Tuesday, January 2, 2018

California, laundry and Dome Rock.....

Our Location: Quartzsite, Arizona

A much warmer night last night, the temps at 5:45 am read 47F/ 8C, not chilly in the Igloo at all. I woke up off and on through the night, not sure why but I didn’t have any trouble falling back asleep so it was an okay night.
The start of sunrise...

Made my hot drink and sat down to read and comment on blogs around 6 am. Of course HRH was fed while I made my hot drink. Two bites and she was off to find something else to do but there must be food in the dish or she thinks she’s going to starve. She is too funny. 
Billowy pink clouds......

After completing my reading I headed outside to get some sunrise pictures. Fantastic sunrise this morning, truly magnificent. I snapped at least a couple of dozen pics, don’t worry I’m only going to post a few, but I couldn’t resist.
Hot pink....sizzling almost....

Riley was up around 8:30 am and we sat discussing the day ahead and enjoyed some hot drinks. We had a number of things on the list but some that must absolutely get accomplished today. So with that in mind we sorted the laundry, loaded it up and headed out to find the laundromat at Quartzsite. Since we’d checked it out before we kind of knew where it was but managed to find it again without the use of a GPS. I measured the distance with the Dogsled, it’s 3 miles from our front door to the front gate. So I guess I didn’t put in 3 miles yesterday but it sure felt like it. 
The sun is coming.......

We stopped at the laundromat but the lot was full and we couldn’t find any place to park, so we decided we’d do a few other things first. A  visit to Discount Solar was in order and I did my business there,leaving with an estimate of the work I want to have done. 
See it starting to shine thru?

We found a second laundry facility but once again didn’t stay. So we headed out on I-10 West to do a couple of things. We hadn’t been to California yet, nor Blythe, and so we thought we’d head out that way to check things out. I figured we pick up a few items at the grocery store and check out the town, and perhaps find a laundromat there. 
Two of these ladies stand on street corners here in Quartzsite. They are mannequins with the ability to move due to some mechanical expertise. 

Of course we had to pass thru the California agriculture inspection station, with a wave of her hand the lady sent us onward. Okay then, we’ll just keep heading out. Blythe was less than what I expected. We found three laundromats that to be honest with you, I simply walked in and turned around and walked out. I’m certainly not a snob but I believe that the machines should be cleaner than my dirty clothes. I was truly amazed at how unkempt these places are. We did stop at the hardware store but didn’t purchase anything, it was a nice big clean place, very inviting and friendly. We decided we didn’t need any groceries and so just didn’t bother stopping. 
Wonder where he left the back half? Must have lost the kitchen and the living room, see the metal bowl and the flowered brown chair?

We headed back toward Quartzsite but stopped at Dome Rock Road for a bit of a look see, and at first didn’t find anything that appealed to us. However after a short talk with the Camp Host Jim, we did find something that will suit us fine when we’re back in the area at a later date. 
Dennis still has his hat and shoes with him at Dome Rock BLM

We continued on and I decided to drive past the laundromat on Main Street once again, and believe it or not, the lot was pretty empty. I turned the big Dog in to the parking lot, hustled myself in to ensure there were washers available, grabbed a laundry cart on the way out and proceeded to load it up with baskets and detergent, etc. Riley wasn’t too keen on this idea but it needed to be done. I explained to her that she needed only to help bring it in and get it going, she could then sit in the Dogsled to read her book and I would call her to help when it was time to get the clothes out of the dryers. So that’s what we did. We managed to get four large loads washed, dried and folded by around 3:00 pm. As we headed home I mentioned an ice cream from McDonalds and she readily agreed. We had to of course find it first, which we managed, and then got into the drive thru line. It moved pretty quickly and within a couple of minutes we were at the “order here” spot. From there we waited and waited and waited, and finally after 20 minutes we just pulled out of line and left. We hadn’t even made it to the pay window yet. One car was holding up the entire line. I have no idea what the issue was but it seemed ridiculous to me to allow that to happen. However the only game in town, I suppose they think you have no options. 
Love the chimney....

We reached home shortly before 4 pm. We unloaded the Dogsled, put everything away and I started making a salad, Riley passed on one. We had left over pasta with sauce from Sunday evening. We were both tired from having a long day , or at least a long day for us. It was enjoyable of course but still long. 
Granny, we're off to Californy......

After a quick tidy up I headed outside to catch the sunset. It was nice, not as nice as sunrise, but I’m not complaining, I’ll take it.
The sun is slipping away again tonight...

Tomorrow I have at least two chores that need to get accomplished and after that it’s a matter of just doing whatever suits us whenever it suits us. I like it that way. The temps today were wonderfully warm, 80F/ 26C with a bit of a breeze. A perfect day.
Amazing colour in the northern sky...

Birthday greetings goes out to my nephew Jason, who turns 28 today. I can tell you that 28 years ago today I was in Myrtle Beach, SC. Jason is an avid sportsman/hunter, and recently married his perfect woman as she too enjoys the same activities. Happy Birthday Jason!!
Even the airplanes are getting in on the action in tonight's sky...

That’s our day, long and interesting. I’m so glad we’ve managed to do the laundry and now we’re good for a while. We don’t have to the move to the ‘clothing optional’ portion of the park. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. 
Soon it will be gone....again...

Until next time…take care, be safe, 

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  1. We can't wait to see some sunshine, it has been over a week for us now! :-(

    It was laundry day for us as well but we only had one load to do and luckily we didn't have the issues that you did. It was very quick, we didn't even know the campground had a laundry facility but we heard rumors that there was one here so we asked at the office and found out that there was one. We just had to ride our bikes over with the laundry and had it done pretty quickly.

    I gotta ask, why didn't you just park the Dogsled and walk into McDonalds to get your ice cream? I have never understood the drive through thing! Walk in always seems so much quicker in my mind.

    The paint job on that class C is pretty interesting!


    1. We've had lots of sunshine and we're appreciating it very much.

      Laundry is laundry and I don't mind doing it but I guess I'm a bit picky about the place in which I do it. I truly don't think it takes that much effort to run a broom over the floor and wipe down the machines at least once a day.

      I mentioned parking and walking inside but Riley was already on a bit of a short fuse and if she's going to have a melt down I'd rather it be in the Dogsled than inside in a room full of people. She doesn't do well in crowds and I try to keep that at a minimum in new places.

      Riley loved the chimney on that thing. It caught her eye first. There were some interesting looking folks standing outside of it when we went past the first time but they seemed to have disappeared when we went back by.

      Take care, be safe,

    2. Thanks for explaining why! :-)

  2. These desert towns are interesting for sure , The Albertsons in Blythe is a good place to shop. I usually do our laundry first thing in the morning by 7 am in Quartzite not too busy then. Lots of nice places to camp there at Dome Rock and free, we like free.
    Love your sunrise and set pictures in the desert usually always awesome.

    1. The desert towns are definitely interesting. Although I will say most small towns we have passed through have offered a unique image, and some very lasting impressions in our minds.

      We had discussed me doing the laundry early in the morning but since it wasn't busy and I like Riley to help I opted to do it then. Riley does okay when she can focus on something specific to occupy her attention in places like that and I'm careful to give her something very specific when numerous people are present. I give her ONE specific thing (with two chores) to do, in this case it was remove the clothes from the stopped dryer and bring them to me in the folding area. Once that was completed I gave her something else to keep her mind on the laundry and off of the people. Since she waited with her book in the Dogsled while the laundry was actually washing and drying she was fine during that time. I checked on her a couple of times.

      I didn't care for Dome Rock along the Interstate but just outside of town is nice nestling back up towards that mountain works for us.

      I love the desert. I wouldn't want to be around in the summer during the hot temps but I'll be back for sure.

      Take care, be safe,

  3. I wonder if anyone has tried picking up those ladies. Sure would be surprised. I love the mural on that class c RV. Don't seem to have beautiful sunsets in Douglas. Must be the desert dust.

    1. Hahah...I have no idea but they are interesting for sure. They look like sisters, long blond wigs, similar build, sunglasses, and would expect the signs to move if it wasn't a real person, right? It's very cute.

      Riley pointed it out to me. It was interesting for sure.

      I guess you'll just have to come further west!

      Take care, be safe,