Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Busy last day .........

Our Location: Saddle Mountain BLM, Tonopah, Arizona

A bit warmer last night, 41F/5C with a bit of cloud cover to help keep the heat. I was awake around 5:30 am, finally rolling out about 6:45 am. Looks like another cloudy day if the morning sky is any indication
This morning's sunrise...
We’re heading out shopping today to stock up on the staples before we move on tomorrow. We’ve enjoyed our time here very much but it’s time to get the Dogsled back in harness and move elsewhere. Although if ever we are in this area again we will be stopping here for certain. A beautiful place without any doubts. 
I love the colours of the sunrise.....
Riley strolled out of her room about 7 am but soon disappeared and showed back up about an hour later. I won’t say she was sleeping but well there were noises of some sort coming from her direction. 
Not snow, cotton......
After a quick breakfast we loaded a few things in the Dogsled and headed out toward Buckeye for some stock up shopping. However before we were far up the road I turned up another road here in the BLM parking area. It took us about 20 minutes but we finally made the spot I had found yesterday up tight to the bottom of the mountain. We parked the Dogsled and walked up so Riley could see and then agreed we could make the climb. Back in the Dogsled I proceeded in a forward direction, slipped into 4 X 4 and kept climbing the hill. I’m not very tall and had trouble seeing over the nose but did alright. It’s a bit tighter with the Dogsled than it looked and we agreed we could make it with the Igloo but hitching back up might be a bit tricky as I’d have to come in almost sideways. Still it was a great spot. After making it back down the washed out part of the hill and making it back to level ground we slipped back into 2 wheel drive and made our way back to Courthouse Road. We took a different road back and managed to make it out in about 15 minutes. We enjoyed our little bit of 4 wheeling this morning and had a chuckle or two.
That yellow thing is the square baler for the cotton....
Back on Courthouse Road we headed out and quickly came to Salome Hwy and from there we took Baseline and managed to find our way to all of the places we wanted to go. Our first stop in Buckeye was Walgreens to get some water. We drink a lot of water and while we’d prefer spring water, purified is okay. 
In the southeast they use round bales for cotton, here we see more square ...
Our next stop was the Goodwill store where we made our donation and did a quick browse in the store just because we could. 
Beautiful landscaping along the streets near the subdivisions....
Next we stopped at the gas bar in the lot near the Fry’s Supermarket. Fuel was extremely well priced and I topped up the Dogsled’s bowl with about 20 gallons of diesel. 
Inside the grocery store we made good use of our card and stocked up on a number of items that we can easily store for use later. Since we aren’t certain what kind of food stores will be in the areas we’re heading towards next.
Love the shaggy look of the palm trees.
After leaving Fry’s we journeyed just across the side street to Walmart where we stocked up on a few more things. We also bought a few things that were not necessary but that we’ve been talking about for a while now. Another set of Corelle dishes (although we are discarding the cups), and while they don’t exactly match the other ones, these ones are plain white so that works. My set of 4 just wasn’t quite enough. 
From Wally’s we headed home, taking the Interstate. The sun was warming things up drastically and of course today we hadn’t left any windows or vents open for HRH back at the Igloo. The last few days it’s been cool enough not to worry about it, and of course today the one day we’re out the temps reached 78F/25C before noon. 
Nothing quite like a John Deere.

Back home we opened the door and all the windows. It was a bit warm in the Igloo but HRH was just fine and was actually up on my bed in the warmest part of the Igloo. Go figure! We managed to put alway all the groceries with some extras going to storage that I’ll sort out when we actually settle into our new location. 
Love the mail box...
A call from my Dad as we were putting away the groceries brought news that one of my nephew’s had his house broken into and robbed over the Christmas holidays. They did some damage getting inside and damage inside as well, taking many, many things, not just jewelry and electronics but tools, guns, and many other items. Apparently the house was ransacked. At least it was my nephew that came home alone to find that, and not his wife.
Lunch time was getting to be almost past as we were pushing 3 pm by this time. Riley opted to have some of the  small chicken we’d purchased at Walmart, along with some shrimp. I made myself a big salad with left over Christmas chicken tossed on top. I can tell you I was full when I finished. 

We cleaned up the dishes, grabbed our sticks and headed out for a walk. We chatted with Matt (from Phoenix, just starting to camp and knows nothing about dry camping) and to Kim, while petting Taz. Returning home from out walk we grabbed a drink of water and headed back outside to start packing up our patio/weber etc. Now we have only a few little things to finish packing up tomorrow. 
You can do your banking down here Dad....
We finished as the sun went down, but stayed outside for a bit longer to have one last little fire.  Back inside I started editing pics and writing my post. Riley is off doing whatever it is she does and the night is quiet here. 
The road thru Tonopah.
So there you have it, our busy last full day here at Saddle Mountain BLM. It’s been fun, we’ve enjoyed it a great deal and will definitely come back another time. However it’s time to move on and see something new. We’re looking forward to tomorrow. 
Our last sunset here at Saddle Mountain....
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Looks like dust in the air over there....
Until next time…take care, be safe, 

Good night from Saddle Mountain....



  1. Looks like a wonderful day you had. Time hook up and head own down the road, travel safe and enjoy some more new places.

    1. You bet it is. We've been excited to get on the move.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. Love your first pictures of the sunrise.
    you sound melancholy about leaving but at the same time looking forward to new places.
    It is nice to find a place that you know you'll return to
    Safe travels tomorrow!

    1. PS - you've got the mailbox addiction too! love them!

    2. We are sad to leave but happy to leave at the same time. So many things out there to see and places to explore. I'm sad to be leaving such a great walking area although I know I'll find another.

      I truly enjoy the unique mail boxes I've seen over the years on my travels. It's truly an expression of the home owner.

      Take care, be safe,