Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Reference post, do nothing day......

Our Location: 
BLM on US 62 East, near Carlsbad, NM
Tonight's post is more of an information or reference post for those interested in this particular BLM land or for my own future need to remember. So if you have no interest in using this location than you will probably not enjoy the post. 
I believe some bunnies have been having lunch....

Most of these prickly pear cactus are pinky purple in colour and in among grass or branches...hard to get a good picture.
Our night here was very quiet, the peace was very much like our Saddle Mountain area with no noise of any kind. A quiet that was eerie in it's silence but wonderful in it's own way!! We both slept long and without a hint of disturbance. I will admit I was late waking up, almost 7:30 am MDST and I just listened to the quiet. 
Some buds and blooms......

I wasn't fast enough to catch all of him, just his head and ears... I thought of you Patsy and had to laugh at myself...
We did nothing today except rest. We both spent time in our recliners doing some reading, surfing, etc. I went for a walk, not far only a mile or so before coming back and just crashing for a 2 hour nap. I started off reading but of course that didn't last long. 
Notice some of them appear dead, some a bit droopy, but not others...
Various pieces of oil equipment. You can turn around in this yard, a big spot to make a circle if needed.
I thought I would give my impression of this place for future reference and for others as well. 

An indication of the road, the top right picture is taken past the oil pipeline and shows the high raised center of the road, the top middle picture is also taken past the pipeline and shows the bigger stones becoming more evident with use. The rest were taken between our location and US 62. The bottom picture shows you that a large motor home made it back with no issues and also gives you a bit of an idea about the size of his site.

These pictures give you an idea of what the sights look like, some are great for tents, small motor homes, truck campers, etc. while others are better for bigger rigs. The one with the truck camper on the trailer was the site we had originally chosen but when we walked back to the Dogsled and pulled forward with the Igloo behind us these folks had moved from their previous site further down the road into this one. It is one of my pet peeves when little rigs like this take up big spots that bigger units need.

The new place is very similar to Saddle Mountain. We can see the roadway but can't hear it. It's low scrub type foliage but with the odd semi type tree and you can see for a long distance. The road way is better with no big ruts or boulders in them so far as I've looked. Not nearly as many spots to park though, from what I've seen less than 20 BEFORE the pipeline. The spots seem in some cases less defined but would probably make wonderful tent locations. Most spots look pretty level but a little boost may be needed here and there. 
Difference here is cows roam freely and there are droppings around (just like being back at our summer location). There are places where you can see a yellowish type long grass but in other places you wonder how anything survives, it's dusty, dry and crisp, with little or brown, perhaps dying vegetation. The Yucca/Immature Joshua Tree growths are green topped with weathered bottoms, and some form of green tree be it a type of cedar or perhaps a desert oak, also offers some green tones. In the distance some vegetation looks very dark but not sure what it is. Almost all cactus growth is around small bunches of grass like stalks so not readily seen in some photos. The spines are also very long on the prickly pear but that hasn't stopped the rabbits from having a lunch from time to time. Eating a few of them right down to the base root. Some of the taller looking cacti seems to be drooping whether from natural growth or lack of moisture I don't know.
Love this pretty purple cactus, no idea what it is but is sure is a big bunch and the only one I've seen here so far.

Some form of Yucca or an immature Joshua Tree, it's hard for me to tell the difference as this is what I noticed at various heights in Joshua Tree National Park as well. 

The low level mountains are to the west and north of us but with no peaks of interest, pretty level tops except in a few places and those aren't very visible.  We can see a few places where access to the tops may be permitted but from this distance I have no idea if it's off road only or not. I see what looks like a town to the north of us, I believe it may be Whites City but I can't be certain, we haven't been there yet. 
Not sure what to make of the signs but they are pretty numerous just before you enter the oil storage tank area.

I would say they've had a leak at some point.
The roads here are pretty good, As I said similar to Saddle Mountain but with less big ruts, dips, holes and boulders. These ones are very dusty. Past the oil pipe line which is buried under a bit of gravel and leaves a hump that might cause a lower clearance vehicles some headaches (although a large motor home crossed it today without any issues), I did notice in the short distance I walked there that the more prominent stones are getting bigger and the area between the tire tracks is more raised, so that may also cause some issues with lower clearance rigs. However before the pipeline is fine for all types of rigs I think. Just slow down and proceed with some sense you should be fine. If you do get back to the fork in the road and don't wish to continue on past the pipe line, the spot is big enough to turn around if you're small or very good at backing up but you can also go to the left toward the oil tanks as there is a pretty big space there that you can turn around in, although it says authorized personnel only I doubt anyone would say much, just don't run over anything vital. We are further back than I wanted to go and parked to the left at the fork in the road, it's not much different than any of the other sites, but it does seem pretty dusty here in this location. The dust is fine and seeps in the tiniest opening so be prepared for dust. 
The view from out the yard, low level hills with no visible peak to catch one's attention.
Amazing what you can see out there, isn't it?

As you will see in the pictures tonight I've tried to document a few sites and give you an idea of what you could expect, also what the road looks like as I don't recall ever seeing this particular location on a blog but of course I could be wrong.  As near as I can figure it, we are located on Dillahunty Road, which looks like it may connect a number of oil holding tanks, pipelines, etc in this Eddie County. According to Google these are the co-ordinates: 32.067196, -104.392226 to our spot. 
They just kind of fold along into each other maybe, it's hard to tell from back here....
Can see the road up there? That white camper is the spot we originally were going to park in.

So there you have it, my information post I guess you can call it. Nothing of great interest but for future reference it's good. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. Feel free to leave a comment if you like, I promise to read and answer them all. 
Looks like small town or settlement off in the distance. I wonder if it's Whites City?
I took this picture to give you an idea of how far back we went past our original choice, just so you have some idea about the distance to the pipeline. Our first choice was about a mile from the roadway and you can see us tucked in about the middle of the picture.
Until next time... take care, be safe, 
A peaceful view from here, good night.


  1. Thanks for the information on the BLM land near Carlsbad. Hope you two can explore the area and let us know what it's like.

    Those purple cactus sure are pretty. I think those must be yucca plants since you're not seeing any full grown Joshua trees.

    1. Your welcome. I'll be resting for another day before we go out and about to see a few things but I'll let you know for sure.

      Yeah the purple cactus caught my eye as we were pulling in, only one I've notice so far. I have no idea about the yucca like plants, I haven't done any research.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. We stay near there but on a free campground many years ago, enjoy the area.

    1. There is another free campsite a bit further up the road but we didn't check it out, this was the first one from the direction we were coming and it suited us but we will check out the other one as well.

      We will have one more day of rest and then we'll head out looking around a bit.

      Take care, be safe

  3. Beautiful area and great pics Deb! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Shirley.

      Looking forward to having a look around and checking out the caverns.

      Take care, be safe,