Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Unstuck, lazy day, evening chat...

Our Location: Joshua Tree National Park BLM, West entrance, California

Another good nights sleep had me awake at 5 am and just kind of half in and half out of dozing off when my phone buzzed at 5:37 am with a text message from back in Ontario, Canada. Nothing important, just some one who wasn’t asleep.

Sunrise this morning...

I was up and out the door for sunrise around 6:30 am and caught a deep red in the morning sky. I’m going to have drag my butt out of bed earlier to catch these, they are truly beautiful. I’m usually awake but too lazy to get up and out into the cool crisp morning air. 
Can you see the hint of red from the sunrise?

I think today may be a tour day but driving tour only. I think the hiking will wait for another day, can’t do everything all at once. We have a date with Janet on Friday so until that time we’re going to pace ourselves and do a few things but we aren’t going to hurry to do them.
Yep, it's the sun alright...

This morning’s temps when I was walking out the door according to our thermometer was 44F/6C so not too bad. The weather folks were talking near freezing the next few nights, I’ll be happy to take this though without any complaints.
I love how this branch seems to be growing from a hole in the other tree.

Back inside shortly after 7 am I was surprised to find Riley still in bed so quietly made myself something hot to drink and started reading my book. Before long she was up and at ‘em making herself a hot drink and explaining that she wasn’t feeling quite up to her regular self, so a day at home would be very nice. While we discussed a few things I prepped lunch. 
Doesn't even look like the same kind of tree.

I headed out for a repeat walk Riley and I did when we first arrived here. I noticed a Road Trek sitting at a very odd angle  but didn’t think much about it, people park in the oddest fashions. I wasn’t too far along past the driveway into the Road Trek when I heard what sounded like sand flying. I looked around and sure enough I could see it flying from out behind the rear wheel. It was then I noticed a fellow bent down there with sand flying as he scooped it out from around the rear tires. So I abandoned my walk and headed down to see if I could help. He was very stuck. He had dug out enough to place small pieces of wood close to the rear tires but he couldn’t back up enough to get on to them. I asked if he had a tow strap to which he replied yes. I told him if he wanted I’d come back with my truck and try to help them out. He was very happy for the offer. 
I love the colours...

I walked about 15 minutes back to the Igloo, grabbed the keys and headed back down. I actually got to use my brand new ball today as there was nothing else to hitch the strap to. I bought it last summer thinking I might need it for the blue boy and haven’t used it yet. Anyway, my mind wanders. I offered them a wide board to stick on top of their small pieces of wood knowing that as soon as the tire was up on the board the van might actually just come out on it’s own if the front didn’t drop down too. I backed up, we hitched the strap around the ball and I moved forward to pull it snug. Paul ( don’t know the young lady's name) climbed in to the van and with it in reverse and the Dogsled in tow and 4 wheel drive I walked him out the hole and continued to about half way back to the roadway so he was out of the soft sand for certain. They were very grateful to be out and I was happy to have been of some help.

It's the sun showing up again for another day of work....

The nice young lady who’s name I didn’t get asked me if I was a Musher, or a Dogsled racer. I laughed and explained it’s the truck’s name. Her father is a Musher and uses his dogsled and team on a regular basis. I thought that was too funny. So I explained we also call the 5’er the Igloo, to which we all had a chuckle. Nice folks, glad I could help.
Looking into Joshua Tree National Park from the roadway.

Back at the Igloo Riley and I discussed going for a drive but she declined so I didn’t feel good about leaving her for any length of time. I therefore grabbed our garbage and started to load it in the Dogsled. John from across the middle road came over to chat. We chatted for about a half hour or so  before each of us heading off in our own directions. I went back to the park to use their garbage dumpsters. Yes I know I’m not supposed to but I would gladly have paid their usage fee if someone had been there but it’s all closed up. 
Look at the different rock formations in this picture.

I took my time coming back, stopping to take a few pictures and just enjoy the quiet. I was only gone for about 40 minutes and felt that was long enough. Back home I puttered around tidied up a bit, did a few little things, read some blogs, made some comments, and then settled down with my book. It was too cold to sit outside and we needed at least a few windows cracked open to keep the Igloo from getting too stifling. It was one of those days that is hard to regulate the heat and cold. I spent the rest of the day reading. 
Love these cactus

We both enjoyed the big salad’s I had made this morning and opted to skip the rest of lunch, thinking maybe we’d cook it later in the day. However it is now 5:30 pm and neither of us is hungry. So I think we’ll leave it for another day. 
I believe these are immature Joshua Trees

Riley had a nap this afternoon, she says she feels better now so maybe she just needed to have a rest. I’m not sure. She seems fine again, she hasn’t complained about anything so I’m sure she was just over taxed yesterday.
Love the different formations in the same mountain....

Tomorrow we’ll do something, even if it’s just a ride somewhere. Getting out and about is important and I think she feels better when we do so at least every other day. It doesn’t have to be exciting just something to break the monotony of same old, same old. 
We've seen many of these and didn't know they were  immature Joshua Trees

Outside tonight for the sunset. It was a silent thing, simply slid down and disappeared, no fan fare of any kind. So just a few pictures of that. Back inside working  on my post, a knock on the door as neighbour John came by and asked if I’d like to come out for a chat. So if you missed me for a while, that’s because I set this aside and headed outside to chat for a couple of hours. It was a very nice time, we chatted about several different things and I enjoyed it immensely. We had no problem finding things to chat about and the time passed quickly. The cold sent us both to our respective homes by 8 pm with well wishes for safe travels as John is pulling out tomorrow and heading to the Phoenix area to visit with some friends. It would be nice to run into him again some where down the road. 
Road through the park...

Heading out of the park toward BLM land and I-10.

While outside I missed a call from my dad, which I will return in the morning. I haven’t talked to him since we arrived here but as he reads this blog I’m pretty certain he knows we are still kicking and having a good time. Since I didn’t come inside until 8 pm PST and he’s back in Ontario, Canada on EST it would be very late to call, so I”m sure he’ll be much happier with an early morning call from my end.

Looking at the mountain that is along Box Canyon Road.

A birthday wish goes out to my oldest daughter Courtney who turns 30 today. I called her this morning but had to leave a message. She called me back about a half hour later and we had a good chat. Courtney’s husband Matt just had his birthday 4 days ago and he as I mentioned in my blog turned 31. They are currently staying with friends in Toronto, and one of them had a birthday on the 20th, exactly in between Courtney and Matt. So the three of them have had a pretty good weekend. Happy Birthday Courtney, hope you’ve had a fantastic day. 
The sun is almost finished working here today...

So ends our day here in Joshua Tree National Park BLM. It’s been an excellent day and I’ve enjoyed it very much. I hope you too have enjoyed your day where ever you may be and what ever you have been doing. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. 
The work day is almost finished....

Until next time….. take care, be safe, 

Goodnight from Joshua Tree National Park



  1. I had read that they were not going to close all the National Parks to visitors this time, just no services. Last time they did not allow anyone in the parks. Glad to read in your blog that was at least true for Joshua Tree. From your pictures it looks like a nice hike the two of you took. As always I enjoyed looking at all your pictures. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks Deb. The park is still open although I can't speak for the dump station, water or public bathrooms. Rigs are still coming and going on a daily basis.

      It was a fantastic hike, not too long and not too strenuous but a bit of a challenge in places. Windy at the top though.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. That is a wonderful area and even better when its free. Ir is a great feeling to help someone out. I have done that a few times and as you know been helped out when our Motorhome got stuck by a friendly camper.

    1. It's a beautiful area, although we haven't seen any mature Joshua Trees, just the immature ones we've been seeing off and on in various places out here in the southwest. We need to take a drive through the park to see them I suppose, so we'll have to do that before we leave.

      I felt sorry for the nice folks. They were working hard trying to get that sand away but I just don't think they would have made it on their own. I didn't mind helping, after all a little friendly gesture makes the world a brighter place in my humble opinion. Maybe some day they'll pay it forward and help someone else. To be totally honest the smiles on their faces and the look of relief on their faces just made my day.

      Take care, be safe,

  3. I'm glad Riley is feeling better, maybe the hike from the previous day took its toll and she just needed to nap a bit.
    Nice you were able to help a fellow camper, I'm sure they appreciated your offer!
    Have a fun on your drive today.

    1. I'm glad she's feeling better too. I think the hike may have been more strenuous on her than we realized but I think the nap did the trick.

      Helping was the right thing to do, their smiles and looks of relief said more than any words could have. I was happy to be in a position to help. They appreciated it very much. It took very little time, very little effort and the rewards were large for both them and myself. They were out of their situation without damage or a large bill to pay, and I helped myself by starting the day off right. It was a win-win situation.

      Thanks, we definitely did enjoy our ride today.

      Take care, be safe,

  4. Glad Riley is feeling better. Nice of you to help that couple out of their sand box.

    1. Thanks Doug. I think maybe the hike was more strenuous than we realized and a day off along with a nap put everything right again.

      We all like to play in the sand box but sometimes we need a little help from our friends. I was happy to help, it started my day off with a good feeling.

      Take care, be safe,