Friday, February 3, 2017

Cool day today...some rain as well.....

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama 

Woke up to fog this morning, not thick exactly but couldn't see where the fog ended and the overcast skies began. It was all the same colour. Not terribly warm but not freezing cold either, damp and unpleasant would be the best description. 

Breakfast was a quick, quiet time. We decided on dinner, only to change it much later in the day but it all worked out. We also decided our plans for the day. However they also kind of went out the window. ~laugh~ It was a day of planned events that didn't really happen.

This plane can set down on land or water. 

The morning was taken up by an errand that we hadn't planned on putting in so much time at. To say it took a lot longer than expected would be an understatement. We thought maybe a half hour, but instead of walking out around 9:30 am we ended up leaving about noon thirty. ~laugh~ From this errand we headed out to the Navy Base in Pensacola, instead of the train museum here in Foley due to time. The Train Museum closes at 2 and we didn't want to rush. We still hadn't had lunch and so we fixed that issue as got nearer to the Navy Base by stopping at Subway and getting some food. 

Coranado, this plane is massive.

We arrived at the Naval Aviation Museum on the base by about 1:15 pm. We just wanted to do a quick look and give Riley and idea about what to expect when we actually come back to spend a day looking around. She was quite excited by what we seen and is looking forward to going back next week. During our quick look around we managed to get into the Flight Deck Simulator for a quick 'tour'. It was great. It actually gives the full impression from wind, noise, vibrations and rolling movement of the deck to being on the deck of carrier. No smell though, which was good, it was a small room. Riley enjoyed it, as I did too. She was quite shocked at first with the big blast of wind from the Helo blades as it blew her hair all a skew. 
A bird in the sky...they even hang from the roof...
From there we walked a bit more and enjoyed the many planes, helo's and other exhibits but truly didn't spend any time at any of the exhibits, just walking while she took in all the many planes. We managed to find the simulator section of the upper floor and we enjoyed a Blue Angels cockpit ride simulator. It was as though we were sitting in the seat with the pilot. The whole simulator went up and down, twisted and turned, vibrated and moved as an airplane would. I know she enjoyed it very much. The small boy behind us was a bit of a pain as his parents let him go alone and with no one to watch over him he was bouncing around behind us, talking to himself, and kind of took away from the experience. However he had fun and he wasn't overly obnoxious. 
Riley managed to climb into the Blue Angel cockpit. 
After that it was a bit more sight seeing with the planes and we headed home, wanting to get back before dark as I dislike driving in the dark. We also wanted to beat the traffic of rush hour. 
This is the actual plane that G. Bush Senior piloted during his time in the navy.
Home around 4 pm we finally managed to just slip into the Igloo and settle down to do some relaxing. We've had a long day. I truly didn't feel up to cooking and so Riley offered to do that for us tonight. We opted to change our dinner plans to something quick and easy. A piece of last nights chicken left over, she chopped that up, added it some nice spaghetti sauce, cooked up some s'ghetti and voila, we had a nice dinner. I do appreciate her cooking for us!!!
The Parachute room, note says if you have a problem with the chute opening, bring it back, new one at no extra cost. ~laugh~ 
Quick clean up, read my book for a bit until it was finished and then headed off to our separate rooms to do our own things. A busy day here in  Foley. Tomorrow we have a few plans as well. I'll leave those until tomorrow though. 
Great dinner...added some cheese...yummy...

Thanks for stopping, hope you enjoyed your visit. Until next safe, take care...

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