Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Relaxing last day here Joshua Tree National Park

Our Location: Joshua Tree National Park BLM, West entrance, California

Another good night’s sleep, I woke up a few times for duty calling but other than that I slept until just around 5:30 am. No complaints from this happy camper. 

Partial eclipse of the moon during sunrise..

Warm outside again, just like yesterday morning, we were hovering at 58F/14C when I headed out at 6 am. The morning air is some how crisper without the sun though and I zippered my fleece sweater as high as it would go. The sunrise was nice, I managed to find a few interesting things to amuse me while I was snapping pictures.  About three quarters of the moon was covered but a sliver showed brightly over the mountain ranges to the northwest. A pretty sight.

And this was happening in the other direction of the sky....

An old school bus, the long ones, has been converted into sleeping quarters, but only the bus company name and the red stop signs appear to be the only change. All of the windows are still uncovered, it’s still school bus yellow and looked very out of place here. People sleep in cars, vans, tents, truck campers, small trailers, A frame trailers, bigger tow behinds, 5’ers, motor homes and just about anything else you may be able to think of. We are a diverse crowd for sure.

It never looks this yellow through the camera lens....

Back inside I was quietly making myself something hot to drink and about the time the water was hot Miss Riley stuck her head around the corner and spoke for the first time today. We chatted about just a relaxing day and doing very little of anything. I’m happy to report we were very successful. 

It's sinking lower and lower and goes behind the mountain within a short time after this picture...
I whipped us up a couple of pieces of French Toast and syrup for breakfast, a rare treat for us. We lounged around for a while until around 10 am when we started house cleaning. Our little Igloo was in need of some sprucing up. With the vacuum in hand, dust clothes, glass cleaners, broom, and mop we at least moved the dust around. 

Sunrise is just a few seconds away...

From there I headed out with my book to sit in the sun for a while. I enjoyed it for about 20 minutes but had to move to the shade which after about 25 minutes had me moving back to the sun. You see how this is going right? Finally I gave up and came back in side. It’s the perfect temperature. 

Pretty much still looks like a school bus but they were sleeping in there....

For lunch I skipped my salad today, I was too lazy to make one. Yes, I know I’m a lazy sluggard but oh well, it’s just the way things are today. I reheated the leftovers from Riley’s birthday lunch, some mashed potatoes, stuffing and small piece of crispy herb chicken. It was yummy. Riley had herself some turkey hot dogs for lunch. We then washed up all the dishes and shined the tap. So you know now everything is sparkly clean. 

Love this little cactus, doesn't appear to have spines but the edges look to have rocks embedded in them, it's not rocks but that's what it looks like...

Back outside I worked at putting away a few items in the cubbies and the truck box. We have only a couple of things to toss in to their proper places in the morning. I left out one chair until after sunset though. I’m too lazy to walk today. 

Some type of barrel cactus but don't you love the colours....

Sunset found me outside with my book and the camera. I snapped a few pictures, read a few pages, a few pictures, a few more pages. You know how this goes. Finally I put the book away, put the chair away, snapped a couple of final pictures and called it a night.

This Ocotillo is just starting to leaf out, but no red plumes yet...

Inside I’ve been editing pictures and writing my post. Our last day here at Joshua Tree National Park has been relaxing and enjoyable. Tomorrow we move on to a new spot and some new adventures. We’re both excited to see around the next bend. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. Feel free to leave a comment, I love to hear from you.

I have no idea what this is, but it's in a number of trees, and it's not the same growth as the tree, its too alive to be a nest I think. I like it though. 

Until next time…. take care, be safe, 

Our last sunset here at Joshua Tree National Park this season....

One last 'goodnight from Joshua Tree National Park'.



  1. I'm glad you two accomplished your goal of relaxing today. Sometimes that's hard to do.

    Beautiful sunrise and sunset photos. And that growth on the tree. I've often wondered what it is. Hope someone can give us an answer.

    Have a fun and safe journey tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Doug, you're right sometimes relaxing is not an easy thing to do. However I am working on it, I practice often.

      It reminds me of the southeast and their Spanish Moss, it doesn't look like that of course but it does drip from trees that it has no other relationship to.

      The journey was excellent and we arrived safely.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. You have had a nice time there enjoying the desert scenery. now all cleaned up to move on out travel safe and enjoy some more new interesting sights.

    1. We did indeed enjoy our time at Joshua Tree, both inside and outside the park. Truly a place to return too over the years. It offers a great many features that will call us back.

      Hitch itch is beginning to set in and it's time to move on down the road. Always new things to see and do.

      Take care, be safe,

  3. Good for you, relaxing today and taking more beautiful photos. That tree clump looks neat but I'd never venture too close. I'd be afraid what would crawl out! ha ha
    A wonderful day when it is sun to shade to sun again. I love those choices.
    Keep on enjoying and travel safe.

    1. Relaxing is a practice that requires skill and dedication, not always easily accomplished on some days and yet to easy on other days.
      I'm not afraid of anything crawling out, but I wouldn't stick my hand in there. The way it hangs and the colour tells me that it's mostly living or dying slowly. Not sure it is killing the tree or just what it does. Reminds me of Spanish Moss in that it's dripping from the tree from which it truly doesn't appear to be related to.
      Too many choices of sun, shade for me, I gave up and went inside. Hahaha

      Take care, be safe,

  4. Wonderful pictures of the sunrise and sunset along with the moon. Congratulations on a successful relaxing day. We all need those type of days once and awhile.
    I love that we are starting to see little green leaves on the Ocotillos. Everything has been so dry I was wondering if we would.
    Travel Safe.

    1. Thanks, I am never sure which pictures to post of those events, I usually have too many to choose from.
      Relaxing on some days is easy, not so much on other days, but I'm working on the less easy days.
      The change in Ocotillo is amazing when it starts to leaf out. The colour is almost startlingly green. It's beautiful.

      Take care, be safe,