Saturday, March 3, 2018

A morning out and a lazy afternoon......

Our Location: 
Superstition Mountain BLM, Apache Junction, AZ

(all pictures taken with my phone today, except the last two taken a few days ago with the big camera)

I slept well after about midnight. The folks were out having fun and I enjoyed listening to them gunning, running and shifting gears on their dirt bikes, quads and whatever else they may have been using. I'm sure it bothers some folks but me it doesn't. They're having fun, enjoying life and their toys, they truly aren't bothering us, they're on the roadway, not tearing down between the rigs and they seem to be having a great time. I think tonight will be a repeat of the previous one. After all it is Saturday night. They aren't any noisier than the coyotes that howl just down on the ridge most nights. 

The Dogsled in the bay a the Chevy Dealership....

I woke up with the bright daylight shining in and before my feet could hit the floor the sun was peeking in as well. Not cold at all, in the mid 40's/7-8C range. We didn't turn on the heat to even take the chill away. In fact I didn't wear socks or a sweat shirt to bed so you know it was warm. I didn't even pull the fleece blankets up over the duvet. Definitely a warm night. 

Not the greatest shot but lots furniture all with tiles as tops or seats, etc.

Downstairs I started reading blogs, making comments, etc. Before long Riley was stirring. I started the water for our hot drinks and we chatted about a few things on the agenda today. 

Again hard to get the shiny shot as there were so many people around...

We finished our drinks, gathered our things and headed out the door. Chatted with the folks across the lane for a few minutes as today we were going to be doing our own thing. Said our see ya's later this afternoon and parted ways. Riley and I in the Dogsled heading off to find the AutoNation Chevy Dealership as I had a message on the dash a few days ago about low coolant. Only showed briefly, once and it appeared a little low but nothing to warrant any kind of warning, or at least I didn't think so. However better to be safe than sorry. 

Lots of these vendors, shiny things to sparkle in the sunlight....

It took us only about 20 minutes to reach the dealership in Mesa. Drove right in, explained the problem, they called a tech out to look at it, we chatted about what had occurred, what the remedy should/might be, and we checked out with what they think is a faulty sensor. I have extra fluid, and if the message comes on again I've been assured I can just add the fluid I purchased and not worry that it isn't Dex-cool as suggested in the manual. No charge, enjoy your stay in Mesa.

From farther back he looked pretty real....

Our next stop was at a bank machine at a small bank we noticed on the roadside. No go, not an international ATM, so across the street to give the Big Dog a drink at $2.65 per gallon. I thought a pretty fair price. Tried their ATM, again, no go, not international. Pulled around the corner just before the swap meet, tried a Chase bank, again, no deal. Hmmmmm.....I wonder if the swap meet would have one? Let's take a try. So we climbed back in to the Dogsled, entered the huge swap meet parking lot, found a spot way down in the very back (next time I would park on the exit side lot), locked the Big Dog and off we headed to see what the market place had to offer.  It is called the Mesa Marketplace Swap Meet, it's easy to find with tons of parking, you can rent a scooter to get around the market place, lots of food, vendors, and stuff. 

This guy looks a little pasty but seemed able to sit on his own...

It was huge, rows and rows and rows, and rows, four long ones going east and west, and four joiners going north and south. Or at least that's what it looked like to me as we strolled along. It was fairly busy but Riley did very well, she was on a mission and so she had something specific to focus on and that helped a great deal. After about an hour though Riley suddenly just had enough, and spoke rather sharply, not rudely but definitely sharply to a woman that was simply standing in the middle of the walk lane and doing absolutely nothing. She wasn't looking at merchandise, or talking to someone or even just looking around, she was standing there while traffic had to part to get around her.  At that point I knew it was time to go. We ventured into one more store but couldn't find what she wanted and so we started making our way back to the Dogsled, sometimes walking inside out of the sun and sometimes outside away from the people. Didn't take us too long to reach the truck and make our way out of the lot. Truly an excellent place to put in a bit of time. If you enjoy the vendors at Q, or the Yuma market place, you would enjoy the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet located at 10550 E Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ 85209. It's bigger than the Yuma market place , prices are probably about the same, maybe a bit more expensive, lots of repeats in stores such as popcorn, nuts, shiny metal stuff. They do however  have TWO international ATM machines. I was very impressed with that little extra. Some live music as well, the band was pretty good, although we didn't stay to listen, too crowded. 

Don't you love his hat?

Our big purchase? Ten used books, and a hiking bag for each of us, holds a bottle of water, wallet, phone, keys, is light weight, washable, can go over the shoulder or around the waist. We're both pretty happy with that . We didn't get anything we went for but that's okay, we'll find that stuff some where else.

Outside in the sun it was shiny...

From there we headed the 5 minutes back to the Apache Junction Walmart, did our small amount of shopping as we were running low on fresh veggies for salads. A quick pop into the Dollar Tree across the way, they didn't have the charger cord I was looking for, but the Dollar General just up the street had it for $5 instead of the $19 Walmart wanted. From there it was a straight run home and we made it before 2 pm. 

Lots of group plantings of barrel cactus in many places here....

Doug & Yuma (Miss Adventure Travels) greeted us. Doug looks dashing with his new hair cut. Yuma was his ever happy self, jumping almost over my head. He's such a character!!! We chatted some more then I headed inside to help put things away, and have some lunch. I was hungry. Walmart rotisserie chicken, on a nice fresh bun with mayo, sharp cheddar cheese. Excellent sandwich. I then had a peanut butter one as well. 

Lots of these kinds of displays along our travels out here in the southwest...

From there I laid down for about a half hour but just rested. Enjoying my book and the lazy afternoon warmth. Soon I was back outside reading when Doug & Yuma popped back over for a few minutes. Doug had to run back to town so we offered to keep Yuma instead of having him left in the jeep or at home in the MH. Yuma was so sad to watch the jeep leave without him but he soon settled down and just watched the road. I took him for a short walk but then after putting on my runners I took him for about a mile or so walk along some of the trails just behind us. We walked up and down a number of hills, and all the time he was keeping an eye on home to see if the silver jeep was back. After getting back home we headed up the road toward the dead end where they are putting the fence, but stopped just short of entering the big parking lot. Back home once more we sat in the sun, I read my book and Yuma rested with his head on my knee watching the road. Before long the silver jeep came spitting through the dust and Yuma was so happy and excited. Delivering Mr. Yuma back to Doug, I said my goodnight's after we chatted about a possible hike tomorrow. Riley doesn't want to do anything tomorrow so she's going to stay home. We'll see what comes up in the morning. 
Just a beautiful mountain....

Inside I started a potato salad which Riley will finish tomorrow for part of our lunch. I offered to make a couple more but she wants to do that tomorrow. I'm just as happy to have her do it. 

See the jeep? Yuma and I just left here before it pulled up....

I started by editing the few pictures I took today, writing this post and settling in for the night. So that's it our day here in Superstition Mountain BLM. An excellent day, we enjoyed it a great deal. We hope you enjoyed your day as well. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. 

Some of the many tall cacti near where we are parked....(taken a few days ago)

Until next time.... take care, be safe, 

Love these cacti......(taken a few days ago near where we're parked)



  1. Thanks for baby sitting Yuma today. He is a baby. I liked the group of barrel cactus. Looked like a group of kids scurrying along.

    Glad your Dogsled didn't have a problem and they didn't charge you to assess the situation. It's amazing how nice businesses are out here. I think they really appreciate our being here and are willing to help.

    1. I loved having Yuma for a while. We enjoyed a walk and he didn't complain even once. He did however know which way home was and he kept looking to see if the silver jeep was back. It was cute.

      Those barrel cactus are so pretty. You can see which sky the sun is in most of the time by their bent heads, reminds me of the trees in the north indicating which is the direction of the usual prevailing winds.

      I didn't expect them to charge me, after all they didn't really do anything. Just looked, they didn't need a single tool except a flashlight. However I was pleased they didn't have a basic fee. Nice fella's and the cleanest area I've ever seen. Even mats outside the door to step on when you get out of the vehicle. I'm sure they take the vehicle out back to work on it though. This was a drop off area.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. Love that Mesa Marketplace, we have been a few times , find it almost too big, takes quite a wile to check it all out.
    We like dog sitting to and Yuma is such a wonderful dog to sit, sounds like you had a wonderful day.

    1. I agree it's almost too big but I think next time I would do it on two separate days. That way it wouldn't be too much all at once. I was a bit disappointed in that there was a lot of repeat vendors with basically the same merchandise. I was hoping for a little variety. I was impressed with the cleanliness, the noise level was very acceptable, and the band wasn't over powering with their music. The aisles were crowded as they have vendors in them as well, which I think is sometimes not a good thing, it interrupts the traffic flow but of course they want to interrupt the flow so you will stop and look around. Not many free samples but what free samples I did notice were all food stuff. Interesting place.

      I truly enjoyed having him for a short time. He such a baby. He was happy to go for a walk or two and I think he enjoyed the different area we walked but he was sure happy when Doug got back.

      Take care, be safe,

  3. We've never been to that Market so another time. It sounds like fun as is the Q and the Arizona marketplace. We enjoy poking around.
    Cute barrel cactus, lined up like that, various sizes like a family.
    Nice to help Doug out with Yuma, I'm sure he doesn't like to see the Jeep disappear without him. They are so close, I love that!
    Nice pictures, Deb. I'm so pleased with the pictures our phones can take.

    1. It's basically the same thing, a few different vendors but it's all the same idea. Much bigger though. Well laid out in terms of getting around.

      We both like Yuma and he's a cutie. Doug worries about leaving him behind and in the jeep so keeping him to let Doug do what he needed to seemed like the right solution. It was good, got me out walking as well. He was very happy to see the jeep come back.

      Thanks. I am pleased with the pictures too, although in the market place it wasn't well lit, and hard to keep folks from walking in front of the camera to take a picture.

      Take care, be safe,

  4. Glad to read there was nothing really wrong with your "dogsled".
    We would agree when people are just having fun and enjoying their time it never really bothers us either. Besides they are usually just around for the weekend and we remember those weekend outings.
    When we, well Tom mostly, stayed in Apache Junction the neighbor had mentioned the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet but I was there for such a short time we never got over to it. Good to know for future travels.
    Loved all your pictures of the cacti.

    1. Thanks, I'm pretty happy myself although I'll be keeping an eye on it for a while.

      Truly, they aren't going up and down between the rigs and causing all kinds of dust and stuff, so it's a bit of noise when they pass by and you know they're young folks. I'd rather see them doing this kind of fun stuff than doing things that get them in trouble. It's nice to be young and full of excitement enjoying themselves!

      The market place is huge, and there is lots to see although many seem to be repeat kinds of items for sale. It's still interesting though.

      Thanks Deb.

      Take care, be safe,

  5. OMG the story about Yuma looking for Doug actually brought tears to my eyes..that is so sweet how much he loves him. One day in the future I want my dog to feel that way about me. The marketplace sounds like a good time! We enjoyed the Yuma one. We used to go places with our kids and friends and ride quads. Loved those days and that's why it doesn't bother us a bit! Pictures are beautiful Deb! I'm sure Riley's salads will be awesome!

    1. Yuma is a cutie and he's sure spoiled without doubt. He was so good while Doug was away. It just seemed the best for everyone if we kept Yuma while Doug went off to do his business, and not have to worry about him. Yuma almost dislocated his tail it was wagging to hard when he recognized the jeep coming up the road. It was too funny.

      The riding is actually fun to see, they tear on past in a cloud of dust and many of them wave, you can see they're having a great time. I personally think it's a much better way to spend the afternoon than to be out getting into all kinds of other troubles. It's a little noise, a little dust and a lot of fun.

      Thanks Shirley. The salads were delicious!!

      Take care, be safe,