Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Snowflakes in Albany, GA today....

Our Location: Devencrest Rv Park, Albany, GA

A wonderful night for sleeping with the window open. The humidity is quite high and makes a person clammy but cool at the same time. An overcast day today, but warm, not hot but a comfortable temperature if you didn't factor in the humidity. 

Our day started off shortly after breakfast when we headed out for our walk. No, we didn't go to RSG today, instead we drove to the area behind the park, parked the Dogsled and hoofed it down Nichols to Aniock, did the little loop there and around the block back to the waiting Dogsled. It's 3.4 miles /5.4 km. A nice walk that had us moving right along and enjoying the scenery. 

Signs here often have moss growing on them due to the high humidity this area has most of the year. We've actually seen them pressure washing road signs here. 

On our walk today we managed to set at least a dozen dogs barking, about half at one time. ~laugh~ It was a huge racket and the barks were so different as per each dog. ~laugh~ I think we will not go that side street again but go back to the next one that we usually take.

This flowering shrub/tree was in the front yard of a house in which the dog would come thru between the two gates and bark, bark, bark, not come to the roadway but about half way from the fence to the road and when we got even with the driveway he ran back in between the two gates. ~laugh~ What is the point of having a fenced yard if your dog can still get out between the gates. ~laugh~ Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? 

The tree is loaded in pink blooms and I didn't walk closer to get a better picture due to the 'loose' dog. All of the pictures today were taken with my phone. 

This house appears to be empty but I love the trees covering the entrance to the driveway. This picture doesn't do them justice but they form a wonderful little arch that obviously wouldn't be good for a truck but a small car would fit nicely under them. 

Note the windows and how high they sit under the eaves. Most houses down here have windows set that high. I'm not sure the reason! 

I'm not sure if this is one tree, 2 trees or perhaps even 3 trees that have grown together but the trunk is huge. This is a Living Oak tree/s and is always green, drops tons of tiny acorns. You can see on the left what appears to be one tree, and on the right what appears to be one tree but the piece in the middle has had something cut off the top and leaves that gap in between the other two. 

After our walk we hurried home as we were expecting a contractor/worker to drop by and work on a project today.  David has been building pull out drawers for a few cupboards in the Igloo and today was the day he came to install them. They aren't quite what I wanted but they will do for now. I had hoped they would be a bit thinner on the outside, and a bit tighter to the size of the opening as the shelves aren't very big to begin with. He's never built something like this before and I think next time he would do a better job. He forgot to build 2 more for the upper pantry but at this point, I'm not too concerned, I can have someone else build them or perhaps I'll do it myself this summer. We shall see. 

Boots called while David was working and I moved outside to chat with her for a while. I always love to hear from her and I don't call her as often as I should but we've been friends for many years, seemingly able to pick up where ever we left off between visits. We chatted about the holidays, kids, family, travel, etc. Time slipped by pretty fast as it always does when we talk. 

(This is the same tree as above, just a bit different angle)

These vultures were all gathered around a holding pond by the train tracks, couldn't see what they were eating but there were a huge number of them, easily over 20. They were very quiet though, I thought that was strange.

After David left, we put all of our stocks back into the pantry but had to do some rearranging as things didn't fit back in the same places as they had come out of. However the shelves make it easier to get what is at the back of the cupboard and that was the whole purpose behind having them built. 

Some reading, some lunch, a quick clean of the main floor from all the tracking in and out installing the shelves, plus I tidied up the basement of the Igloo in preparation for our upcoming travel. I left the chairs and BBQ out as we will still be using those while we're here but the other stuff in there needed to be repacked, cleaned, and organized. Not as much room in the basement in this 5'er as there was in the old one. It looks more impressive because I think the door is bigger but the over all space is actually smaller, the ceiling is lower and it has a step down, about a foot wide just inside the door, which the other one didn't have, so that makes it look bigger as well. 

Snow flakes in Georgia today. Can you see them? ~laugh~

I have found a blood clinic for my blood work, I'll be heading there tomorrow after our walk. We've decided since we will be going downtown anyway that we will walk along the River Walk tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it, it's been some time since we've walked there. 

This old farm tractor, I think is a Ford N 8 or maybe 9. It looks like it's been doing a lot of work by the size of that pile of brush and lumber there. 

After my little bit of cleaning outside I once again sat down with my book and enjoyed it while Riley made dinner. Such a nice break to not have to cook two days in a row!!! I'm getting spoiled.  

Two of the 4 drawers David built for us. The edges should be made from thinner material and I think there is too much of a gap between the sides of the box and the frame opening. I wanted the rollers to be on the bottom but he didn't seem able to find any or make these ones work that way. They pull out further than shown in the picture. However they will do the trick for now. 

Dinner tonight was spaghetti with steamed veggies, grated Colby and Monterrey Jack cheese, with a few dashes of Parmesan cheese as well. I topped mine off with Oatmeal/Raisin cookies. It was a great dinner. Lucky we cooked indoors as it started to sprinkle about the time she started cooking. It stopped about the time we sat down to eat. ~laugh~ 

After cleaning up we played a game of Yahtzee, I rolled a Yahtzee on my first turn but lost the match. I can't figure out how she's cheating. She wins way too much not to be cheating. ~laugh~  She keeps saying she isn't, but we all know she must be. ~laugh~ 

Numerous ant hills like the one on the right, (this one is a small one) can be seen all over the landscape down here. That is the true colour of the dirt here, reddy/orange and it sticks to EVERYTHING, tough to get off as well. 

So ends another day here in our little part of the world. I hope you had a great day as well. Thanks for visiting, feel free to leave a comment. 

Until next safe....take care.....

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