Thursday, December 27, 2018

Snow, palms and closed road.....

Our Location:  Near Borrego Springs, CA

All pictures today were taken with my phone. We forgot the big camera, the grocery list and the drinking water jugs this morning. So the pictures aren't great but they give a good idea of what we did see.
Today was another day out and about for Riley and I. This time we headed off to Indio, Joshua Tree N.P. and Box Canyon Road. Rumours abound that Box Canyon Road is closed but I could find no mention of it on the internet. A trip to Mecca assured us that it is indeed closed. No idea when it will reopen. So if you have plans to cut off the corner near Coachella on your way east or southwest I would rethink that idea. One must go to I-10 in Coachella to go east toward the south entrance to Joshua Tree N.P. and points further along toward Blythe and Arizona. For any that are unfamiliar with the area there is a very long climb coming out of the Coachella Valley heading east to Joshua Tree N.Park. One may want to be empty of most water and all waste tanks before starting that climb. 

We checked out the Badlands on our way to CA 78.
Some amazing views and places to camp.

The roads were fairly busy in that area today. I think it has something to do with the holiday season and the closure of Box Canyon Road. We took a drive along the south side of Joshua Tree National Park on the BLM camping grounds. It is very evident that a huge rain fell here and washed out a great many areas of the roadway that is used by BLM campers. Very course rock has been installed in numerous places to allow passage on the road. We didn’t journey into the park so I can’t tell you about the roads in there. Only the UPPER road was fixed that I could see, none of the lower roads appeared to have been repaired at this time. So if you plan on camping at the south entrance to Joshua Tree National Park I would park the rig and either walk or unhook your tow vehicle to check things out before you head on down either roads. As you get off the interstate to go to Joshua Tree National Park you can see more signs indicating that Box Canyon Road at this entrance is closed as well. 

Love the colours and the mountains in the background.

You can see the rigs parked out here and they are looking at the view of the pictures above and below.

One thing we’ve noticed the last number of weeks is the way people have been blocking off the empty campsites. Piling rocks either in the middle of the campsite or placing rocks across the entrances to the sites. I have no idea why they do this but it is certainly annoying. Of course the rocks can all be moved but it’s truly rude behavior. Just one more thing, I know this is a rant but I think I speak for a lot of people when I say,”People your old tin cans, wire and other things you no longer want, need or have broken are NOT decorations for the trees. No matter how many you drip from the tree, bush or fence, it’s still garbage. If you bring it in, bring it back out, don’t leave it hanging on the tree as an eyesore.” Rant over. 

There is a trail down there at the bottom.

You can camp here as the ground is very hard.

Imagine parking at this fire ring and looking at this view for a while. Not too shabby, huh?

We witnessed our first snow since Mississippi as we headed west this year. Today we made note of snow on top of Big Bear Mountain, just as we did last year. We also made note of the wonderful flowering shrubs and bushes today. Hard to believe it’s the end of December and there are flowers in bloom. We aren’t in Canada any more. 

Snow not clouds on the mountain top to the right. The white fluffy stuff to the left is clouds. That is Big Bear Mountain and we can see it from Janet's back patio in Indian Wells too.
We are on I-10 West leaving the Coachella Valley and heading toward Joshua Tree National Park. This is the very small beginning of a very long climb.

A hair cut for Riley, which she is not happy with but it will eventually grow out, after all it is just hair, right? Some groceries and some side trips to check out some more spots pretty much filled out the day. We were gone most of the day, 9 AM - 3:30 PM, and so tomorrow I warn you will be a do nothing day.
That mountain top also has a bit of snow here and there but it isn't Big Bear. We are heading toward Indio, California.

A special note for myself, today Jason and Leah left Chelmsford, Ontario and are heading to BC for a vacation. Jason will be gone for a month, Leah for two weeks. We wish them well and hope they have a safe journey, a fantastic time and stay healthy.  Update: a call to dad before this posting has Jason and Leah somewhere in Minnesota. He couldn't remember the name. Update at time of posting this blog: spoke to dad, Jason & Leah have arrived in Minnesota. He can't recall the name of the town.

A couple more photos of the badlands.

I love the views. See the trails down there on the bottom?

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit and your day.

At some point we will be in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

I forgot I had this picture on my phone, this was taken in Yuma, AZ before Christmas.

Until next time…take care, be safe,



  1. Sounds like a busy day , nice that you cold visit Janet for a bit as well.Too bad box canyon road is closed, we always enjoyed that drive.

  2. It was a busy day, but we didn't visit Janet, we were just in the area of her house. Last year when we visited we could see the snow on Big Bear Mountain from her patio. Sorry if I confused you. Janet and Dennis had a change of plans for this week and so we've just delayed our visits for a bit.

    Take care, be safe,

  3. I share your rant for cans, beer bottles, plastic bottles, straws and other garbage. Normally when I boon dock, I pick up a bag of garbage in the area, that I am. Sometimes I could gather many more, but the problem I encounter is where to take all the garbage. Box Canyon road was closed at the end of September because it was washed out from a mud slide. Sad to say it also claimed a young life. Wonder if Riverside County will re-open it or let it go back to Nature.

    1. Like you we try to leave the place better than when we arrived. Also like you I limit myself due to the same thing, where to put the trash.
      I didn't know about the tragic loss of life, that is indeed a shame. It is a beautiful area there and we hiked a couple of times along one of the trails. I have heard nothing about the future of the area.

      Take care, be safe,

  4. When I read the title my first thought was oh no it snowed in Borrego Glad to read you were seeing it on the mountains in the distance.
    Great pictures of the badlands it is a beautiful rugged area.
    Totally agree with you about the tree "decorations" garbage is garbage. I have seen some pretty things made out of tin cans but just the empty can...really not pretty.

    1. You're a hardy northerner so I'm certain you could appreciate the vision of snow on the mountain while looking at palm trees and flowering shrubs. I'm always amazed when I see snow and palm trees in the same view, especially when both are real.
      I'm totally awe struck by the beauty of the badlands.
      The garbage thing is a sore spot with me and I understand why places are being limited to certain areas and why others are stopping the whole process. Truly if you can bring it in, you can bring it out is my logic.

      Take care, be safe,