Thursday, December 20, 2018

A pretty busy day.....

Our Location: BLM Road 801, Near American Girl Mine Road
 'Wind through the willows they're disturbing my pillow of leaves that fell on the ground.' Yesterday morning the line from a song sprang to my mind the minute my eyes opened and I could hear the wind whistling not through the willows but through the slide toppers. This morning there was no wind, not a breath, dead calm but as today progressed the wind began to blow ever so slightly and so it continues but as a gentle wafting. Truly we've been very fortunate here with little to no wind most days. 
The last few seconds before the sun pops up between those peaks.

There it is peeking over the edge.

Today would be a day of chores in Yuma. We left home but drove around a bit and so didn't get to CJ's Repair shop to pick up our tire cover until almost 11:30 AM CST. A quick stop at the Family Dollar to pick up some things Riley wanted and from there we headed off to Fry's Grocery and Gas bar where we managed to fill the Big Dog's drinking bowl for $2.97 per gallon. We left the gas bar and dropped into the Poppa John's for a pizza to go. For less than $20 we had a large pie with 5 toppings, a dozen bread sticks and a big bottle of pop. The pizza is of course excellent in our opinion. 
The sun through the arms of the Ocotillo.

It was a tight squeeze but some how it managed.

 We left Poppa John's to head to Joanne's Laundromat on Orange Street where we spent some time getting us some clean clothes to wear. We also enjoyed some pizza while the washers did their magic. A couple of hours there had us leaving with all clean clothes for another while. Yeah. We love to have clean laundry, don't you? 

The sky tonight after the sun had dipped behind the horizon.

It was just like fire.
After that it was a stop at Walmart for a few things before we hit the road for the home. We didn't arrive back at the Igloo until about 3:30 pm CALIFORNIA time. I'm sure HRH Miss Kitty though we had abandoned her as we were gone most of the day. 
It's not quite full up there in the sky.
Laundry put away, some closets rearranged, tire cover on, a quick burn to rid us of our burnable garbage and a chat with dad while I was doing that. By that time the sun was down and it was time to come inside, do this post and spend an evening enjoying the company of my daughter. 
Sunset reflecting on the window.

So there you have it, a beautiful day but one we spent doing chores away from home. Tomorrow is a travel day and we will be packing up, heading out hopefully around 9 am. 
Some nice pink in that sky too.

A beautiful view tonight.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 
Slowly fading into a softer and softer shade.
Until next time... take care, be safe, 


  1. Nice to get those things taken care of in Yuma, and laundry done we do that as well before a travel day, so we good to again as well, travel safe.

    1. Thanks George.
      We like having clean clothes to put on when we arrive at our new destination. I doubt the folks would like to see us running around in dirty clothes or worse, no clothes. Haha

      Take care, be safe

  2. Wow..sounds like a very busy day but you got a lot accomplished for sure. Beautiful sunrise and sunset! :)

    1. Thanks Shirley. It was a busy day but a productive one.

      Take care, be safe,