Saturday, January 13, 2018

Around town ......

Our Location: Dome Rock, Quartzsite, Arizona
I will admit I slept in this morning, almost missed the sunrise. I know, I know, sluggard that I am I didn't wake up until 6:55 am. I rolled out, didn't even make the bed before heading outside to snap some pictures. 
The sunrise starting...
It was a nice morning though, I didn't really see anything extra wonderful but it was nice. I took a few pictures, limiting myself in my snapping of the button. I have been finding myself with an awful lot of photos at the end of the day, with most being only minutes later than the one before. So today I made an effort to NOT do that. It worked pretty good over all.
That mountain is quite far away...
Back home and inside around 8 am Miss Riley already had the kettle on for our morning drink. We discussed a few options deciding to venture into town for a few items we forgot to get.  However I did prep lunch and make our salads while we were discussing our day. I find it much easier to do all this before the day begins as I find I'm  just am not hungry enough to go to all the effort around lunch time. However if it is just a matter of tossing everything on the grill, I'm pretty good at that.
That's us over there.....
So after cleaning up, making the bed, etc, we climbed into the Dogsled and headed into town. We were back at the Igloo within 5 minutes of leaving as we had forgotten to open some windows so HRH Miss Kitty wouldn't have any issues with heat if we didn't hurry back. 
It's definitely popped over the edge now...
Once again we headed out for the crowded town of Quartzsite. Heading up Kuehn Road it was bumper to bumper to bumper.  I'm amazed how tightly they can pack 'em in there. I'm also amazed at the various ages of folks around the place. Making it to the corner at the light we hung a left and headed into a less busy area. We made our way to the Family Dollar for cotton balls which we forgotten yesterday. Riley is beginning to find the wind bothers her ear and so I think a cotton ball might help with that issue. 
Sunrise thru the edges of a Teddy Bear Cholla .....
We headed back down to Kuehn Road and pulled up into the parking area with no where to park. Along the back row a 5'er was blocking the lane but moved just as we started to turn around. There was literally no parking anywhere. I noticed Riley was a bit antsy in her seat and asked if she was sure she wanted to walk around, her immediate response was ,"I'd rather go home." We no longer looked for a spot but headed out the exit and back toward RV Lifestyles. I had a quick question for them. 
 Left: I noticed a family out taking in the sunrise with me this morning, mom, dad, little kid and teenage lagging behind. 

Right: Octillo or Devil's Walking Stick, just love the twists in those branches. Numerous individual sticks but always in a clump.
The further we got away from the parking lot the quicker she calmed down. When we pulled into RV Lifestyles she was once again eager to get out of the truck. We wandered around and I picked up a couple of tubes of caulking, asked about them installing a connection inside for our Mr. Buddy but they don't do high pressure connections. Since we have two perfectly good Mr. Buddy heaters I'm going to wait. As we wandered around we managed to find a few things that were of interest but didn't purchase anything else. I mentioned to the sales lady about theater seating or a couple of recliners and she told us to go to La Mesa RV.  We noticed the free popcorn but they were also giving away free hot dogs. The nice lady asked us if we'd like one and since it was pushing noon we accepted. 
Lots of these shale like rocks sticking out of the ground...
Back in the truck we turned once again toward the downtown area and finding La Mesa RV we had to wait for the 'parts' fella to return from lunch. Very disappointing, only battered furniture in there. However while waiting for the place to open we noticed a 5th wheel with a double slide. A slide with a slide. We had to tour it. I don't recall which brand it was but the bed was in the slides, the top of the bed reached into the second slide, giving more room at the foot of the bed. Probably a good idea but why not just make it one big slide like downstairs instead of two separate. Yeah, yeah, I know structure, weight etc, but truly it sticks out just as far as the other slide anyway. Anyway, leaving there we headed back home and this time we made it all the way. 
Seeing the far inside of the dead cactus branch...
I tossed the stuff on the BBQ and enjoyed a huge salad due an error on my part. Long story short, I put my salad dressing on Riley's salad. Not a problem except Riley and I don't use the same kind of lettuce. She didn't want me to fix the issue and so I just combined both salads. Needless to say I wasn't hungry for lunch. However Riley enjoyed the entire lunch menu on her own. Grilled potatoes with parm cheese, garlic-oregano-thyme mixed veggies, and Bourbon Chicken breast. She says it was good and I believe her. 
The inside layer under the bark of a cactus...
After that I felt the need to lay down for a bit and so I can tell you I woke up just about 4 pm. I won't be finishing that book, it seems to be a sleep aid for me. 
That's us over there......
I read some blogs, did a few little things on line and then headed outside to take some night time pics. I  managed to stumble around for about an hour or so trying hard to keep in mind my earlier promise to not take so many photos. Once again I did pretty well as I had just around 150 photos to choose from and edit for tonight's post. 
The setting sun...
As I was headed back to the Igloo I noticed Miss Riley had managed to build herself a fire. Riley has always enjoyed campfires and until just recently hasn't been doing much about that. I think now that has changed and I can see us having a few more before get home this year. I see a great many campfires this summer as well. 
A new arrival tonight...
A little prod here and there had the fire picking up and burning nicely. She told me she plans to burn all of Jim's wood before we leave Dome Rock. I hope she does, it's one of the things she enjoys. 
So while she was outside for a bit longer I came inside to start editing and writing. However before I started doing that I called my Dad, I haven't spoken to him for a bit. Nice to hear the news, and catch up. They are once again in a deep cold there on Manitoulin for at least a week. I commiserated with him, offering my sympathy and understanding. I'm not sure he believed I was sincere, of course I'm not sure I was either. 
That's us too....
So there you have it. Our day out in the Q. We enjoyed it but I think we've had enough for a few days. Probably just stick around the Igloo tomorrow and read a book, have a nap, go for a walk and so on. We may of course do all of the above, some of the above or none of the above, but it's all good. 
Sunset is closer...
Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. 
Sunset has arrived....
Until next time.... take care, be safe, 
Good night from Dome Rock.


  1. Looks like you have some beautiful mountains for a back drop at your place. Great Saguaro family portrait and love the closeup of the Ocotillo. Nice campfire.

    1. Thanks Deb. We have a nice spot. Of course I never stay in one place while taking pictures and I do walk quite a distance over that hour I'm outside both morning and night for picture taking. It was indeed a nice fire.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. Beautiful sunrise photos. When I see clear skies in the morning, I don't think of them as being pretty; but your photos remind that they are.

    I'm glad to see Riley starting to enjoy your adventures and making a campfire. The only one I've made was to burn trash. Not pretty.

    Looks like you two have a very nice campsite.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Doug. I find them all pretty, some much more so than others but any morning the sun comes up is a pretty one!!

      I'm happy to see Riley adjust as well. When we come back next year it won't be such an adjustment, or at least I hope it won't be anyway. A campfire has always been a sign of her comfort level, although here I think it's more about burning the wood as it was gifted to us than it is about comfort.

      We have a very nice spot. No one can park between us and the mountains and I like that. Our door view doesn't become cluttered with rigs that way.

      Take care, be safe,

  3. Your morning pictures are proof of the beautiful days we're having. Nice to get out, even if they start out as so-so sunrises, they are still sunrises!
    Love the cactus family too.
    Nice to see Riley start the fires now when it is something she enjoys. I agree about the Q, Riley, let's just go home and try another day!
    You have a lovely spot!

    1. I must admit you started me getting outside to do sunrise here in the southwest. I've always been a morning person but I used to spend it inside doing things quietly so as to let Riley sleep. However at our summer location I'm always out the door by 6 am and walking to Dad's for morning coffee time. Seeing your pictures inspired me to get outside just the same as I would back home. Thank you for the inspiration.

      I loved the grouping of three but then noticed the fourth not far away, reminded me of a typical family with a teenager in tow.

      Riley sets the tempo for certain things and crowds are one of them. It's one of the reasons we won't be in the area during the main event. Just too busy and since we planned on visiting Janet anyway, it's the perfect time.

      We have a fantastic spot and love it.

      Take care, be safe,

  4. Nice campfire Riley and sounds like a good day around the crowds in Q.
    Glad you enjoyed your day and relaxed around the Igloo. More relaxing is in order as well, enjoy...
    When visiting Tyson Wells we try to get there before 10 am to get a good parking space. The weekends are usually a bit busier too.

    1. Thanks George.

      We've figured out that the weekends and weekdays seems just as busy to us. I think before 10 may be the only time to go and even then I don't think Riley would enjoy it. It would make her miserable for the rest of the day so it's better to just not go at all. Which I don't mind anyway.

      However we are enjoying the warmth, sun and dust free environment.

      Take care, be safe