Monday, February 20, 2017

Moved to a new neighbourhood today....

Our Location: Magic River Rv Park, Long Beach, Mississippi

A warm humid night, a warmer morning threatening to become very hot today. The rays from the sun were extremely warm this morning, with bright blue skies and very dewy grass. As we packed up the inside of the Igloo before breakfast we discussed a few things as Her Royal Highness strutted around making it known she wasn't happy to see things in places they aren't normally. The sight of her cloth sided carriage did not sit well with her. She pulled a pouty face and hid under her royal chair. ~laugh~ We on the other hand continued on as if we didn't see her. Not sure who was trying harder to ignore who. ~laugh~ 

New Dogsled and New Igloo together

After packing up the inside we moved to the outside putting away the hose and electrical cable, backed up the new Dogsled and hitched up with no issues. Checking all the lights to ensure they worked and were happy to see the Christmas tree of red lights as we went thru the blinkers, brakes and 4 ways. Always a good sign. Riley managed after some hard labour to get Her Royal Highness out from the royal chair and into the carriage, then outside into the big white chariot for the short trip today. After that it was slides in, feet up, back up and gather up our leveling boards, etc, and then going around to say our goodbyes. Our first stop was Roy (Marksberry) as we managed to see him half way across the parking lot. Next Miss Pat as she came out in her nightgown to give us hugs and good byes. We managed to track down Vern and Miss Charlotte for more goodbyes, and hugs, some laughs and jokes. Next was Bob and Miss Norma for more goodbyes and good wishes, and a few others that I can't think of their names also wished us safe journey as well. After that it was into the Dogsled, put it in gear and head on out. We pulled out of Bluegrass at 8:56 am. Which made me happy as my hitch itch was getting pretty bad. ~laugh~ 

This cruise ship was docked at the Mobile waterfront...

We managed to get to I-10 within a short period of time and motored along with no issues discussing how much nicer the new Dogsled tows and rides, both of us agreeing it was the best choice and at the right time as well. We're both pretty happy with the new truck!! Even Her Royal Highness didn't put up a fuss at all. In fact she slept almost all the way to the new park only waking up when we stopped at the Mississippi Welcome Centre.  We didn't go into the welcome centre but stopped and got out to have a leg stretch and take a picture of Dogsled/Igloo together as we hadn't done that at Bluegrass. 

Heading down into the tunnel under Mobile Bay

Around 11:00pm we exited the Interstate at Mississippi Exit 28 and within a few minutes were once again on the familiar Tucker Road and heading to the great Magic River Campground. We managed to pull in and find us a spot to park and with help from Swilly we managed to get backed into our new address within a few minutes. As I climbed out of the Dogsled Swilly came up and gave me a huge hug, asking about my Dad. Always nice to have such a welcome. ~laugh~ We managed to get everything set up, plugged in, turned on, hooked up and slides out within a short period of time. They've had some rain here and as we settled in I noticed the front right corner needs to come up some but when I checked it the first couple of times it was perfectly on the bubble. So tomorrow or the next day I'll just tuck the pin back into the hitch, take the weight off the front feet and adjust them a bit, that should fix that problem. Not a big deal just a pain in the......well you know..~laugh~ 
Heading further down into the tunnel.
After getting everything all settled we once again were back in the Dogsled and heading to the office to pay for our time. Only pay one week at a time here as they may have to evacuate the campground due to flooding and they don't want to have you paid too far in advance. Not a problem, the office is a mile from the campground. After that we wandered down to the beach, parked and went for our walk. It was windy but nice walking along the white sand and the dark water stretching far out into the Gulf of Mexico. We decided the end of the walk would be out at the pier which sticks out quite far into the water. It was a nice walk with the sun beating down and feeling kind of warm but the cooling breeze was just perfect. After leaving the pier and making our way back to the Dogsled we stopped at the Wally's on the beach to do some groceries. We needed a fair amount because we'd kind of held off in Foley until we moved. Home from Wally's we managed to get all the bags into the Igloo and started putting stuff away when we heard a knock on the door. I called no one was home but the folks outside didn't believe me. ~laugh~  It was my good buddy Ron and his lovely wife Sharon come to call. Almost didn't recognize Ron, he has some kind of thing all over his face, looked like fuzz. ~laugh~ They came in for a bit to visit, we heard about their wreck, their new purchase and a bit about how they've been. We'll connect later and many times during our stay here. 

A near collision when the motorhome cut the car off...

We finished putting away the groceries and just kind of settled down to rest and read for a bit, called my dad around 6 pm his time to chat for a bit. Catching up on the family/island news he told me a cousin of ours has passed at the age of 51 from a heart attack. She was the only daughter with 3 brothers. Rest in peace Sherry.
The light at the end of the tunnel...
 Before we knew it was time to start prepping dinner. That finished it was time to start to cooking. Couldn't get the BBQ to heat up very high due to the wind so dinner wasn't as fully cooked as we like even though I was outside for an hour and a half, we consumed the sausages that I finished frying in a pan and put the rest(veggies and taters) in the fridge to be 'heated, fried' tomorrow for lunch. We proceeded to make a big bowl of fruit and after that a bowl of ice cream kind of topped off the tanks. ~laugh~

One of the many Mississippi Bayou's.

Clean up inside and out, headed off in our direction. That was our day. Wonderful warm weather, bright blue skies and amazing friends!! Can't get much better now can it? 

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