Saturday, February 4, 2017

A few errands, a few phone calls and some lazing around.....

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

No new pics today so I will include some more of yesterday's pics.

Cool over night but the heater kept us nice and toasty. We have no complaints. The day started off on the chilly side but warmed enough that this afternoon no heavy sweater was needed, although long pants were a must. Lots of sunshine this afternoon as well. Tonight is a bit cool but not bad. Going to be warming up starting tomorrow, we're so excited. ~laugh~ 

Bomb transport Vehicle
Breakfast found us discussing our errands, we had a few and agreeing we wanted a fairly quiet day. So after a bit business on the phone, I had at least one of my phone calls settled, I need to do a couple more on Monday but that should wrap that all up. I'll be happy when it's done. ~laugh~ We left shortly after I hung up the phone and headed out for the farmer & fisherman's market a few miles west of us. We still forgot to ask anyone about the walking trail in that area. ~laugh~ Oh well, we managed to snag a couple of things to take home with us, some jams that we've never heard of before, locally made by the lady we purchased them from. She had a sign saying that if you bring the ring and the jar back, you get $.50 off your next purchase for each one you return. Good deal I think for both sides!! We weren't there long as it wasn't a very big market, about a dozen vendors. Some had produce, some had preserves, some had meats/seafood, some had soap, others had crafts but we didn't buy any produce as it didn't look all that good. It was apparently all LOCALLY grown but it must have been hot house grown, hasn't been warm enough for some of the things they were selling. 

One of the many engines sitting out on display. Huge isn't it?
From that market we headed out to TJ Maxx to look for a phone case for Riley. She's been hoping to find a new one since we started travelling. TJ Maxx is in the Tangiers Outlet Mall but it wasn't open at 9:30 when we were there. We'll go back another day. From there we went north along US 59 to the TSC store. We need to have one of the big tanks filled and I had to purchase something for our friend Katherine. At first the guy said he couldn't fill the tank, it was out of date, but he kept looking and it was re-certified in 2016, so it was okay to fill. The tank looks brand new and I couldn't believe it was out of date. 
From there we headed to Wally's World just up the street. We needed a few veggies and some fruit. Believe it or not, that was all we bought. ~laugh~ We were both tired and just wanted to go home. So home we went, and arrived just before 11 am. That's early for us, we're usually much later. ~laugh~ 
Navy Helicopter hanging from the ceiling.....ugly thing with that blunt nose.
Unload the groceries, put them away, put the tank back in the propane hole and it was time to make a garden salad for lunch. While we ate we watched a movie, A night at the Museum with Ben Stiller and Robin Williams. It was pretty good, we had a couple of good laughs, so it was worth the effort. After that I headed outside to do a bit of work around the Dogsled and the Igloo. Nothing too strenuous but I did give the Dogsled a good cleaning, even vacuumed the entire thing. ~laugh~ It's so clean it squeaks just looking at it. ~wink~ After that I sat outside in the sun to read my book. Roy stopped by for a few minutes to chatter, then off he went to the clubhouse for some coffee. 
This plane is one of two tucked under the wing of the Float Coranado Plane from yesterday's pics.
I came in around 4:30 pm and Riley had dinner all prepped. Such a sweetheart to do all that work by herself. Read a bit more inside and enjoyed a bit of a lazy time. 
Started cooking dinner outside but needed a heavy jacket, it was a bit nippy. BBQing is always time consuming but we enjoy the results. Tonight we had Dill Potatoes with Onions, and Sweet Basil - Oregano Veggies, along with Honey Bourbon BBQ Chicken Breasts. Mmmmmmm....good stuff. We even licked our fingers. ~laugh~ 
A whole piece of chicken is too big for me so I usually just cut the end off of Riley's.
As I was BBQing dinner my phone buzzed with a text message from Debbie & Terry, a couple we met in S.Carolina. We spent a bit of time with them and showed them around the Igloo, answered all their questions and truly enjoyed their company. They are very nice folks. They asked if we remember them and I gave them a brief 'shot' of what I remember, and they sent a text back saying they had purchased some property in S.Carolina, and bought a 5'er as well. They invited to drop by and stay for a while with them on our travels. I thought that was very nice of them, very generous and gracious. We chatted a bit more via text, and then it was time for dinner. 
A clean up inside and out, a trip to the dumpster and a quick game of Yahtzee. I rolled a Yahtzee on my FIRST turn. ~laugh~ Riley thinks I cheated but I know she did cause she rolled one too and she WON. ~laugh~ 
After that it was time to head off in our own directions. So here I am doing my own thing. A nice day, but tomorrow will be warmer and more relaxing as I think we'll only leave to go for a walk. After that it will be just nothing but lazy. ~laugh~ 
Thanks for stopping by, hope you learned something! ~laugh~ On that note, until next safe, take care.....

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