Friday, December 16, 2016

A totally lazy day.....

Our Location: Devencrest Rv Park, Albany, GA

A very lazy day here as we stayed home and basically didn't do much of anything, we didn't even walk. It was coolish this morning when we started looking at where to walk but with hip pain bothering last night and this morning I opt out of walking at all today. I think the damp weather has caught up with me. So instead we decided it would be an extremely lazy day in which we would accomplish pretty much nothing. We managed. ~laugh~ We decided this morning to make Sausage Soup as we had at least one sausage sitting in the fridge waiting to be BBQ'd and neither of us felt as if it would be accomplished today. We threw together a number of ingredients and turned the crock pot on high until noon, then down to low and taste tested off and on throughout the day to ensure we had it right. I can tell you this much, I don't think we'll have leftovers after tomorrow night's dinner. ~laugh~ We enjoyed it a great deal. 

I did spend some time outside reading in the sunshine but we didn't open the big door, it was too cool with the wind. Sitting outside in the sun against the Igloo it was nice for a while, but the sun wasn't as warm today as it has been or maybe I just didn't feel it's warmth due to the cool air the wind seemed to stir. 

No new pics today but I'll leave you with some I've taken at other times and other years around the area. I hope you enjoy them. 
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have had a fantastic day. Until next safe, take care.....

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