Wednesday, December 20, 2017

We're not running around naked any more...

Our Location: Saddle Mountain BLM, Tonopah, Arizona

Up this morning before 7 am, a bit warmer than last night, 39F/4 C so not a bad morning at all. Between my hot chocolate and little buddy Mr. Heater we’ll warm up in not time.  I did some morning reading of blogs and such that I was too lazy to do last night. Some nights I just don’t have the energy.
So many different views of the same mountain

Riley rolled out a while later and we chatted about what we needed, wanted and would do today. We needed to do laundry today if not we’ll be running around with way too much skin showing for the weather. We wanted to pick up our Christmas chicken today before it got crazy busy, and we thought we’d like to just do those few things and hurry home to spend the rest of the day doing …..well something. 
From high up on the hill today, Igloo is to the right side.

We changed bed linens and sorted laundry before leaving the Igloo. I like to sort everything at home and just drop it into a basket, then I don’t have to worry about sorting when I get there. We always have 4 loads, no matter how often we do laundry. Whites, colours, darks, linens. The only difference is how high the pile gets. Today’s piles were quite high, we haven’t done laundry since way back at Coyote Howls East in Why.
Igloo to the left near the front of the pic, generator guy is to the left.

We loaded everything into the Dogsled and headed out for Buckeye. The reviews said there were two not very far away, one in Buckeye and one in Avondale. The Avondale laundromat no longer took coins, you had to buy a card. and you keep topping it up. I dislike that, I would prefer to use coins since then I only put in as many as I need. So we thought we’d check out the Buckeye one first. The reviews were a bit iffy. It’s old, it’s old, it’s old, all of the reviews stated the same thing. The over all feel I had from the reviews was that it wasn’t that great a spot, but the people were friendly. That came over loud and clear. We weren’t expecting too much and we found it very easily. It is older, some of the machines are quite old. There are many top loads and a number of front loads of varying sizes which is nice. The folding areas were small, and the tops were worn with some of the ‘colour’ worn off the tops. It was extremely clean, the attendant was extremely friendly and the prices were very good. Top load was $2.25, for a squat but wide drum that would easily hold a fairly big load. The small front loads were 12 quarters/$3 per load. The medium front loads were 16 quarters/$4 per load and the much bigger washers I didn’t check the price since I didn’t need use to one. A few machines out of service but not many. We used two medium, 1 small front load, and 1 top load. (there were no more front loads empty).  The place was busy but not noisy and the attendant was always puttering around cleaning something. She even offered to help us carry our laundry into the building.
It's a long way down there.

We put every thing in 2 dryers, they were capable of taking 40 lbs or 4 loads each. The dryers we chose (top and bottom) wouldn’t accept our quarters. The attendant couldn’t get them to accept any money either. No problem we just moved to two other dryers. We put the timer at 40 minutes and everything was dry in that time. Dryer was .25 cent for 3 minutes. For future reference the laundromat is Desert Laundry at 705 East Monroe Avenue, Buckeye. Right beside the Family Dollar. 
Plantings near Poppa John's Pizza in Buckeye

We left the suds place, heading to Walmart for a quick in and out shop. It wasn’t too terribly busy but busy enough. We got our few little items and hit the sidewalk running to get out there. We were home by 1:30 pm. We had to put the laundry away, as well as the groceries, and prep lunch. We had that all completed in about  20 -25 minutes. I was outside cooking by 2 pm.
Pretty flowers...

The fella with the dog was walking by while I was doing my magic with the Weber. He stopped and we chatted. He has now moved into Ernie and Debbie’s spot as it was empty before 8 am this morning. His name is Don and the pouch is Lilly. She’s a sweetheart and wanted to go inside and check out the Igloo. Since the cat was on the inside of the door, I didn’t think that a wise idea. Also some raw sausages were waiting for a chance to meet and greet the grill, I had to keep an eye on Lilly so she didn’t devour our lunch. Don was checking out a new place to park but he didn’t want to go back behind us as the fellow who arrived a few days ago has a generator running from time to time and it’s pretty loud according to Don. We can’t hear it here so maybe it’s only loud if you’re close. 
The start of tonight's sunset.

After Don and Lilly left Riley and I enjoyed lunch. Green salad, acorn squash with butter and honey, fresh beans, asparagus and mushrooms with Italian seasonings. Of course we also had Sweet Italian sausage. I can say it was excellent. Although we found the sausage to be too greasy for our liking. We did truly like the honey on the squash and will definitely have that again.
It just kept getting prettier...

A quick tidy up, grabbed our sticks and headed off for a walk. Riley walked about a hour round trip back to home and I left her on the road to the Igloo just down the way not very far, you could see it easily. I headed out across country. I walked for while finding myself heading uphill and enjoying the climb. Although it would have been easy to turn an ankle, the rocks were every where.  I didn’t make it to the top of the place but I made it a good half way. I called Riley to step outside and take a pic but she says she couldn’t see me, and since I haven’t edited the pics yet, I don’t know if she managed or not. I headed downward and was home in about 15 or 20 minutes. Just in time to grab my laptop and head out doors to start my post and catch the sunset, which seems very yellow tonight. Still pretty though.
And prettier

The high temp today according to the little thingy was 85F/29C but I think that’s because it was out of the wind and in direct sunlight. The truck read 70F/21C on the way home. I think that was more accurate. We wore long pants all day and weren’t too hot so I think it was more in line with the truck.
The sky was orangish-red

So that’s it, our exciting day. The earth didn’t shake and the crystal didn’t rattle but it was a nice day all the same. We hope you had an excellent day as well. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to drop a comment.
Ended with a blaze of red.

Until next time…..take care, be safe,



  1. Laundry day is always a surprise. You never know how busy the place will be, especially when you have to drive to it, it can be frustrating. We have mostly been lucky, only having turned away once when we've had to go back. But it is done now and that is always a great feeling.
    Enjoy the nice days.

    1. I don't mind doing laundry, I mean I just toss it in the machine, wait a while, toss it another machine and then spend a bit of time folding. I read my book or people watch in between, and I actually feel a sense of accomplishment when I'm finished. However I do know what you mean about not being able to get it finished when you planned on it. However it always seems to get done before we are truly running around with no clean clothes. We've been close a time or two...but.....

      Take care, be safe,

  2. Sounds like you had a very nice day, doing what needs to be done and enjoying the good life in the wide open spaces.

    1. We enjoy getting a few things handled but also enjoy the quiet life and the open spaces.

      Take care, be safe,

    2. Nothing quite like is there? As you know we love it too.

  3. No there isn't anything quite like it. We are enjoying it too.