Monday, December 26, 2016

Another great day......

Our Location: Devencrest Rv Park, Albany, GA

Another warm overnight and day time today. We were close to breaking the 82F /27 C mark from the recorded highs. We certainly are having some great luck with the weather. I remember other years it not being so nice and warm. I actually am getting a tan. ~laugh~ 

Today's pictures were taken a few years ago in Newberry, South Carolina and Colleton State Park, Walterboro, SC. This was the old Igloo, 2005 Fleetwood Orbit.

This morning after a thorough cleaning of the inside of the Igloo, which of course happens every Monday (unless we are moving), we decided we had some things to return to Walmart and wanted to get that accomplished before the day got too far advanced. We opted to skip our walk today.

The Wally's World wasn't overly busy, just seemed the regular amount of cars in the lot. The inside didn't seem to busy either. The only odd thing was customer service was being handled at 3 of the cash registers instead of the little area designated as customer service. We didn't see any long lines, great sales or evidence that it was anything but another regular day. 

We returned one mini blind that was the wrong size, and bought two more that were the correct size. All of that took us about 20 minutes, which was not long at all. We walked thru the store a bit just to check on sales and then headed back to the check out. 

After that successful trip we went around the corner to Home Hardware where I was interested in purchasing some lights for the Igloo. We've purchased a few LED white lights for a reasonable price but I don't like them, the light is too weak and bland, and so I wanted to change those. I had purchased some Moonray bulbs that were excellent in both brightness and colour and wanted to get some more. Today we managed to find some that work great, and are only 7 watts each. The 4 watt bulbs weren't quite bright enough for me. The 10 watt bulbs are excellent and I'll be looking for more of both 7 and 10 watts.
Finishing up at Home Hardware the time read 11:30 am. Where does the time go? I'm telling you folks, it's just slipping by faster than ever. Time to head home and get some lunch. However we didn't go straight home, as we were already going past the road to Leesburg, GA we decided to drop into the Mike's Country Store there to pick up a few things and have a look at their stock of Mike's own products. We left with very few items as the prices are much more expensive in that store. We will be returning to our local Mike's in the next few days to stock up on a few items to tide us over during the summer.

 From Leesburg it was home to the Igloo and some serious reading time. Well actually first I had to install the new kitchen blind. Easy, peasy and within 15 minutes I was finished. After that I had lunch outside while reading my book and enjoying the warm temps and sweet sun shine. No need to worry about prepping dinner as it's left overs from yesterday. Aww, the good life, warm sunshine, great temps, no cooking!!!

Left overs for dinner and a quick clean up that turned into a long clean up. ~laugh~ We have a water jug on the counter that we fill with water from 1 gallon bottled water jugs, then dispense it into our drinking jugs. Much less expensive than buying bottled water by the case and we drink a LOT of water in a day. I decided that needed to be cleaned and began by just washing it and running some hot water thru it but I couldn't seem to get it clean enough. Long story short, I took it apart and washed all the parts and pieces to the spout. It looks much better and is much cleaner now. I can always find things to do. ~laugh~ 

 I took down all the Christmas stuff today, took about 5 minutes. ~laugh~ Tomorrow will be a cleaning day for certain but it will be outside stuff, the Dogsled, the basement, check tire pressure, etc. Won't pack the BBQ or the chairs just yet but I'll be putting the ladder away and just cleaning everything up again which I haven't done for a while outside.

 Tonight we will be sleeping with the windows and vents open again. Just love these kinds of nights!!!

I believe we've solved Miss Kitty litter issues. She seems to be quite content now and believe me Her Royal Highness lets us know if she's not 100 percent happy. ~laugh~

So ends another fantastic day here in Albany, GA. Our days here are getting fewer and we are ready to move on as hitch itch is setting in. We will be going to Hinesville, GA when we leave here Jan 3 or 4. A bit of a backtrack for us but necessary. More on that later. 

Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a great day as well. Feel free to leave a comment. 

Until next safe, take care......

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