Thursday, January 4, 2018

Meeting a neighbour, fast trip to the gate and a warm day....

Our Location: Quartzsite, Arizona

(All pictures shown before the end of sunrise picture were taken before the sun was actually up)
Awake just before 6 am today, I started by getting caught up with the blogging folks. I read a few blogs, made a few comments and checked a few things I wanted to research. 
This greeted me when I slipped out the door this morning...

Next I headed outside about 6:55 am to catch the sunrise. I was greeted by the moon shining brightly and a few clouds still showing off their glitter against a dark sky. Off to the east the horizon was starting to brighten just a bit.
Lights off toward HWY 95......

I had merely slipped my feet into my slip on shoes that I use for quick errands outside, and pulled on my fleece sweater and had my mini gloves stuffed in my pocket but I was still in my jammies. The temps were reading 45F/7 C when I quietly made my way outdoors. 
This same cactus I snapped a few days ago with all the breaks in the bark...

I strolled around a bit taking some pictures of the moon and a few stars, a few cacti and occasionally snapping one of the eastern sky. It was starting to show off it’s range of colours  by 7:30 or so. A few more pics, a few more glances around and I was getting set to focus on the sun actually peeking out from it’s hiding place when I heard the fella in the tow behind trailer not far from me. He was talking on the phone. Then he disappeared but reappeared within a minute. He was still on the phone and walking toward me. I could hear him more plainly and heard him talking in medical terms. I knew something was wrong and he was heading straight toward me still talking. I immediately started heading toward him and just kept listening. Getting closer I asked if there was something wrong, and could I help. He told me his wife has had a stroke and the ambulance would need to be brought back to our location and could I meet them at the check in building. Telling them to watch for a white chevy pickup I headed back home, slipped on some pants and grabbed my keys. Off I headed for the gate house. I can tell you I broke the 15 mph speed limit. I made it to the gate as quickly as possible, within  8 minutes and I’m telling you that’s fast. 
The sky is turning lighter over that way.....

I meet the ambulance and paramedic truck just inside the front gate coming slowly with the lights on, I told them to follow me and we headed back to into the dust storm. Of course it was difficult to see, the sun had just popped over the horizon and the dust was everywhere but we managed to get back here pretty quickly. I pulled down the roadway past his entrance and directed them into his driveway, turned around and went back home to the Igloo. They didn’t need me standing around looking on. I admit I did take a picture from the front door though. I checked the time, it was under 20 minutes from when I turned the key in the ignition to start the Dogsled, until I turned off the key  back in our own yard. I spent a few minutes of that time directing the ambulance and truck in to his driveway, turning around and coming back home to park in my own spot. I realize that driving faster than the limit may have caused some people to complain to the front gate and I would definitely admit it was me if anyone asked but under the circumstances I can’t see anyone complaining. 
Definitely a sunrise going to happen....

It was about 10 - 15  minutes and they were leaving, they turned the lights off. Not wanting to be nosey but not wanting to seem unfriendly either I noticed the gentleman outside about 10 minutes later and decided I’d drop over and see if I could be of any further assistance. The ambulance took his wife to the clinic/hospital in Parker, thinking that she's had perhaps a mini stroke, with low blood sugar also in the mix of issues. He was on his way there within a few minutes. He thanked me and I headed home after offering any further assistance he might need. He left shortly afterward and I haven’t seen him any more today.  I still don’t know his name, we never got to that part of the conversation.
That's the moon way up there and that beat up cactus in the back ground....

For the above reason I didn’t get the total sunrise but I’m not complaining, just explaining. 
Can you see the hint of colour back there behind that truck and 5'er off in the distance.....

The rest of the morning Riley and I simply house cleaned. We pulled out the vacuum and gave the Igloo a good going over, I even pulled the floor vents off and vacuumed them out as well. The amount of beetles we’re still getting is ridiculous. Not as many as before but we’re still probably getting about 6-8 a day. The heat is slowly killing them I think, as we’ve found dead ones every day as well. Hopefully we’re getting to the end of them soon. 
And over that way as well....

After a thorough clean in her room Riley was tired and just wanted to rest. Of course I was also ready for a rest myself. I however didn’t sit down, instead I prepped lunch and stuck it in the fridge. After that I took my book and headed outside to read.
Cute little unit, that's a window in the door ...(sorry for the fuzzy pic)

About 1:30 pm I came inside, grabbed my salad, and headed back outside, alternating time in the sun and the shade as the temps were at 89F/ 31C in the sun. Before long Riley was outside cooking lunch on the Weber. Today we had salad (of course), a grilled potato, veggies with Oregano, Parsley and Rosemary (fresh green beans, fresh mushrooms, asparagus, cauliflower, spaghetti squash), and Bourbon BBQ Chicken breast. We followed that up with some peaches. I can tell you it was excellent and I enjoyed every bite.
Definitely something happening over there in that sky...

We finished a quick clean up by 3:00 pm and once again I sat outside for a bit but retreated inside with the door and windows open the Igloo was the perfect temperature. I will admit I didn’t do anything else this afternoon except read. I finished a book by John Saul called Shadows. It was a different kind of read than I’m used to, and although I’ve read a few of his books, they too were different than I usually read. I can’t say they aren’t good but you have to enjoy stretching your imagination a bit. I’m going to start a book by Stephen White called Blinded, we’ve had it for a while and it’s been shoved to the back of the book closet until today. 
A slight breeze this morning making the Stars and Stripes wave in the distance....

Our little spot has been a bit busier today with a bit more noise but still much better than the other spot. Not a lot of dust floating around here as there isn’t much going on to stir it up. We like that too. I will admit I had a few other things I wanted to do today but since it’s so warm out I’ll wait until morning  to actually attempt at least one of them. Who knows maybe I’ll get ambitious and get two of them accomplished.
Love that pink over the mountains in the west....

I headed outside about 5:15 pm tonight to catch the sunset, the temp was reading 76F/23.3 C. I was just pulling up a chair when our neighbour pulled into our driveway. I walked out to chat with him and find out how things were going forgetting about the sunset. 
I'm pretty certain the sun is back there ....

His name is Jim, his wife’s name is Karen. They are from Oregon and have a cat named Puma. Jim told me that Karen's troubles were related to low blood sugar. However the doctor thinks that due to the stroke like symptoms  perhaps it’s an indication of future issues and are sending her to Las Vegas for more testing. We chatted a bit about what that might entail and so on. I once again told him if there is anything I can do to help I’d be happy to do so while I’m here.
My last picture of the sunrise....

Jim and Puma headed off home and I came back inside having missed the sunset tonight. Again I’m not complaining, just explaining. 
A bit later over at the neighbour's place....

Apparently another ambulance was needed down closer to the check in building near one of the restrooms at the same time our neighbour's  ambulance was leaving the driveway, some one staying in a tent suffered a stroke there. A busy day here in the BLM near Quartzsite. 
My lunch time salad, there is lettuce under there honest....

Riley has gone off to do whatever it she does. As I explained last night, I’m not sure what she does and I don’t think I want to know, she makes a lot of noises in her room. I’ve been writing my post, editing pics and just kind of enjoying the peace. 
Lunch is served....

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day, as we all know we’ve had it better than some. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. 
Sunset was finished by the time I got back to my camera....

Until next time…. take care, be safe, 
Love the pink in the sky over there.....



  1. Wow! Exciting day. It is not good when there is a medical emergency so far from civilization. You did a great job helping Jim. That is always one of my worries traveling alone. Just hope for the best.

    1. It is an issue for lone travelers or travelers that don't have a companion that is capable of assisting but cell phones are wonderful pieces of security. Of course sometimes a cell phone isn't the answer either and we do what ever we have to do. I would prefer to have no excitement if that's the only kind around. I'm glad I could help.

      Have a great day Doug.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. A bit of excitement for you today. We have seen quite a few of those ambulances in the areas over the years, considering all the thousands of seniors in the desert here it is not surprising. Even have seen firetrucks arrive quickly when rv's have caught on fire.
    Keep enjoying this wonderful weather.

    1. It happens every day, a fact of life. We're loving the weather!!!

      Take care, be safe,

  3. Good job being close and able to assist Jim and Karen. I'm sure it was scary for them both.
    Every day comes with a hope and a prayer that we all survive this adventure.
    Lunch looks good as usual. We'll forgive you for missing the sunrise and sunset today, you were busy!
    Enjoy those great temperatures as we are!

    1. I'm sure it was scary for them both, we've all been on that end, just not our turn this time.
      Thank you for the kind words about lunch. Nothing fancy but we enjoy it.
      I'm loving the weather, Riley's finding it a bit hot though. She spends more time indoors than outdoors. I'm trying to convince her to try moving to the shade for a while. She's usually outside more during the warm weather back on the Island but then again she's more comfortable there and able to do things on her own. However we are still loving the sunshine!!

      Take care, be safe,