Tuesday, November 1, 2022

We've moved....


Our Location: Saddle Mountain, Tonopah, Arizona


We woke in the grasslands of Empire Ranch to a chilly morning but after breakfast and coffee it was time to pack up. We enjoyed our time there but time to move on, bad weather looks to be coming. We have wheels on our house, lets use them. We turned the Big Dog's nose north out of the Ranch and headed for I-10 West. Time 8:38 am. I looked. 


Sunrise at Empire Ranch. Taken through the window in my bedroom.

It has crested the mountains.

Shortly after leaving Empire Ranch heading north on AZ 83.

Very cute overpass in Tucson.


The drive was simple, AZ 83 north to I-10 West, past thru Tucson and joined up to I-8 West toward Gila Bend (pronounced Heela), then north on AZ 85 to connect back to I-10 West. Exit 94 to 411th street at Tonopah, left on Salome Highway and left just over the cattle guard before Courthouse Road. We are home for a while now.  A total of 220 miles/354 klm we drove on very good roads, arriving at about 12:30 pm.  Temps here when we arrived registered 81F/ 27C. A slight breeze, sunny with a few clouds. A truly nice day.

Cotton field here in Arizona.

You know you are in the desert when you see a mountain side covered in Saguaros.

Yep, definitely the desert now.

Looking out my window from my chair here at Saddle Mountain.

I called Dad to let him know we were here and all set up for a while. Lunch was a big green salad for me and the afternoon was spent just kind of resting. I didn't sleep well last night and had no energy today. Of course a text from my sister at 6:20 AM didn't help me sleep any better. She forgot about the big time difference.

We will be walking back there during our stay.

We'll drive part way back and hike some back there too.

The beginning of sunset tonight here at Saddle Mountain.

Such a fire in the sky.

Lots of photos today, all taken with my phone. 

Can you see the saddle?

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 

Starting to fade to black. Goodnight.

Until next time....

take care, be safe, 





  1. Oh my, the sunrise was just beautiful. A beautiful day for an Arizona drive. Your new home is just as grand. If the RV gods are willing I will there very soon.

    1. That would be nice. We are parked in your spot this time. Big, lots of room. Hope all goes well.


  2. Looks like you picked a beautiful spot to hang out for a while. Enjoy your downtime and those lovely sunsets!

  3. Looks like a gorgeous spot. Perfect for sunsets. The next time I travel that way, I'll do a drive through. Looks like a nice spot for the night.

    1. It is a gorgeous spot. We aren’t mixed in the masses but off a bit on our own. We love it here. Easy in and out, easy to find. And the views are amazing.


  4. A beautiful drive to end up in a beautiful place! The sunset pictures are gorgeous! Enjoy!

  5. I would like to stop by tomorrow mid morning. Let me know. Sent you a message.