Friday, January 12, 2018

Leaving La Posa South for more BLM camping.....

Our Location: Quartzsite, Arizona

I had a hard time dropping off to sleep last night but finally put away my iPad around 1:30 am. Nothing on my mind just didn’t seem able to sleep. I may have had a 10 minute snooze at some point in my sitting down process late yesterday afternoon, but I can’t swear to it though. Some times I’ll be reading along and suddenly find myself dozing or just nodding off. No idea why but it just happens.

Moon and stars greeted me as I stepped outside this morning....

Still some puddles left ......

I woke up at 4:30 am and had a silent conversation with myself about it being a ridiculous time of the morning to even think about getting up or staying wake, in that two way conversation I must have agreed because I soon fell back asleep. The next clock sighting was around 5 am and so here I  sit with the opening lines of tonights post already in hand at 3 minutes past 5 bells.

Sunrise is beginning....

That glow is getting brighter...
Moving day today but only a few miles so it’ll be a quick thing, except perhaps the dump station but who knows, and truly it isn’t a big deal as long as we don’t get impatient. Then it becomes a tough day. 

I have no idea what would crack rocks but there are numerous of them around....

Two cacti growing side by side touching, a hole in one of the skins leads to a hole between them. They aren't growing into one cactus but are tight against each other. Note the spines under the hole.

I was out the door before 7 am to take my last sunrise pictures at La Posa South for a while at least. It was nice, nothing to spectacular but I got a few good shots. It was coolish and my hands were aching by the time I got back inside. My mini gloves in my pocket, DAH!! Some days I’m totally clueless.

Nothing like that pink/purple colour off in the distance...

The sun has started colouring the mountains with it's rays...

We enjoyed our hot drinks, finished packing up the outside, then the inside, put her HRH Miss Kitty into her carrier and proceeded to hook up. Lots of dew so the back window wasn’t easy to see out to line up the necessary places. Yes, I know I could have cleaned it off but honestly I wasn’t about to climb into the back of the Dogsled and crawl over a ton of stuff in the box, just to wipe the window. On our second try we hooked up, so it wasn’t so bad. 

These things dot the landscape everywhere.....

See that first hint of the ray?

After our usual checks, and walk arounds we were able to put the Big Dog into tow, and 4 x4 until we got out onto the roadway, and of course the letter D indicating we were ready to go. We slowly proceed to the main road, rolling along until we came up to a familiar looking 5’er and Motor home with a Stinger ‘B’ near by. Pulling in we noticed Miss Patsy (Chillin’ with Patsy)watching for us. We stopped to deliver some books we’ve finished reading and hope someone else will enjoy them also. While we were saying our goodbyes George and Suzie (Our Awesome Travels) came along as well. Hugs, smiles and well wishes for safe journeys all completed we climbed once more into the Dogsled to head off to empty/fill/leave behind the the necessaries (tanks, water, garbage/recycle). While filling up with water a familiar big black Ford pulled up and Bill’s (On Our Way) smiling face greeted me. We chatted for a few minutes, said our goodbyes before he was off home.

Information about Quartzsite with the La Posa North welcome center in the back ground...

Quartzsite city limits...

Climbing into the Dogsled after having completed our chores we headed for the long drive to Dome Rock. Perhaps 20 minutes later we were sitting at the camp host spot filling in paperwork. We chatted with the nice fella for a few minutes, and then headed off to our previously scouted spot. It was indeed still empty, although it’s not any longer.

The beginning of sunset at Dome Rock.

I just love this wood...

Across from us are a couple of folks in a couple of tents. I realize that it’s always interesting when  new people come to town but is it really necessary to walk out behind your vehicle to stare? Me, I waved. Hahahaha, he had no option so he waved back and disappeared. I’m not leaving pal, I want this spot and I”m going to take it. I’m far enough away not to bother him in any way so he can just stand there across the big road and stare as long as he likes. He’s farther away than our neighbours had been at La Posa South, so I think he was trying to intimidate us hoping we’d leave and find another spot. Obviously he doesn’t know me.

Sunset shadow's cast upon the surrounding mountains...

See the shadows?

We got set up and settled in, I parked the truck at an angle so the folks in the tent can’t see us without walking a fair distance one way or the other. I know I’m petty but oh well, that’s me. 

The sun's fading rays making this old tree light up...

Can you see the sun's rays shining thru some of the holes?

I called my dad to tell him we’d survived our long trek, he was out and so I spoke with Marion and she promised to forward the message. It was now time for lunch and we were hungry. Riley made herself a salad, I still hadn’t had mine from yesterday and with no dressing on it, it was still fresh. We enjoyed our salads while the chili was heating up. I can tell you folks, we were wise to make it yesterday. It had a chance to ‘blend’ over night and it was very good. A couple of pieces of toast and that was lunch!! Good stuff. 

Been with me all day....

Love that baby arm nestled in the crook of the other one...

We cleaned up, then headed out for a walk. I have no idea how far we walked but it was a good half hour probably. It was very nice to see new spots, mountains, and valleys. We met a couple of Razor’s motoring along, they slowed right down so as not to cause any dust or flying stones. Very considerate of them. 

Back home we both headed off to read or whatever. Mine ended up being whatever, I did however started off reading but soon was snoring away making the curtains flap and the Igloo shiver. No, not really but I did have a nap. Riley called me around 4:30 pm. Oh my, that was a 2 hour  nap. Too long but nothing I can do about it now. 

This cactus is starting to get a green tint to it...

Might those be buds ?

We chatted about a number of things before I headed outside to take sunset pictures. Our future plans are starting to come together nicely. We’ve decided to stay in California a bit longer than first planned.

The sun's just peeking around the edge...
Love this picture....

Outside I walked around snapping pictures of numerous things, but the sunset itself was disappointing. Unless we have cloud cover the sunsets won’t be great here. Oh well, we’ll manage to take pictures of something. I once again enjoyed the light/shadow contrast on the surrounding mountains. I snapped some pictures of interest to me, probably not to anyone else but I’m just getting to know my camera a bit better and so I’m enjoying experimenting with focus, light, etc. 

Shadow's starting become evident...

I think Chevy or Keystone should be paying me for these pictures..

Before the sun was totally set the coyotes started to howl off in the near distance. Riley came outside to see what it was making the noise. She’s heard them many times of course but not quite the same kind of yapping as tonight. Almost sounded like an audition as each tried to out last the others. Very loud, meaning quite near. The camp host told us they are very aggressive here so we’ll be keeping an eye out for them and not going anywhere without our sticks.

Back inside as the air was cooling down quickly we shut the windows, vents and shades. We like keeping the heat inside, or at least I do. I called middle daughter Bradey to chat for a few minutes. Bradey works with autistic children and loves her job. She and her fiancĂ© David have a beautiful Sheltie cross named Leia. It seems Leia is having a foot issue and has been to the vet a few times. Hopefully they get it cleared it up soon. Always nice to chat with the girls and get caught up on what’s happening. 

Looking up a row of spines on a tall cactus...
Those are baby arms way up there....
After that I called my Dad to chat for a few minutes. He was happy to hear we’d made our long trek without any issues. He informed me it was raining there on Manitoulin Island with a high temp of 5C/ 41 F. He says another cold spell is on it’s way within the next few days. I hope it doesn’t last too long as winters up there are damp and when it gets really cold you just can’t put enough layers on.

See the boot?

See the irregularities in the ribs of this cactus?

After that I started editing pictures and continuing this post. It’s been a busy day, not a tough one at all except that we’ve said good bye for now to our new friends Bill and Pat, as well as friends George and Suzie. Riley and I hope to meet them all down the road some place, and wish both couples safe travels and sun filled days. 

So there you have it, our moving day. Nothing exciting but a new place is always interesting. We’ll get better acquainted as the days go by. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment, I will read them.

Amazing colours over there..

Until next time…. take care, be safe, 

Courtesy of Bill Richard's drone yesterday. Approx 150 feet above us...

Approx 400 feet high....

Same height, different angle.

Thanks Bill!!!



  1. Nice that you got safely settled in to you new camp enjoy your time there as I am sure you will. Love the drone pictures Bill has done some for us in the past as well, a fun toy.
    Gotta love all you cactus photos.

    1. It was a long trek yesterday. Hahaha Yes I love the cactus pictures as well, and I'm enjoying playing with the camera at the same time.

      It was very nice of Bill to bring his drone and take the pictures for us, although I'm not really sure it was a hardship for him. He almost seemed to enjoy it.

      Enjoy your day George.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. Glad to hear you got your chosen spot. I love your attitude towards the tenters. I would do the same thing and wave. Often when I hold a door for someone at a mall and they don't thank me, I don't hesitate to say "you're welcome" some people just didn't learn how to be respective of others.
    Drone pics look great, I hadn't seen them yet!
    And I love your cactus pictures. Thank you for getting up close and personal for us!
    And thanks again for the books!

    1. Well I'm not too easily pushed, and truly I think the wave may have been the end, I haven't seen them at all. I didn't post all the drone pics but those ones were my favourite.
      I love the cacti here. I'm respectful of the points but not afraid to put the camera up there close to them and often times I take too many pictures and have a hard time limiting the number in my posts.
      Happy reading.

      Take care, be safe,

  3. Your welcome for the pictures Deb, love the pics you take of the cactus. We know the feeling of dropping off when reading all to well. I think Pat would tell you, it is closer to an earthquake when that snore leaves my mouth, I think she is exaggerating.
    Looks like a nice spot, enjoy, see ya down the road.

    1. Glad you like the cactus pictures Bill.
      I thought I might be only one that nods off and scares myself awake, glad to know I"m in good company!
      We like it here. Not as quiet as the other one but still very nice, close to things as well.
      Look forward to seeing you somewhere in the future.

      Take care, be safe,

  4. I think that bud is a space alien bug. Looks like it's made of some kind of shiny alloy.

    Those drone photos are neat. Bill can really fly that thing.

    I've never stayed at Dome Rock. Usually stay near Bouse, along Bouse Road.

    I like the sounds of the coyotes when they do their yipping sounds, but Yuma is afraid of the sound. I think he has bad memories of his younger days before I saved him from the Yuma Humane Society.

    1. Bill does a wonderful job of flying that thing, and I think it's a hardship for him to have to do it in order to get such wonderful pictures.

      We've never been to this area before and so we're just kind of taking it as it comes. We like the area and I think we'll check out a few other spots at some point, if not this year, then perhaps next.

      Poor Yuma but he's a lucky pup to have been taken in by you. I'm certain he has a very good life now. We often hear coyotes howling at our summer location but not this close. They yap there as well but again these guys seem more intense here, a competition of sorts to see which one can hold it the longest or something. I haven't seen any here yet, but like I said, we know they are around.

      Take care, be safe,

  5. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I like your attitude about the tenters..The drone pictures are really good, sure puts things in perspective. Sounds like a nice day. Hoping we get to meet you and Riley while we are down that way, are you going to Bloggerfest?

    1. Welcome to A Long and Lonesome Highway, I hope you enjoy your visits. Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate them very much.
      Bill took the drone pics, I can't take credit for them, but thanks on behalf of Bill.
      We had a great day.
      Actually we will be in California during Bloggerfest visiting with family. I'm not sure where we're heading after California, we haven't really made any plans yet. Meeting people is always a possibility and if it doesn't happen this year, there is always another time.

      Take care, be safe,

  6. Using simple things you are making great pictures.
    Sorry we weren't able to visit but are just getting over the Crud.
    We loved the Dome Rock area last February. One a hike up to Dome Rock we came across Puma (Cougar) tracks that seemed to be following us. We started bringing our walking sticks after that.
    Like the LTVA you are allowed to set up camp where ever you want in the BLM as long as you're not on your neighbour's door step.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. The camp host mentioned puma's saying there haven't been any sightings so far. We always carry our sticks as Riley has trouble with the slopes, rocks, and such. I wasn't too worried about setting up camp, we had scouted out this spot before and no one was in it. Hope you and Kathy are feeling better.

      Take care, be safe,

  7. What great use of your camera...the pictures are great.
    The cactus with the baby arm I looked at that, do not laugh we have little grandbabies who love to watch the same video over and over, but for some reason I immediately thought of the movie "Trolls" and the blue character Biggie holding Mr. Dinkles.
    Looks like you have landed in another wonderful spot...enjoy. I love that you waved by the

    1. Thank you for the kind words regarding the pictures.
      I'm not laughing as I have no idea who those folks are but I'm glad it at least conjured up an image for you that hopefully brought a smile to your face, or a chuckle even.
      We have found a great spot.
      I'm usually friendly, waving seemed like the right thing to do. LOL

      Take care, be safe,