Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year......

Our Location: Devencrest Rv Park, Albany, GA

A bit of a cool night and an equally cool morning, the temps finally reached 50 F/ 10 C around 11 am. We headed out the door for a walk at that time. Of course after looking at the cloudy skies we opted for the short track at Radium Spring Garden (RSG) just in case we needed to hurry back to the Dogsled.  We enjoyed the walk and managed to get our entire 3 1/2 rounds in with only a few sprinkles at the very tail end of the walk. 

Today's pics are from RSG. 

The view from the observation deck overlooking the river. The cypress trees are so amazing to see and the colour of the water is natural, I didn't change it at all. The reflections are truly awesome to see in reality, pictures cannot do justice to the beauty you find at this place. It is one of my all time favourite places to visit. 

From RSG we headed east along Holly Drive, which changes names a number of times but ends up being Mock Road, hung a right turn onto Oglethorpe Road to arrive at Walmart. We had a few items that we were lacking and realized we have another wedding to prepare for this coming year so we needed to pick up a couple of things for that little project. It was pretty busy there but we weren't long getting in and out, they had a number of cashiers open which of course truly does speed things along.

The sprinkles were still falling when we entered Wally's World but had stopped by the time we left. The clouds remained all day, the temps reached into the mid 50 F/  12 C range at the warmest part of the day. No wind though and that was a blessing as it would have been a lot less pleasant!!

From Wally's World we headed back out the direction we came and turned onto US 19 S or Liberty Expressway SE, right back past home and kept going. We wanted to visit Mike's country store again before we leave. I think we may to have to go back once more as they didn't have a few of the things I would like to stock up on if I can. It was pretty busy today but we managed to snag a few pieces of his fried chicken and a couple of biscuits from the 'hot' counter. It's a treat to do that and we don't do it often, so I don't feel one bit upset about having to walk a couple of days just get the chicken back off. ~laugh~ I'll worry about the biscuits next year. ~laugh~ 

I took a closer look at these flowers today and they are very small daffodils unlike the bigger ones we have in Ontario, Canada. I've never seen any with such a small flower on the stem and there are multiple blooms as you can see in the picture below. They are growing at the edge of the walking path at RSG and appear to be spreading further back into the bushes. 

After Mike's we headed back to the Igloo, put away the groceries, had some fried chicken and biscuits for lunch, and while it wasn't the Colonel's secret recipe it was still pretty finger licking good. ~laugh~ There is still a piece left over in case any one would like to stop by for a snack. 

After that we read, or I read and Riley played on her phone. I spent some time trying to figure out how to send a text message from my phone to my email address but I'm not smart enough to figure that out. 

Actually we used Riley's phone for the picture taking today as I forgot mine at home. I don't normally do that but well, it does happen. Must be my old age creeping up on me. ~laugh~ 

Dinner tonight was a quick fix, breaded loin chops with an Orange Mustard Glaze added to into the egg for dipping. Steamed veggies with Italian seasoning, and Vegetable Garden Rice. It was very good, very quick and very easy to make. I like that kind of meal. 

Clean up after dinner, played a game of Yahtzee. I won, I won, I rolled TWO Yahtzees. ~laugh~ Riley thinks I'm cheating now!!!! ~laugh~ 

I've been trying to get the results of my blood work on line as I was told I could, but it's not possible. I need to sign in to something that is available only to US citizens, and even though I used a US address my SIN number isn't registered in the state of Georgia so it won't recognize me. I've sent off a letter to Lab Corp in hopes that they can help me solve my issues. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Dinner was excellent. Riley laughed when I took a picture of my food. I explained that it looked good enough to eat and I might want to see it again some time so I can perhaps duplicate for another meal. I don't think she bought that though. ~laugh~

Not a truly exciting day but a busy one all the same. It is raining as I type, not hard but steady. The low tonight is supposed to be almost the same as the day time high, so I see a warming trend coming this way. However the forecast is calling for rain tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night as well as Monday. Flood warnings in being posted. We are high and dry so I'm not worried. The temps will be warmer though.

So ends another day here in Albany, Ga. Our days are getting much fewer. Confirmed yesterday an appointment for January 5, 2017 in Hinesville, GA. We will leave here on the 4th, and arrive in the afternoon, stay for our appointment on the 5th, and leave the morning of the 6th. More on that later. 

I wish each and every one a Happy New Year, may the new year bring good health, good friends, and good things your way. Until next safe, take care.....

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