Saturday, February 18, 2017

Shopping, walking, chatting, and just hanging out...

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

(all pics taken with my phone)

A warm night lead to a warm day. The rain of last night was still falling when I fell asleep and yet there was nothing laying around this morning when I looked out the window to see how high my hip waders needed to be. I didn't even need my new rainy shoes. ~laugh~ 

Cloudy skies on our walk this morning...

Breakfast was a quiet affair and before long we were out the door into the Dogsled and heading out to walk. Now I know you will find this hard to believe but I missed the turn. ~laugh~ I just drove right on past it. I have no idea where my head was while I was motoring right past S. Pecan Street. I did manage to cross the oncoming traffic onto Juniper Avenue, a left at the third stop sign would have taken me right back to where I wanted to go but we were talking and I just didn't turn. ~laugh~ Long story short, we ended up walking where I walked yesterday. We didn't make it quite as far but still managed to get most of the way and still manage to get back to the Dogsled at just about the hour!!! We didn't even miss a turn as it was a straight line walk!!! Impressive huh? 

Can you see the buds starting to show on the tree?

From our walk we once more scooted across the wide lane of traffic and headed south along US 59 heading for the Old Time Pottery Store just down the way. We wanted to pick up a back pack they had there that would allow us to have a small carry all type thing for when we do things like the Navy Base where carrying all those things separately is just a pain in the ..... well you know where it is. ~laugh~ We also managed to look around for a bit, not finding anything else that we wanted to bring home. Turning right out of the driveway bringing us North along US 59 we managed to get the Dogsled to slow down enough to make it into the Hobby Lobby/Big Lots parking lot keeping all four tires on the ground. We wandered around both stores for a bit and once again not finding anything worthy of bringing home. After that we managed to get back to Juniper Avenue which we followed all the way to US 98 and stopped at the little gas bar. Filling up the Dogsled with diesel for our upcoming journey to Mississippi on Monday. Diesel was listed at $2.35 per gallon and I pumped in $50 to bring us from about a 1/3 to the full mark, 21 gallons and few oz, so the tank is a fair size. 

Zoom boom crane working at one of the many construction projects on Milfin Road

Home after that to find some lunch and just enjoy the now mostly sunny skies as compared to the all cloudy one when we left. The sun was very warm and I started off sitting outside for about 2 minutes until I noticed Linda the campground owner motoring by in her golf cart, I followed her to the barn where Linda, Jeff and I had a chat about my upcoming departure, a few little business things about any mail coming here for me and traded stories about trucks. ~laugh~ From there I headed back home to sit outside again and didn't any more than get my behind in the chair when Roy next door popped over in his electric wheel chair. We chatted about pretty much everything under the sun which took about an hour or so, during which time both Miss Pat and Miss Norma dropped in, not at the same time though. ~laugh~ By this time I was thinking I wasn't going to get any reading accomplished but then suddenly they were all gone. ~laugh~I of course didn't mind anyone stopping by, as I always love to chat with folks.  I sat outside for about another hour and read but found it too hot and ended up coming inside. 

Lots of construction on Milfin Road

Around 6 pm I started prepping dinner and noticed it was still pretty light outside and when I headed out the door to BBQ at about 6:20pm it was still somewhat light. Love these nights that are longer and warmer. Dinner was Potatoes with onions, and Rosemary Veggies along with Bourbon Chicken breasts. It was pretty good, even if I do say so myself. You'll just have to trust me!!!!

You know it's spring when you see dandelions that have gone to seed already.

A quick clean up inside and out, a dumpster trip, a quick stop at the clubhouse to grab a couple more books, then home to do a few little things to tidy up. Tomorrow will be cleaning day as Monday is moving day. Tomorrow will also be packing up day. 

Never get tired of some form of veggies/potatoes/chicken.


Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Until next safe, take care....

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