Thursday, February 2, 2017

Very warm today.....

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama 

(pics taken with my phone)

A warm overnight last night, followed by an extremely warm day. True blue skies and a big yellow ball in the sky made for a day of amazing weather here in Foley. Tonight will be warm as well with chance of rain over night. Nothing to complain about. 

Garden swing near the walking path.

Breakfast was a quiet thing, followed by us hopping in the Dogsled and heading out. We had a few things that needed to be accomplished and managed to do them all. Yeah us. ~laugh~ 

We stopped at Old Time Pottery to pick up some more yarn, they are having a half price sale on yarn and Riley enjoys knitting. She's currently working on a scarf for herself. We bought a round needle today, she wants to try to knit a hat.
Pontoon boat, waiting for some fisherman.
After that we crossed over the big bridge leading into Orange Beach and parked at a Church so we could walk along the Back Country Trail but in the opposite direction as before. We didn't like this part of the path too much, it followed the road, it was very noisy. We did however make it our 1/2 hour in a Westerly direction before turning around and heading back to the Dogsled. 
After our walk we drove back to The Wharf, a shopping spot we found the other day. There is a store there called the House of Jerky. It lists Buffalo, Elk, Gator, Ostrich, and Wild Boar as samples of Jerky meat available. We knew it would be expensive but honestly I couldn't afford to by anything there, it was so expensive. It was interesting to look at though. ~laugh~ 

On the walking path....

We had some things to donate and stopped at a Thrift Store to drop those things off. It was called the Holy Spirit Thrift Store. We just dropped stuff and left. 

From there we had one more stop and managed to get that behind us so we could hurry home around 1:00 pm for lunch. Once again I sat outside eating my Garden Salad. It finally got too hot and I had to move in doors. I was kind of relaxing on the couch and wouldn't you know it, I dozed off for a bit. ~laugh~ I think I'm getting enough sun to knock me out for a bit. ~laugh~ No complaints though!!!

Further along the walking path..
Prepped dinner and continued to read. Shortly after 6 pm I headed out to start BBQ'ing. Tonight we had Brown Wild Rice with Black Beans, Rosemary- Basil Veggies and Orange Mustard Glazed Chicken Breast. Good stuff. The chicken breast were big enough that we only had to cook one but still cooked two (one tomorrow for lunch for Riley) and split it. It was excellent.That makes two of our Mike's sauces we've finished up in the last two days. We have a couple more bottles but we're saving those for the summer. We'll be keeping up the effort of trying new BBQ sauces while we're here.
After dinner a quick clean up inside and out. I called my sister tonight to chat for a while. She sounds wonderful and I'm happy to hear she's feeling better. I sure do miss her and I'm looking forward to seeing her again in the summer months on the island. 
Time to go in our own directions and for me to work on this blog. I will admit I'm tired tonight and think I'll be heading off to zzzzzzzz's pretty soon. ~laugh~ 
So thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care....

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