Sunday, March 11, 2018

Change of plans, friends depart, and a solo hike..

Our Location:
Superstition Mountains BLM, Apache Junction, AZ

A change of plans for Riley and I as the rains continued to fall off and on all night and still this morning. Doug & Yuma (Miss Adventure Travels) however wasn't deterred and off they went around 8:15 am. We said our goodbyes and both headed back to get our camera's for photo's at the same time. He texted to say he was on the main road before 8:30 am. A quick trip on this road with his motor home. He said he simply followed the wet tire marks and made it easily. It was fun getting to know him and Yuma, and the two weeks flew by before we even realized it. Again we wish them wonderful safe travels and hearty adventures as they continue their journey. 

Early morning fog rolling in, around and over the Superstition Mountains....

Superstition Mountain to the right, with the notch through the mountains on the Apache Trail to the left but lost in the fog.

We've settled in for the day, it rained off and on and then the sun would pretend as if it's going to make an appearance but soon the clouds swallow it up again. I don't like to drive in the rain and while it may stop everything will still be spraying up on the road and that often gives me a headache with the wipers swooshing back and forth. Tomorrow will be sunny and good travel weather so we'll be on the road then. 

How can one say the desert isn't beautiful?

Amazing how the fog and light play with the mountains, isn't it?

Today I think will be a catch up day where I can read blogs, finish my book and just relax and enjoy the day.  Always the kind of day I like before a travel day, and yesterday was pretty busy for me for a pre- travel day. 

Getting ready to hit the road. Yuma wasn't a happy fella but Doug looks happy to be getting away from us....

Goodbye Friends, safe travels!!!!

As I watched the morning slipping past I'm so happy we didn't travel today, the fog is thick at times, rolling and out blocking the mountains completely one minute and showing outlines or hints the next. I am glad I'm not driving in this stuff. We will (I think) be heading toward Globe tomorrow which is where the fog seems to be thickly hanging in that direction. We would be climbing a bit and definitely we would be driving in fog. Doug & Yuma went the other way, toward Tuscon so I hope it's not as thick that in direction. 

The sun tried vainly to come out over the mountain....

It can almost be seen.....

I love the mystical way the fog wraps this mountain in it's blanket....

Texted back and forth with my sister in law Janet for a while this morning, getting caught up on the 'need to know' stuff. In two months time they'll be heading home to Roseneath, Ontario and Buttercup Ridge. Sadly we'll be departing from Buttercup Ridge before they arrive home. Hopefully we manage a visit during the summer time. 

This mountain has been visible from a number of short hike's we've done into the Tonto National Forest from the Igloo and today my goal was get closer....

The fog was everywhere....

Around 10:15 am the rain had stopped, the skies were starting to clear and I donned my hiking boots, and gear to head out for a walk that has been on my mind for a long time. We've often seen horseback riders moving along through the mountains behind the large rock we climbed to the other day. I've wanted for a while to follow that trail and see what they see from what I deem as the 'far away' spot before they head downward and into the valley for a long time. Riley and I were about half way before we turned around the other day. Today I took various different paths but eventually I ended up exactly where I had seen the horseback riders disappearing over the edge. What a view they have!!!

About a half hour after I started out I took this shot of the Dogsled and Igloo. Looks funny without Motor Home and Jeep near by.

Turning around I took this picture. Love the shadows on the mountains.

The path I took was one I've not been on before but I had no fear of getting lost or turned around. I followed it for quite some time. I followed many horse paths, a few off road vehicle paths, and did some cross country hiking making my own way to paths I thought looked more fun or were heading in the direction I wanted to go. The going wasn't too bad, and I enjoyed the solitude. I didn't see anyone except one dirt biker when I was heading in and he was playing around in the big pit I've shown many pictures of before. I did see a rabbit, a couple of birds but that was it, nothing else that moved until I was just about back to the pit once more on the way home, then I encountered a few different folks, vehicles and dogs. 

I'm getting closer but not quite there....

Isn't this view something to see and I'm not back yet to where I want to get....
I made it to the spot that I wanted to be but noticed some pretty dark rain like clouds caught on the mountains in front of me and beside me so I thought it best if I hurried my butt back homeward bound. I checked the time and it was 12:21 when I started for home from the furthest point away.  The views were pretty awesome though I must say. I enjoyed them for a few minutes before heading homeward. 

I've dubbed him the Saguaro Padre!!!

This what I came to see.....and they just kept getting better the further I went...

The trails homeward bound were a bit more challenging as I took more cross country routes and found myself in places that didn't look easy to move in the direction I wanted but I still managed without any problem. I will tell you though I was sweating, the sun was out and there was no breeze of any kind. By the time I got home you could wring water out of my shorts and t-shirt. I could hear some dirt bikes tearing around but I didn't see them for a some time as they headed off in the opposite direction I had ventured.

Amazing to see the shadows back toward Superstition Mountain....

Amazing to see how the sun casts shadows and lightens the  mountain to look so different, isn't it?

I had a text from Doug but couldn't receive it as I don't have data capabilities here in the USA on my phone. I also called my dad, who's name also happens to be Doug. How funny is that? Dad and I chatted while I walked the last half mile or so to the Igloo. Gave me time to cool down a bit and a chance to chat with him since he is once again 3 hours different than we are here in Arizona since Arizona doesn't do the day light savings time stuff. 

Looking back at Superstition Mountain as I head further in the other direction. The head of the mountain is still hidden by the fog and the darkness makes it look very ominous I think.

I didn't notice the hole in the rock until I edited the picture, that big tall rock we've hiked to twice before but I've not had a picture from this angle before.

After a half hour conversation with Dad in which he told me they have had a new snow fall in the last few days, he and my sister did his grocery shopping, and he's visited Marion again, along with a few other little tidbits I was in the Igloo and ready to sit down and take off my boots. Saying our goodbyes for a few hours, as I'll be talking to him tomorrow when we reach our overnight destination to let him know we've arrived safely. 

Pretty amazing looking I think.....

It was worth the walk....

Lunch today was spaghetti and cheesy garlic bread. Riley did an excellent job of preparing lunch once again. She even cleaned up afterward and didn't want my help. I like these kinds of days for sure. Hahaha...

I started editing my hike pictures but decided to read for a while instead. I finished the Edward Stewart book, it was good, and I'll look for more written by him in the future. I started a Patricia Cornwell that I'm sure I've read many years ago called Scarpetta. I always enjoy her books. However true to my nature I had to close the book, take off my specs and have  wee nap during that time. I was back down stairs and editing pictures once again before 5 pm. So many good shots, it's hard to cull them down to so few but I am doing my best.

After editing I continued on this post I had started this morning. I could hear this noise out the door and eventually looked up to see a para glider or whatever they are called not far from our door, he was buzzing the little white hill I've shown in many pictures. The engine revving was what caught my attention, very loud and whiny sounding. He buzzed around here for a number of minutes landing finally back where the big parking area is with the gate into the Tonto National Forest. I took pictures but will post them another time. I have enough for tonight. 

So there you have it, our aborted travel day due to weather. A busy day for me and I enjoyed my hike a great deal. I know there are a lot of pictures but there was always something wonderful to see. I hope you've enjoyed your visit, feel free to leave a comment. I enjoy reading them. 

Until next time.... take care, be safe, 

Not all trails are easy ........not all trails are difficult....

This is what the trails looked like that I followed today....

Just some funny faces I noticed today. 

Not a face you'd see everyday, but perhaps at Mardi Gras, which we missed this year.

Old codger, think he was mining for gold in these here hills? 




  1. Your hike today revealed some very pretty mountains we couldn't see from our site. Glad you were able to get it accomplished before anymore rain.

    Yuma and I had a great time with you and Riley. Always traveled alone and it was nice to have company for once.

    Those faces are hilarious. I don't know how you find them. And that Superstition Mountain has lots of faces too, doesn't it?

    Meet you two again down the road. Take care.

    1. Next time go past the big rock and keep following the trail for about 2 miles or so, you finally come to the last hill before they drop down to the valley. Amazing sights.

      Riley and I had fun as well. We enjoyed your company and loved seeing Yuma's cute face looking in the door announcing that it was time for us to come outside to visit him. Hahaha

      I see lots of odd things and you are correct Superstition Mountain has some very interesting faces, stoic, regal and silent, almost aristocratic in a way.

      Looking forward to seeing you on down the road as well.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. I love how close you are with your dad! Beautiful pictures once again! Nice hike! Nice of Riley to cook and clean up, such a gem! Travel safe today, don't blame you for not leaving yesterday!

    1. My dad and I have always been close and he worries about us traveling so it eases his mind when he knows we've arrived, and it's the least I can do to let him know.

      Thanks, the pictures we difficult to pick and choose as there was so many nice ones. I enjoyed the hike very much.

      Riley is a treasure and I am fortunate to be so blessed.

      Take care, be safe,

  3. The nice thing about this lifestyle. You were in a great spot and didn't HAVE to move. The weather is sometimes the main key as to whether plans are followed so by the looks of it, you chose wisely.
    Safe travels to your next destination today!

    1. Thanks Patsy.

      I don't like to travel in the rain so I don't unless it's an absolute necessity. Otherwise tomorrow is a new day. It's one of those decision that are difficult to make at times though as we wanted to get going but how would the weather hold up, etc. I think we were wise and I got an extra hike in as well. Not too shabby!!!

      Take care, be safe,