Friday, December 8, 2017

Our last day at Coyote Howls East, and happy hour with George & Suzie.....

Our Location: Coyote Howls East, Why, Arizona

Riley and I went to the clubhouse last night to post my blog and plug in for a bit. The clubhouse location didn't improve the wifi speed and the reason was obvious once we settled down into a couple of chairs. At least two people were streaming tv shows in the clubhouse during what would be peak user times for the internet. It was unbelievably slow and I should have taken our own jet pack with us. I wanted to take advantage of the plug in capability as my laptop dies fast and at times will just shut off even at 50% battery life left. I had the battery replaced last year but I think I'll have to figure out something else like perhaps getting a second external battery to use as well.
A full moon a few nights ago...

A warmer night last night than it's been for a while. I slept late this morning and didn't open my eyes until almost 8 am. What a sluggard I'm becoming!!

I'm pretty certain a math whiz lives here....

I spent some time sorting laundry, changing my linens and doing my morning routine before settling down with a cup of hot chocolate. Riley made her appearance just about  9 am and together we discussed our plans for the day. Since it's a pre -travel day we aren't going to do much except hang around the Igloo. 

You could easily miss him.....

About 9:30 am I loaded the laundry into the Dogsled, headed out to the laundromat here in the campground. The machines are clean, inexpensive and do a good job. Washing price is $2 per load, and drying in the dryer is .25 cents for 8 minutes. They also have a line outside and supply clothespins to use as well. However they were in use and so I opted for the dryer. 

Riley loves the colour....

Back home after putting things in the washer I managed to do a few little tidy chores in the outside cubbie as things have accumulated in all the wrong places while we've been here a week. By the time I had those put away properly it was back to the laundry to move things to the dryer. 

A dead Teddy Bear Cactus with Xmas lights....

Back at the Igloo George stopped by for a quick chat on one of his walk abouts. Always nice to chat with George, he's very knowledgeable about many things and offers helpful hints or ideas and places to go to purchase, or have work done. After George departed back to the laundry again, this time to bring it home. We folded our four loads back here at home and put them all away. Always nice to have the laundry done! 

Sure is beaten up, but still green....

Riley headed outside to read for a bit and I started prepping lunch. Nice green salad, along with spaghetti squash (Italian herbs/butter) and a mixed veggie packet as well with Oregano, and Thyme, topped off with Bourbon Chicken Breast. I can tell you, it was wonderful. 

This is a mural beside the Shell station in Ajo

A quick tidy up, we grabbed our chairs and headed down to spend Happy Hour with George and Suzie. It was nice to sit down and chatter away for a while, getting to know each other a bit. Soon it was time to say good bye, hope to see you on down the road and we were off back home to the Igloo. 
Blurry, taken with my phone, but see the coyote?

We packed up most of the outside stuff, leaving a few things for the morning. With two of us working at it we were finished quickly.  A brazen coyote walked down the middle of the  road next to ours as we were packing up. We also seen one earlier while we were arriving at George and Suzie's (Our Awesome Travels). They are certainly not afraid of people. 

On a building in Ajo

Tomorrow morning we have a few chores to handle before pulling out but we hope to be on the road before 9 am. A short haul tomorrow, only a couple of hours, a bit over 100 miles. We're looking forward to seeing new places, and setting up home in a new location. 

Before packing up....

So there you have it, our last day here at Coyote Howls East. We've enjoyed our stay here, the area is certainly interesting and if our cell service ever gets better in this area we would certainly stay longer. 
After packing up....

Thanks for stopping by, glad to have you. Feel free to leave a comment. 

Until next time...take care, be safe, 



  1. Alway nice to see you guys and glad you enjoy your time here. Too bad about your cell service. Thanks for stopping by this afternoon before your departure. Travel safe and enjoy the new scenery and new places to explore.

    1. Thanks George. It was nice to chat with you and Suzie, always fun, educational and helpful. We've enjoyed our time here but it's time to move on, getting that itch!!! Hope we meet again somewhere. Enjoy your next week here and travel safe when you head on down the road.

      Take care, be safe,

    2. When you get that itch you need to get on the road again, Thanks we all enjoy it especially the weather will be wonderful.

    3. Hmm thought I had your email address if you send it to me I can email a couple of things to you,
      george and suzie..

    4. Thanks George, I've dropped you a note.

      Take care, be safe....

  2. Safe travels. I wouldn't like it with no cell service either. I don't like being THAT unreachable. Hope you find another great spot and I'm sure you will!

    1. Thanks Patsy. The no cell service is a bit worrisome but we've got lots of bars here near Tonopah. Great location, big spots, pretty level, great scenery, quiet, only about an hour from Quartzsite. We will stay for a while for certain.

      Take care, be safe,