Sunday, December 18, 2016

Record breaking day....

Our Location: Devencrest Rv Park, Albany, GA

What a fantastic day here. Sunny, very warm, we broke the all time high temp record today coming in at 83F/28C. It was very humid and around 2 pm this afternoon a strong wind kicked up and a downpour of the wet stuff causing us to scurry around and close windows and vents as it seems the wind is always coming from the west and causes the rain to come in the vents even though they have covers on them. It's just the direction of the wind. Within a half hour it was over and water was laying everywhere but the sun was out and a half hour later the ground had absorbed most of the water again. A half hour later we had more rain and it continued like that off and on the rest of the day.

Lease to own. Want the phone number?

I'm on the corner of Nixon Drive.

For our walk this morning we headed to Radium Springs Garden (RSG). It was fantastic to walk there. The path is sandy and pretty flat, weaves around the outer edges of the park/picnic area. We added the piece across Radium Springs Road which once was the parking lot of the hotel which once thrived here. We couldn't get into the 'gardens' but we did manage to see the water and Riley was awe struck at the colour.

Seen from the observation deck. That is the true colour of the water. The cypress trees and the spanish moss give it an eerie kind of look, something right out of the movies. The mud has settled and the colour is striking.

We managed to make 4 rounds of the park which took us a bit over an hour, so we were happy to stop without adding any further distance, it was hot and sticky. No complaints of course, after all walking in short pants and sleeveless tops on Dec 18, who could complain?

This is a Crepe Myrtle tree. It looks barkless doesn't it? They are hardy trees, very pretty and with amazing blooms that come in a variety of red/pink/lavender colours. There are a number of them around RSG. 

After our walk we headed to Wally World (Walmart) for some over the counter drops for a stye.Riley has seemed to be more prone to them the last couple of years. The cream seems to help, I think we'll stock on a few tubes before we head north in the spring. We also looked around at some other things including clothes, as we are both needing some new ones. They have a number of things here that we can't get in Canada and so we enjoyed browsing and I'm not a shopper. We'll keep the grocery shopping for Wednesday or Thursday of this week and avoid the last minute rush and crush.

Riley is holding pine cones in the palms of her hands, they reach from the heel to the fingertips as you can see. These are from the tall, graceful southern pines that thrive here in the southern states. These pine cones aren't open yet and already they are impressive, aren't they? They are positively huge and would be great for a crafty person to do a number of things with, including a Christmas or Fall wreath. 

I'm not sure what these are called or what kind of tree they are from but they are everywhere as well. They are pointy and hard, imagine stepping on one of these in your bare feet. Oooouch bet that would hurt a wee bit. ~laugh~

Home from Wally World I enjoyed my lunch outdoors while reading my book. It actually was too hot and I had to put the awning out for a while. As a lazy person, I love the electric awning. ~laugh~ Something bit me while I was reading and it felt like half my shoulder blade was missing but according to Riley it's still there. Hurt like a ......well, you get the idea. I took about a half hour and cleaned our little blue Weber Q grill. All of that BBQ sauce that drips down on to the grates stinks when you turn the thing on and smells like we can't cook anything unless it's burnt. Needless to say the neighbours never show up for dinner. ~laugh~ I was in the middle of dumping the tanks when the first rain started falling and by the time I was half finished I had to come inside as it was raining very hard, I was wet thru to the skin,  the wind had picked up and I was outside in my slippers. Riley had the awing retracted before I could unhook the big door to close it because of course the water was coming down on the screen as it was blowing so hard. That meant I had to go back outside in the pouring rain with no awning to unhook the latch to close the door. If I'd had my Irish Spring I wouldn't need to shower tonight. ~laugh~ A half hour and it was over. Just enough to make everything wet and soggy. Rain is in the forecast for the next number of days and nights as well. Are the water wings in the mail?

This birdhouse is at RSG as well in one of the long graceful pines I mentioned. Isn't that just a huge door? I'm not sure what kind of bird nests in this thing but it must be some bird. It's a fairly significant size birdhouse. I don't think I've ever seen a birdhouse with such a big opening. I think a number of predators could easily get into that thing and steal eggs.

Dinner was an inside event tonight, we cooked pasta and added diced chicken, assorted veggies and a cream sauce. Excellent, and I didn't have to cook. Riley cooks on Sunday's and we've deemed it pasta night.

An interesting badge on each of the culverts around RSG. It's a attached right to the cement.

We played Yahtzee this afternoon, and I won!!! I know it's rare but it's true. I even rolled a Yahtzee. Shocked the crap right out of me. ~laugh~ Those are usually in Riley's hands not mine. A quiet evening and more reading brought our day to a close. The temps fell continuously after the rain, not fast but steady. Going to be a nice night for sleeping, not as good as last night but still with no complaints from us.

So on that note, I'm off. I would like to thank you for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment. Until next time....take care, be safe......

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