Sunday, December 25, 2016

Warm Christmas Day.......

Our Location: Devencrest Rv Park, Albany, GA

Wonderful night for sleeping with the vent open, and I must say those sleigh bells didn't wake me up at all. The old man was pretty quiet. ~laugh~ 

This morning found us up and making scrambled eggs and bagels by 7:30 am. Dishes done by 8 am, out the door shortly afterwards. Walked again at RSG, it's a fantastic place to walk and we enjoy the variety of things that seem to catch our eye as we walk. Today's pics are all from RSG. 

Sun's rays beaming thru the trees this morning in the old Casino Parking Lot at RSG. 

We were surprised at the number of people out and about this morning as we walked. Two gas stations within a mile of each other were open as well. I found that to be a bit strange but who knows why it was that way. 

The pictures were taken with my phone and don't do the beams justice. They were so radiant in real time but it isn't being picked up here. 

A few people out and about walking when we arrived at the park this morning. They have outdoor exercise equipment that is free to use, each station has it's own instructions as to how to use the station. It's interesting in that you use your own body weight as your 'weight'. They all have a place to stand  which then acts as a counter to the machine. Amazing how much a person actually weighs when they start working out. ~laugh~ 

This picture is here for a couple of reason, it's not the best picture but I thought I would include it anyway. We thought this was fog (which we often times have here in the morning. It hangs in the trees and not on the roadway at times.), and I thought it was an interesting picture with the tops of the trees showing over the top of the fog. That should have clued me in right there wouldn't ya think? ~laugh~ Note the blue sky above the 'fog'. It's actually smoke from two smokers in the back yard of a house on the left. ~laugh~ That is one thing that is very common down here, SMOKERS. Everyone seems to have at least one, often more than one. The other thing about this picture is the height of the pine tree on the right. Can you see the utility pole in front of that tree? There is more to the top of the pine tree that I couldn't fit in the picture frame. These pines are super tall and soooooo straight. 

More sunbeams through the trees, and that big bright spot is of course the sun!!! ~laugh~ 

Home after our walk we changed into short pants, t's and went outside to read in the sunshine. It was absolutely fabulous. I sat outside for a long time reading. We had talked to my dad before we left home for our walk, talked to both my brother and my sister while on our walk. We had plans to skype with oldest daughter/sister before 3:00 pm, and talk with middle daughter/sister between 3 - 3:30 pm, all of these folks live/were in Ontario, Canada. Oldest daughter actually lives in Lausanne, Switzerland but was back in Ontario to visit her husband's family and numerous friends they have in the area. I also called my sister-in-law in California this afternoon but only managed to get her machine. Not sure if she was golfing or cooking because she was hosting Xmas Dinner this year.  Also sent a text to a nephew (late husband's brother's son), he and his family are in California at Disney World for the holiday season.

Once again this odd pine tree as you can see in this terrible picture, the growth is pretty well all one sided and the tops seem to bear out that old saying, 'chop off the head and three more will take it's place". ~laugh~ 

Around 4:30 pm I walked over to the clubhouse to retrieve our bird and prepare it for the oven. Rosemary, thyme, oregano, and parsley on the bird before we popped it in the oven at 325F with no cover just before 5 pm. Over the next couple of hours I basted it with it's own juices and it came out of the oven around 7 pm a beautiful golden brown. We also had mashed potatoes (with chicken broth instead of butter and milk), steamed veggies with oregano and thyme, bread stuffing, biscuits, and Too Much Fun Ice Cream, which is chocolate tracks and vanilla tracks all in the same container. MMMM....good stuff and the main course wasn't bad either. ~laugh~ 

Our Christmas Day selfie at Radium Spring Gardens at the end our walk. 

After dinner we washed enough dishes to do a family of 10. ~laugh~ It seemed that way at least. Since we didn't eat until almost 8 pm we didn't get things all cleaned up until almost 9 pm. We aren't certain the whole thing was worth it, and perhaps next time we'll just do the biscuits and ice cream and forget the other stuff. ~laugh~ 

Dew drops on the palm fronds catching their shine from the suns beams above. Very pretty as we walked past. 

So ends our first Christmas in warm weather. We had a great day and look forward to more Christmas' like this one. 

I hope your day has been filled with lots of good food, loving family, and friends, peace and joy, but most of all love and acceptance. 

So until next time..Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. 

Be safe, take care......

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