit into the evening. Lots of heavy clothing in evidence every where one looked!

Start of the Antique Rose Walking path in Foley

Breakfast was a simple affair, and we headed out the door bundled with hoods, gloves and warm hopes for our walk just before 8 am here. We drove about a mile to the down town corner of Foley. Parked our loaner and walked Foley's Antique Rose trail and on further along the bike path. The walk was wonderful, the flowers, shrubs, hedges, cobblestone/brick/cement walkway, fancy welcoming brick pillars, all were very well done and cared for to make an impressive showing even in the dead of the winter, I can only imagine it's beauty in the summer. Our first leg of the journey was face first into the cold north wind. At times it was gusty but at other times only a slight stirring but the gusty was more dominant than not. ~laugh~ We walked for a long time into the wind, our 30 minutes seemed to be a lot longer. I was certain my phone-clock was broken. ~laugh~ Upon turning around we managed to walk back much faster as we had a tail wind, strong at times. 

One of numerous bench/swings along the path

From our walk we came back home to do a few more chores in anticipation of picking up the new Dogsled tomorrow. To say I was surprised was the least I could say. My insurance company told me they could only insure the new truck for 14 days meaning I would have to return to ONTARIO within the next 14 days, have the truck pass all tests and I could license it there and come back if I wanted to. Well that wasn't going to work for me. They suggested I try to find some temporary insurance which I did and managed to get it all handled within the hour. I truly did not even think about that! It's been a learning experience. ~laugh~ So for now I'll have a truck bearing Alabama plates until I get home to Ontario in April, and have it registered in Ontario. I will also have Alabama/US auto insurance until then as well. To get insurance I also had to use an American Address. I asked for and was given permission to use the park here. Thanks to Linda for her generous aid!!!! I wonder how a Canadian trailer plate, and an Alabama truck plate will sit at the border crossing? ~laugh~ Oh well, one issue at a time. 

Very nice gazebo along the path as well

I also called Mr. Manley (the sales rep at the dealership) to set up an appointment time tomorrow to pick up my new toy. Tomorrow at 9 am we head down to the dealership to give back the loaner and pick up the new to us Dogsled. Then it's off to the DMV  here to have it plated, as it's already insured. 

This nice wooden bridge was strung with small clear lights for night time lighting

After chatting with Mr Mark Manley I headed off to Absolute Insurance to get my insurance slip. Nice lady named Wanda was very helpful and I have insurance that I pay monthly until I don't need it any longer. I also tried to cancel my insurance for the old Dogsled with my insurance company back home, that has been a real pain in the ass. They sent me an electronic form that I have to print, sign, scan and send back, except I don't have a printer and I don't know any where to do that. So I tried a different angle, I wrote out a cancellation letter, took a picture of it and sent that to them. Nope, wouldn't accept it, I need to SNAIL MAIL them a letter saying I cancel my auto insurance. Hmmm...Insurance is a pain, isn't it?  Can you believe it's barely lunch time?

Beautiful bright read flowers on this bush. You can see it in the gazebo picture as well.

Lunch time and I was starving. Had a huge garden salad for lunch and tried some new Sundried Tomato with Basil thin crackers. They are delicious. Going to have get some of these to take home with us. Good stuff. ~laugh~ 

Camellia's are everywhere, there was pink, white and white/pink mixture in these bushes

I managed to get outside and read for a bit this afternoon as the sun warmed up the air and the wind died down to just a light occasional breeze. I even had to come inside to change from jeans and heavier shirt to capri's and a light t-shirt. It was that warm. Managed to help Miss Pat next door to carry her laundry into their 5'er. She said she could manage but she has a bad leg and would have had to make a couple of trips. I managed to do it in one. 

Holly trees complete with berries

About 4:30 pm I came inside and began to prep dinner. Sat down to read some more and enjoy a new to me book. Pulled the big door shut when I came inside and shut all the windows as well. It was colder in the Igloo than it was outside. ~laugh~ The days are getting to have more daylight hours as I've been noticing a bit more each day. It's not dark here at 6 pm but it's just dusk. It used to be dark before 5. 

Pretty flowers just at the beginning of the path

Outside about 6:30 pm to BBQ dinner. Was colder than I expected but still not too terribly bad. I used Riley's new chair which helps to block the wind. The wind blowing up the leg of my jeans was chilling me to the bone until I wrapped a blanket around my legs. After that I was pretty toasty. 

Dinner was excellent. We thought we'd do without the potatoes tonight.

Dinner tonight was Sweet Basil-Rosemary Veggies and Chicken Breasts smothered in Roger's BBQ sauce. It was excellent. We both enjoyed it. I couldn't eat my entire piece of chicken and like last night I put half in the fridge again. I think one of us will be having it for lunch tomorrow. It's good stuff. 

This has been our mode of transportation since Monday, a 2016 Chev Equinox full loaded

Managed a quick chat with Ed our neighbour, he's all excited about seeing our new Dogsled. ~laugh~ I think he's more excited than I am. He's leaving on Saturday and was disappointed that he wasn't going to get to see it. I had to laugh, told him it's just a big white truck. ~laugh~ I will admit, I'm a bit excited myself. ~laugh~ 

Seemed funny to be driving around with lots of window stickers and no plate. ~laugh~

A quick clean up inside and out, trip to the dumpster and a quick shower for me rounded off the evening. Edited some pics and write this blog will pretty much end my night. I'll play a few games on my iPad and then wander off to dream land. 

That's it for the day, nothing to exciting but it was interesting to say the least. ~laugh~ Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Please feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care....

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