Sunday, February 12, 2017

Record breaking heat and a new place to walk....

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

Pics taken with my phone

A very warm overnight led us into a very hot day today. It was 70F/21C this morning before 9 am. The dark clouds this morning kept it from being too oppressive during our walk but by this afternoon it was hot even in the shade. ~laugh~ The humidity of course plays a factor in the heat down here in Alabama and I'm not complaining about the heat but I stayed inside this afternoon. We didn't turn on the AC as many in the park did, we just opened the windows/vents/door and enjoyed the breeze and the warmth. The high temps reached 82F/27.7C this afternoon.

Breakfast was a short, quick painless event. We decided on the dinner menu, where we would walk and what the rest of our day would entail. Breakfast is always the decision making time of the day for us. Of course just because we decide something at breakfast doesn't mean it will carry on thru the day but at least we start a plan. ~laugh~ 

Part of the walking path today at Graham Creek Nature Preserve

We loaded ourselves into the Dogsled and headed for Graham Creek Nature Preserve about 4 miles out of town. We plugged in our US gal Bella for directions just to ensure we were at least headed in the right direction. I think Bella must have been drinking while out on the town last night and hung over today because she couldn't tell right from left and was about a mile off the mark. ~laugh~ We however still managed to find our way to Wolf Bay Drive and to the GCNP.

We opted to follow the blue trail, Faoust Lane it was called. There are a number of trails one can follow, each marked with various colour indicators on posts along the way. It gives the distance you've travelled and points you in the proper direction. We started out on a dirt/clay type road base and continued for a while thinking it would get better. It was extremely soft in some places and muddy in others but as it does not allow motor vehicles we were certain it would get better. It did and it didn't. ~laugh~  Some areas where grassy with mud, others were just ruts full of mud.

Looking across a field at Graham Creek Nature Preserve

Following the first mile was just a matter of walking around the soft spots and a couple of muddy patches, taking the second turn in the trail led us a water puddle that was just too big to get across without getting our feet wet, so we turned around and followed the path in the other direction. This also eventually led us to a bog hole that appeared to be a bog all the time, even in the dry weather. There was a type of boardwalk in a couple of places but they seemed disjointed and we had to weave our way to each of them, all the time trying not to fall in the mud, step in the mud and get to the next section. Interesting  to say the least. 

The scenery was definitely nice, trees, fields, etc, what you would expect from a walk in the woods, but the muddy sections were too frequent, the water sections were also too frequent with some parts actually washed away or with new roads made that went around each particular issue but the new roads were also muddy. There were portable toilets along the path, many benches, and lots of signage to make the paths enjoyable and if it had been dry I would highly recommend it as a place to get some great exercise. However due to the mud/water issues we won't be going back. 

This was a good section of the trail

From there we headed back to Foley and to Wally's World to get some groceries. We were out of a few things, especially milk and needed to pick some up. We find that it's just easier to shop at Walmart than to go to a lot of other stores. Walmart's are pretty much universal everywhere you go, so each department is set up the same in all the stores, it makes things convenient, easy and dependable. Prices are usually average, neither a lot higher nor a lot lower than other places. Return policies are second to none.

From Wally's we headed home to the Igloo. Riley pointed out a few interesting vehicles, both having to do with football and more specifically the Alabama college football team Crimson Tide. A jeep was painted entirely with what looked like a picture taken at a game then expanded and depicted on the jeep. It was well done and I'm sorry we didn't get a picture of it. We also were sitting at a stop light when a truck pulled up beside with the same kind of thing as well as "Roll Tide" splashed across the tailgate. Crimson Tide is the college football team of the University of Alabama located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  The term "roll tide" is a rallying cry for the team. 
Birds nest in the tree on our walk at GCNP
Southern Red Cedar tree

Home shortly after 11 am this morning we unloaded the groceries and sat outside for a bit. It was just too hot to sit outside very long though. I did manage to walk next door to introduce myself to the 'new' neighbours, Bing and Cathy. Not new of course, but with Ed & Sue gone the trailer beside them became our 'new' neighbours. Chatted with them for about 15 minutes before heading back home and heading inside. Reading this afternoon brought on the need for a short nap today and I was tired enough to take advantage of the moment. ~laugh~ Didn't last long though, about 30 minutes. 

This was the muddy section we managed to cross with the aid of various small sections of board walk

Headed outside and chatted with Roy, Pat and Vern for a bit around 4 o'clock. Discussed all the wonders of the park, places to visit, and things to do.  Worked on the computer for a bit, then back to my book. Riley made dinner tonight, and I didn't do one thing to help. ~laugh~ I did help clean up though but it was so nice to have a complete meal off in the prep-cook department. She might also cook tomorrow night, we'll see. 

Before I added my two kinds of cheese...

Dinner tonight was pasta with sauce and meatballs. It was very good, my compliments to the cook. 

After that it was a quick clean up inside and then I chatted with my dad for a while. Skype just wasn't cutting it so I called instead. We managed to catch up on all the gossip before we hung up. Compared weather notes and future plans as well. A nice chat. 

From there it was time to head off in our own directions and do our own thing. Thus I sit writing my blog and Riley is doing whatever it is she does at her end of the Igloo. I don't hear any snoring so she must still be awake. ~laugh~ 

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care....

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