Saturday, December 17, 2016

Quiet, warm day........

Our Location: Devencrest Rv Park, Albany, GA

A truly wonderful day in every way. Warm enough to sit outside and read most of the afternoon and still warm enough to have just the screen door between us and the outside elements at 5:30 pm, although changed quickly  as it cools off rapidly once the sun leaves the sky. 

Our walk this morning was over familiar ground therefore no new pics to share but it started off cool and cloudy with heavy sweaters required, about half way thru we started taking off heavy sweaters and rolling up sleeves in an effort to cool off. That is one of the things here, knowing how to dress so you aren't freezing or sweating before you finish what you've begun. 

As this is the weekend we opt to avoid the stores and sights, simply because they will be way too busy and we can do our stuff on week days therefore avoiding the rush. We spent the afternoon reading and enjoying the sunshine and warmth. Riley BBQ'd some hot dogs for lunch and tonight will BBQ some chicken breasts, veggies and potatoes. It's a great day when we can do that. 

So as you can see it was a boring type day with no exciting events taking place but we like quiet, and peaceful, so the day suited us just fine. We can still hear the pump as it continues to lower the water levels in the ponds due to the fact that the week ahead looks to have a falling moisture from the skies. So if you were wondering what to send for Christmas, Water Wings, or chest waders would do just fine. ~laugh~ 

On that note, I"m off. Have a great rest of your day, thanks for stopping by for a visit. Until next time, take care, be safe......

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