Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Rainy day, new smell, and lots of lights....

Our Location: Quartzsite, Arizona

A nice night for sleeping but I put my fleece jammies back on and that helped.  I wondered if maybe I was cold since I had changed my sleeping apparel from fleece jammies to short capris cotton jammies and if perhaps that was the issue with my Sunday night sleeping problems. Last night back into my fleece, and I slept better. Think I’ll just keep wearing fleece for a while. 
The early morning sky....

I heard Riley’s even breathing before I shut my computer down last night after posting my blog so I knew she was asleep. Although it was an excellent day I think it was stressful for her as well, plus the fire last night, and a long walk yesterday, it all added up to make her tired. 

It looked dark over there...
I woke up at 4:30 am but told myself to forget it, I wasn’t staying up, rolled over and went back to sleep until just before 6 am. A much better time for me to be thinking about staying up all day, or at least until nap time.
A long time later the sun was starting to paint the sky...

It’s very quiet here at 6 am, the coyotes aren’t making any noise this morning. Of course I haven’t stepped outside yet but I’m confident it will be just as quiet then as well. We’ve chosen an excellent spot. 
Taking longer than usual due to the cloud cover....

I was outside before 7 am snapping pics, although it was pretty dark and it’s hard to hold the camera still, so often I use the Dogsled’s nose, or top of the box corner as a tripod of sorts. It helps to keep the camera steadier. I wandered around to new places taking pictures of anything that caught my fancy. Found a couple of new spots that looked interesting but not sure we could make it across the wash. 
Sunrise as seen from behind a Teddy Bear Cactus...

I heard the Igloo door clicking shut and knew that Riley was up, so I headed back home. The sun was up but we didn’t see it for a bit until it was above the lower layer of clouds and since I was waiting for it to pop, it’s the reason I was a bit later than usual getting back home. Riley knows that I wander when taking my pictures and so this morning she knew I’d be home shortly. 
You can see the cloud cover, or is that fog due to the temp drop....

We discussed the day and changed the menu as we hadn’t taken the meat out of the freezer last night and I didn’t think it would be thawed in time to actually work with to make a meatloaf. So I pulled sausages out, made up a veggie packet and some salads for lunch. 
A nice gentle type rain, actually will soak in some...

We went for a short walk and enjoyed the warmth but the cloud cover was still in the offing. Although we could see blue skies as well. Back home I spent some time clearing some rocks from our turn off to make it a bit smoother. I know we’re leaving on Thursday but should we come back to this spot in the future it’ll be less bumpy. After that I sat outside reading for an hour or so. It seemed that the wind just kept picking up and picking up and picking up. Finally the temps seemed to drop as the sun disappeared as well. After a few tries I managed to get a soft rope over the big slide topper to snug it down some in the wind. It’s got a bit of play in it and flaps more easily in the wind, so by snugging it down it makes it less likely to have a tear. 
Almost everyone was staying inside today....

The wind was pretty strong and there was no way to BBQ in this weather, so we once again changed lunch plans. Salads of course but just some macaroni/tomatoes/cheese for me, but Riley added some fried up sausage removed from the casing, to hers. Not a spectacular lunch but it was good.
You can see where I turn around to back in....

We did some dishes and closed the big door as it was just too cool with it open. Before long it started to rain, not hard but big drops and with the wind they were streaking  across the windows.  It started and stopped all afternoon. At one point I could smell something that to me smelled like  something scorched or burning. I hurried outside, checked all around, and could find nothing. I checked the batteries, water level was good, they weren’t hot, no smell in the front compartment, checked the breaker panel, no smells, same for the fridge and stove. We truly couldn’t figure it out. We shut the windows and the smell seemed to go away. Stepped outside and it was very strong. Eventually I figured it was probably the smell of the desert but to make certain we grabbed HRH Miss Kitty, and the garbage, heading out to the dumpsters. The same smell out there, so I was pretty certain it was just the desert smell. 
I didn't see that double rainbow until I was looking at this picture...

On our way out we had noticed a couple of cars, along with a K-9 unit, and a sheriff’s pickup pulled off to the side of the roadway and they were still there when we came back. I stopped and asked the fella in the Sheriff’s pick up if that was the desert I was smelling. He assured me it was and off we went home. I was very happy to know we didn’t have some other kind of issue.
Wonder if someone found a pot of gold?

Back home the rain still continued to fall off and on, we could see some water puddles here and there, the wind seemed to die down but pick up again, though not as strongly. I spent the afternoon on the couch reading. I noticed later that the two law enforcement vehicles went down the main road further than our turn off. I didn’t think anything of it. 
The sun just popped out from behind the clouds unexpectedly tonight...

The sun popped out about 5 pm and I grabbed the camera to get some pictures, and along with the sunset there was a rainbow off to the north of us. It had cooled off quite a bit and so I didn’t really want to go outside but donned my fleece sweater anyway. While snapping pictures I noticed numerous flashing blue lights off in the distance, and heard a siren as well. I still was paying attention to the sunset but noticed two more vehicles coming with their roof lights on too. We hopped in to the Dogsled and went out to the main road. There must be a half dozen vehicles down there off on the left with their lights on. An EMT truck was pulled off to the side not getting involved. I’m guessing it’s a law enforcement affair and he was there ‘just in case’. However that is a guess. We turned around at the main road and came back home. It is 6:35 pm and the lights are still flashing over there, lots of them. We noticed a number of vehicles coming from the front of the BLM area and going directly past the ‘excitement’ but I don’t think they all had units back there! 
What an amazing show it was....

It seems that the rain has stopped at least for now anyway. Lots of fog around the area, and you can see it lifting off the mountain to the southwest. The wind is still blowing, not hard but at times you can hear it. 
Almost anywhere you looked to the southwest was stunning skies...

Riley is off in her room where is quietly making faces at me thinking I can’t see her. No, no just kidding, although it’s possible since I can’t see her and it’s something she would do. I’m out here editing pictures and writing my blog. 
See that fog?

So there you have it, our first rainy day here in Quartzsite, Arizona. Nothing exciting but certainly educational to say the least with a dollop of excitement tossed in. Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a wonderful day no matter where you might be. 
Someone is not having a good night...lots and lots of vehicles with flashing lights...

A birthday wish goes out to my niece Amber today as she turns another year older. I recall her being just little thing not that long ago but my how time flies. Happy Birthday Amber. 
This guy pulled over before he arrived at all the lights and just sat waiting, not getting to close...

Comments are welcome, I read them all and reply as well. 
The sun was giving up for the day....

Until next time… take care, be safe, 
Good night from a damp Quartzsite....



  1. First off, let me say that we were a little worried knowing that you and Riley were back in the area of all the excitement. Was relieved to see you your post, not that we thought you were the center of attention.
    I have been smelling that desert smell for a few days and wondering what it was. After the rain today, it became stronger and it dawned on me what it was the desert.

    1. Well it wasn't us or our nearby neighbours but whatever it was it caused a lot of excitement. The lights went on for a long time after dark too.

      It took me a while to figure out the smell. I was sure we had an issue of some kind, but afterwards realized that we had a window open and I had noticed the smell after the rain started. The trip to the dumpster was to figure out if the smell was just here at the Igloo or everywhere, which is the reason we loaded HRH in the truck with us, just in case.

      Thanks for the worry but I'll call if I need bail money. Hahaha

      Take care, be safe,

  2. It was quite the day! A little bit of everything starting with a gorgeous sunset, and ending with a rainbow.
    We are curious about all the Sheriff lights too and very glad that you are both okay back there!

    1. It has been quite a day, a great deal of excitement for certain. I enjoyed both the sunrise and sunset today, although the sunset was quicker than usual.

      Thanks for the concern, but truthfully it was quite far from us, although I was certain I could hear them on a loud speaker for a while, but that might have been a neighbours tv.

      Loved the rainbow too. Too big to get it all in one shot.

      Take care, be safe,

  3. It was a different desert day kind off nice for a change, settled down the dust for a bit. The desert smell we are used to over the years, especially after the rain I believe the creosote bushes, they smell real bad if you burn them.
    Hmm and I missed the rainbow but enjoyed yours.
    Glad you are alright after seeing all the emergency vehicles heading back you way.

    1. We didn't mind the change in weather. It was interesting and refreshed a lot of things. The smell was worrisome until we figure out what it was.

      Considering they seemed to be mostly all Sheriff's vehicles I'm just as glad they didn't stop here at the Igloo, cause I don't think they were coming for a cold brew. lol

      Thanks for the concern George.

      Take care, be safe,

  4. Well, Deb, you seem to draw excitement to you. I hope everything came out alright.

    Those rainbow and sunset shots looked great!

    The rain hit us around nine last night and it poured for a good hour. With the 20 mph wind, it gave us a good dust cleaning. This morning it was dry as a bone out there. Must not have been any around here for quite awhile.

    1. Thanks Doug. I truly have no idea why there has been so many 'exciting' things happening around us, we aren't exciting people.

      Loved the rainbow and the sunset. Never the same twice, always a bit different.

      Glad the rain settled the dust, it did here as well. We still have some puddles around this morning but I think they would be all gone by this afternoon. We didn't have any running water here in our location and all the washes near us were dry this morning when I was out taking in the sunrise.

      Take care, be safe,

  5. What great pictures of the day.I especially liked the one were you said, The sun just popped out from behind the clouds unexpectedly tonight.
    We had the wind flapping our slide covers, also. The advantage we have in the motorhome is we can bring in the slide and still be able to walk around. Now I am curious about what was going on over by you guys...and we were not even there...:)

    1. Hi, welcome to On a Long and Lonesome Highway, hope you enjoy your visits.

      I was sitting reading my book and the sun literally just popped out and shone into my eyes so of course that meant I had to put down the book and get the camera.

      We too can pull the slides in and still use the necessary items, fridge, stove, bathroom, etc, however it means Riley can't use her room at all. Just the living/dining room topper is a bit loose and flaps in strong winds the others are all fine and so just snugging it down ensures it's not going to tear off and require emergency surgery of any kind.

      I could say I have no idea what anyone is talking about but well....all I can say is they weren't looking for me, or if they were, they didn't find me. LOL Actually I think it had something to do with an older van that seems to be parked haphazardly off the road a bit just past our turn off. However that is a guess, only a guess.

      Take care, be safe,