Monday, December 12, 2016

Fantastically warm day....

Location today: Devencrest RV Park, Albany, GA

Warm overnight temps lead to fantastic day time temps here, after a morning of cloudy skies with sunny breaks the afternoon turned out to be sunny with a few cloudy breaks. Warm enough to sit outside reading in short pants and sleeveless shirts. Almost too hot in the sun but somehow I managed to stay there anyway. ~laugh~ Tonight is going to be more of the same warm temps overnight, have to sleep with the window/vent open. It's a rough life. 

  A few pics from our morning walk today. We drove to the area behind the park and walked the streets there as there is very little traffic, and some interesting things to see.


That is cactus getting ready to flower at a house on our route. It's huge and the buds are very large. This was the biggest one we seen along the way, there were a great deal more that weren't as big or loaded with buds.

 It's a common thing to see a cold water tank sitting outside in the front yard here, only the pipes are wrapped to stop them from freezing. As odd as it looks, it's not uncommon here. 


Yes, it's green leaves on that tree that you see, it's a beautiful vivid green colour as the leaves are shiny and bright. Behind that tree you can see the lines of trees, those are pecan trees. Many abandoned orchards around here. We chatted with a fellow this morning that was picking pecans off the ground and going to sell them to the packaging plants around the area.

The last pic is of one of the streets we walk, as you can see it's very quiet and peaceful. 

After our walk we headed out to pick up some kitty litter as Miss Kitty is having issues with the new litter, she doesn't seem to like it and instead leaves a deposit just outside the litter box on the mat. So I'm thinking it's the litter and that it may be too course for her liking. Her Royal Highness needs something smoother for her dainty paws I guess. ~laugh~ After our stop at Walmart for the litter and some grapes we proceeded to Moultrie Road which pulled our attention and with a flick of the wrist we were headed in the direction of Moultrie (the town). About 40 minutes of scenic country roads we arrived in the quaint little hamlet of Moultrie. The streets are covered in strings of light from pole to pole ACROSS the roadway. I was thinking if  a person got hooked onto one of those strings it would pull down hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of lights. I'm sure the big rig drivers cringe as they drive those streets. We headed for the Coulquitt Museum but forgetting it was Monday didn't realize it was closed until we arrived in the parking lot. Oh well, another time perhaps. Heading home we passed many, many empty cotton fields, and many, many pecan orchards as well. Did you know that you can 'stomp' on a pecan nut to open it? If you were truly a pecan lover I suppose you could collect yourself a great many of them here as they just lay on the ground in these abandoned orchards. We passed one farm in particular that had bales and bales and bales and bales of cotton all wrapped in yellow plastic looking just like big round bales of hay. We also passed by at least 2 peanut farms in which we could smell the smell of boiled peanuts. Interesting smell. ~laugh~ 

The cotton was lined up for row after row just like hay bales. We seen a big truck with cotton bales loaded on it but unlike hay bales they weren't loaded sideways but end to end instead.

One of the many pecan orchards we've seen today and many other days as well in our travels and walks.

Home by 3 pm and sitting outside reading my e-reader in the warm sunshine. The lady bugs here are a pain the butt, they seem to be able to magically appear thru glass or screen. They come out in the warm sunshine and swarm the Igloo making it almost look alive. Had a chat with Steve (park owner) as he came strolling over to see how things were going and to pass the time of day. Nice fella that Steve!! Chatted with the guy in spot #3 as he does solar installations and I'm very interested in having solar put on the Igloo. So we shall see how that works out. 

Inside by 5:15 pm as it's started to cool off a bit. Time to start getting veggies with parsley and thyme in one packet  and potatoes  with onions and garlic in the other packet prepared to go on the BBQ for dinner later. Read for a while and around 6:30 pm started up the BBQ to start cooking dinner. First the veggies and potatoes packets went on for about 20 minutes before the chicken was added to the grill. We opened up a new bottle of Mike's BBQ sauce tonight, Southern Peach BBQ Sauce, excellent stuff but more zip than the Georgia Peach BBQ sauce which we also like. Going to have to get a few jars of this stuff to bring home to use over the summer. 

Dinner was excellent. Got things cleaned up inside and out, then it's time to do a few emails, and look for Poppa on Skype, but didn't find him. Maybe another night. 

That was our day. Nothing terribly exciting but not a boring one either. Warm, sunny, and dry. No complaints here. 

Until next safe, take care....

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