Monday, December 11, 2017

A stay at home day.....

Our Location: Saddle Mountain BLM, Tonopah, Arizona

A warmish night, slept with my vent open and wasn’t cold. Always a nice feeling to sleep so comfortably. No noise of any kind. Truly I’ve never been in a place so quiet. 

Looking up a cactus

I was awake around 6 am and eventually came downstairs around 7 am, started making myself some hot chocolate to take out side with me but Riley started stirring quickly after I came down. She’s not feeling well, I think a cold has finally gotten a hold of her and she’s warmish, sniffing and snuffling, a few sneezes too. She and I sat enjoying our drinks and the silence. We decided no matter what I was doing she wasn’t doing it with me. So to warn you it’s been a very quiet day. The Big Dog didn’t make a peep and hasn’t moved all day. 

A large decaying cactus...

I called oldest daughter Courtney this morning. She and her hubby are just recently back from living in Switzerland. Courtney returned in late August and Matt returned just a couple of weeks ago. Courtney is working in Toronto, doing before and after school programs with one of the many schools there. Matt will be starting his research position in January at York University. I had a chance to chat briefly with both and get caught up a bit. Always nice to chat with them. 

To the right that dark line is an opening , I walked back into it a bit...

Around 10 am we decided that soup was the order of the day, and so I started prepping my salad for lunch and  chopping veggies for sausage soup. By 10:30 am I had everything finished, the soup was simmering on the stove and I had everything cleaned up. Taking my book outside in the sun to read I was eventually driven back in by some kind of bee. They didn’t swarm but they were constantly buzzing around my head and hands. Didn’t matter if I was in the sun, the shade, or the slight breeze they were just buzzing me. We didn’t have them yesterday so I’m not sure where they came from but they are annoying. 

Up close it's much more impressive....

I took a couple of short strolls this morning, just around the immediate area looking things over. Didn’t go far, maybe a half mile. The bees didn’t bother when I walked but as soon as I sat back down, they were back. Annoying as hell. 

Much steeper the closer you get...

Back inside I  checked on the soup, coming along nicely. Added a few more little things and left it alone to do it’s magic. We’ve never used Jimmy Dean Sausage before but after browning it and draining as much grease as possible off, I think it will be just be fine. 

Interesting looking, isn't it? 

You may not believe me but by noon I had seen exactly 2 people, one of them being Riley, one small dog, and a bird, along with the bees of course. There is no noise, the occasional car goes by on Courthouse Road but that’s it. 

This is one of the connecting roads at the back, too rough for anything but a 4 x 4 or an ATV

Lunch was of course my salad with Raspberry Viniagrette dressing, and a bowl of soup, along with a couple of pieces of toast. It was pretty good if I do say so. It must have been good, Riley had two bowls. We have enough left over for 2 more meals each, so I’m glad we liked it, otherwise those would have been tough leftovers to use up. 

Lots of soup.....

After lunch I headed out for a walk/hike. I came back to change into short pants and a short sleeve shirt, much too hot with long pants on. Off I went again and managed to get about an hour and a half in before I got back home. I walked back toward the mountain base and headed off the trail/road following what looked to me like perhaps a horse path, or hiking trail. Not really defined, more just a hint that it might be there. Although I did occasionally see hoof prints of either a horse or perhaps a cow, but I’m guessing horses as I’ve noticed some left over small patches of hay in one of the sights. Not too old either, probably within the last week. I walked all the way back to a break in between the hills, and debated about following it further but decided I’d journeyed out enough for the day. With Riley back home I didn’t want to be gone too long. I took numerous pics and enjoyed the sights. I was far back behind any campers, and literally climbing slightly along the bottom of the mountains. 

I never tire of this view.

Back home I sat down to edit some pics and enjoy the peace. Spent some time outside reading my book and enjoying myself. What a fantastic day, absolutely nothing doing, and no where to go. Truly a relaxing day. I did hear an ATV way off in the distance for a short period but not for long. A truck scampered by causing a lot of dust but other than that, nada. 

Such a nice sunset...

A text from Courtney informed us that Toronto had just received it’s first snow fall, approx 2”/5 cm had fallen. She had already shovelled once and thinks another shovel might in order before bedtime. A friend in Thunder Bay trying to catch a flight out to Quebec City was delayed she said due to snow. So folks look like Ontario is now being snowed upon. Glad we aren’t there. 

Sunset shining on the mountain...

Finished my book, enjoyed taking numerous shots of the sunset tonight. I have a decent camera but it can’t pick up some of the sizzling reds for some reason. Oh well, still some decent pics.

The sky is a wash in colour....

So there you have it, our day at home. Riley felt a bit better throughout the day but as you know by night time she’s back to sniffling, snuffling and feeling yucky! Oh well, I’m certain her cold will pass and she’ll be on the mend soon.

Pink over the mountains in the front yard....

 I do hope you aren’t bored with all the pics of mountains and the area here at Saddle Mountain, but I find it truly awesome. I grew up on a rock in the middle of Georgian Bay and we don’t have this kind of scenery back there.

Fire in the sky...
Happy Birthday to the twins, Sheldon and Chantelle who turn 26 today.  Also Happy Birthday to Stuart way out there in Providence Bay. 

The final show.....
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  1. Nothing quite like a bowl of homemade soup looks very tasty. And the peace and quiet of the desert is perfect as well.
    The walkabouts fresh air and sunsets really make it a perfect day.
    Hope Riley is feeling better soon, the soup should help.

    1. She has a cold, and will be up and down the next few days but she'll be on the mend soon. She's a tough cookie. We enjoy the soup, make every couple of months or so. Always good enough for a few meals and then I don't have to cook. Thanks for the get well wishes.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. Your soup looks great! I need to try making it more often so I can control the salt. I wouldn't use the pasta and am always concerned about the flavour. I just need to take the plunge!
    Looks like some nice walks and sounds like the bees left you alone later in the day.
    Sleep and soup will help Riley get better, oh yes and patience. :)
    Love your mountain sunset pics. One is never enough.

    1. Thanks. I don't always use pasta, some times rice or barley as well. It just depends on what I have that is handy and with Riley not feeling well pasta is what I could reach without having to ask her to get it for me. We enjoy soup from time to time and it's great to have left overs. I love the sunsets in the mountains. I won't ever tire of it. I enjoyed the walk and will get more in during our time here. Great places to walk and next time I'll head in a different direction. So much to explore.

      Take care, be safe,