Monday, March 26, 2018

Yesterday's post.....A bit of a tour.....

Our Location: Big Buck Resort, Hornsby, Tennessee
(205 Sparks Road)
Sorry no post last night, the internet connection was very slow and our own was also. I could have walked my post faster to each of you then the internet speed would have gotten it to you. 
Beautiful house on our drive......
We didn't get up very early yesterday as it was Sunday and although we had things we wanted to do, neither of us was in a hurry to get started. We enjoyed our hot drinks before loading up the truck and heading out to find a suds place to wash our duds. 
Some fellow Canadians, didn't catch where they said they were from......
We headed west toward Memphis as we had noticed a few spots on the way to the park and we enjoyed the drive back to I-40 East (we noted the exit where we got off), noting a few places of interest on the way.

These fellas had been partaking of the in house special.....

The Big Dog was getting close to needing his oil changed and we happened on to a nice little Valvoline shop and within the hour we were finished and ready to go. Happy to have that order of business complete. I can tell you the Valvoline shop on US 64 WEST on the eastern edge of Memphis was an excellent spot. There was no name other than Valvoline that I could see. They didn't give me a card, and the sticker has no address on it. So I can't even tell you the address. Sorry but if it helps it's between two donut shops!! Hahah...did that help? No, how about the fact that it is across the road from the Circle K gas station? No, that didn't help either? Damn, I just can't tell you any more. Nice fellas, very courteous, efficient, helpful, and pleasant. 
Love the big tow, see the car? No not the white one...burned out one...

 We stopped at a Walmart in Bolivar on the way home and did a quick little shop for a couple of things like milk, water, and of course Riley's rotisserie chicken. As we had been approaching the drive to enter the parking lot I noticed on the opposite side of the road a hot air balloon was being set out and by the time we came out of the store with our needed purchases we could see they were starting to inflate the balloon. We watched for a few minutes but didn't linger long before heading home. 

They were starting to inflate as we packed the groceries in the Dogsled...

Back home we put away the groceries, enjoyed lunch and then decided we'd done enough for the day. Yes I  know you noticed, the laundry was still not mentioned, well that's because it's still dirty. We checked out a couple of places but none appealed to us. So we'll either be going around naked in the next few days or we'll find somewhere to get our feat accomplished. We should all wish for the later!!!
We didn't wait to see them become air borne.....
Enjoying our books or at least amusing ourselves the rest of the day. We enjoyed a brief bit of sunshine just before it disappeared behind the tree line. It was cool, cloudy but a bit brighter all day than it had been. So hopefully we are going to be seeing some sunshine soon. 
Love these old stately buildings.....
That's it for our day, thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed our little drive. Feel free to leave a comment. 
It had no markings but it's the main building in a little town, I'm guessing it's the 'everything' building...
Until next time...take care, be safe, 


  1. Well you got out and about things taken care of and some nice photos.
    Hope you get some sunshine soon and find a place for the laundry too.

    1. We did get out and about, enjoyed the views and some sights. It's a nice area and I'd love to walk around the few little towns we've seen and take some more pictures. I may do that one of these days who knows.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. Don't you just love the old buildings?! They are so awesome. I love all the little towns, that's why I hate when they want to build highways around them! Too bad about your laundry..some towns would certainly do better to put in new laundry mats..they'd be surprised at how much use they would get! Glad you're enjoying anyway!

    1. I love the old towns, and their buildings. Such stately elegance, and the cost back in the day must have seemed enormous but they've been used for a long time so I think they've paid for themselves.

      Laundry is laundry, I'll drive 50 miles to find a clean place to do my laundry. I can't put my clothes into machines that haven't been wiped down since they were placed in the building. The grunge around the inside of the doors is a bio hazard. We only do laundry ever couple of weeks so we're not really in search of a place all the time, it just seems that way. Hahaha...

      Take care, be safe,