Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday Morning Walk along the Flint River

Location today: Devencrest Rv Park, Albany, GA

It’s starting to warm up from the last two days with the temps reaching into the 60’s today or for those Canadians that I know can’t do the conversion it’s around 15 -18 C. Night time low’s will be much nicer now too, in the 50’s or 10 -13 C.

This morning Riley and I drove into the city of Albany (about 10 minutes) to the Ray Charles Plaza to walk once again along the Flint River. It’s quiet, now wind and hardly anyone uses this wonderful path. We took our time, parking as far from the beginning of the trail as the cement walk way would let us and enjoyed a leisurely stroll of just about 5 miles which included a detour to find the Planetarium and History Museum we will be visiting later this week. We bundled up with hoodie’s, mittens and little scarves due to the wind but didn’t need them as we were protected by the trees. We started walking at about 9 am and were back in the Dogsled by 11 am. As I said, we didn’t hurry! We managed to find our way to the main highway along streets we’ve never driven before and without the help of Bella (our US GPS) we managed to find our way home again.

Home for lunch and a quick debate about what to do next, I opted to go outside and get some chores accomplished. So with my trust caulking gun, my ladder and a roll of paper towels I started caulking all those little areas that need to be addressed around the windows where the caulking is starting to fall away, and checking all the rest of the Igloo as well. After that I managed to climb up on the roof and have a look around. I think I’ll need to address some things up there with caulking as well, especially around all the vent covers but today was not the day for that exercise.

Shortly after that I pulled out my chair, and sat in the sunshine reading my e-reader for an hour or so. Had a chat with a Steve (park owner) and Roger (park manager) as they dropped by to see how things were going. Finally about 3:30 pm the sun went behind some clouds and I headed indoors but left the big door open for a while longer. Hard to believe it’s Dec 11 and I’m sitting with just the screen door closed. It’s a good life. ~laugh~

I spent some time doing some research for our next camp, hopefully the top of the Florida Panhandle but we’ll see as the time draws nearer for us to leave. At this time that is projected to be January 3 or 4, 2017. A quick shower, some dinner, dishes, cleaned up and spent some time reading the news. That about ends our day. Not too exciting but it works for us.

Until next safe, take care...

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