Saturday, December 2, 2017

Moving day.......

Our Location: Coyote Howls, Why, Arizona

A nice night for sleeping and I did sleep well. Drifting off some time around 11 pm and not hearing a thing until 6:30 am. Spent a little time reading blogs, emails, and checking the weather before rolling out and starting our day. The overnight temps in Huachuca City reached 53F/11C, beautiful sleeping temps. Today's temps in the area will reach 72F/22C but we won't be here to find out for certain. We're heading toward Why, Arizona where their over night temps were 63F/ 17C and the day time high will be 79F/26C and we will be there to let you know if that's true or not. 

Sun shining on the mountains

As we were hooking up Vicki popped her head around the Big Dog to wish us well. Her and John leave tomorrow heading for southern Texas, the South Padre Island area I think he said.  We were pulling out of our spot before 8 am and heading toward Benson along AZ 90. A quick stop at the Inspection station in which not one question was asked and we were on our way again.

What an amazing view

We slipped on to I-10 West in Benson and then on to Tucson, and then a quick mile on I-19 South before heading west on AZ 85 or 86 ( I can't recall). A nice scenic route, with a few hills and a roller coaster effect that made HRH Miss Kitty toss her stomach contents, which thankfully were nothing as we don't feed her on mornings when we travel. 

One could never tire of this view

We enjoyed the route which took us through little a little town named Sells. Cute name for a town. We noted the many cacti dotting the landscape. Various kinds, sizes and shapes. Some healthy, some not so much, and some in between as well. Another inspection station but no one was stopping vehicles going our way.  We did pull off a bit after that station to just stretch our legs and give Miss Kitty a bathroom break. 

Tucson, Arizona

We arrived here at Coyote Howls before noon under mostly sunny skies and a temp of 83F/ 28 C, and a wee bit of a breeze. We paid for a week and pulled down Mesquite Lane about 8 or so spots and settled in. Nice place, pretty quiet, movies and books available at the clubhouse up front. Wifi signal is pretty good back here and we are doing our first Boon Docking since arriving in the USA. I don't consider an overnight at Wally World a boon docking situation. I consider that being a house guest. 

Bit blurry, but tons of different varieties of cacti

Since we boon dock all summer we're very used to this kind of living and enjoy it a great deal. We're looking forward to becoming more comfortable with Boon Docking options the longer we are in the Southwest and will be spending pretty much our entire winter living off the grid. As I said, we enjoy it, it's quiet, peaceful and at times can be very entertaining as well as educational.

See the road straight ahead, way, way , ahead.....we're going there.

We passed by George and Suzie ( Our Awesome Travels) on our way to this spot down the row from them. Thanks George for telling us about this place. It's as nice as you said it would be. 

Just love the cacti.

We are surrounded by moutains, and I'm anticipating some nice sunsets from our location. About a 1/2 mile before turning into the park we encountered a coyote on the road side. The first one we've actually seen down here, but we've heard them many, many nights. We hear them back home at our summer location as well, but they remain a bit more concealed there. 

The only negative about the park so far is no CELL SERVICE. Seems AT&T doesn't have any towers in the area. Our Canadian phones work on their network down here. I could activate my US phone but unless we find it to be a more common thing that AT&T doesn't work, I won't be doing that.  With the internet connection I'm not too worried about no cell service. We'll manage. 

Pretty sky isn't it?

Lunch today was a salad, spaghetti, and garlic bread. Finished off with some peaches. Hmmm...good stuff. Sorry no pics, we were hungry when we arrived. 

Next it looked like this....

The afternoon was spent making up a few lists, such as this week's menu, shopping lists and a few boon docking locations in the area we want to check out without the Igloo running behind us. 

A finally like this.....

So there you have it. Our journey today was about 200 miles, took us about 3 hrs and 45 minutes all together, including a few stops for stretches and inspections. We consider it to be a good travel day.Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. 

Until next time...take care, be safe...



  1. Hey friends welcome to the neighbourhood hope you enjoy it here we just love this area. really boon docking with special perks!
    Stuff to see in the are if you want to get put and explore.
    Happy hour at 3 pm.. If you in the mood stop in! !

    1. Suzie's Canadian cell phone works great here!

    2. Thanks George. We are heading out to explore over the next few days. Going to check out Gunsight Wash and Darby Well Road, as well as Why and Ajo. Susie's Canadian phone must not team with AT&T, as we have had no cell service since leaving the Tucson area. I did read that Darby Well road gets AT&T service so we must be close to a tower. Thanks for the Happy Hour invite. We may take you up on it a time or two over the week ahead. Feel free to drop by the Igloo as well.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. Enjoy the area and don't bother asking Why. You already have the answer, it sounds lovely. Don't like the no cell service thing though..........We connect to AT & T as well.
    Have Fun scouting around!

    1. Our Bell phone from Canada connect to T-mobile here no problem.

    2. Thanks Patsy. We're enjoying the looking around and other than the guy with the genny running most all day the park is fantastic. We walked about half the park today, and enjoyed the cute little additions to the permanent sites. We visited the little town of Ajo today...very cute. The cell service is not extremely important as I can still communicate with email but it would be nice.

      Take care, be safe,