Friday, June 22, 2018

We toured the upper Cabot Trail today.....

Our Location: Adventures East Campground, Baddeck, NS
Today we toured the upper part of the Cabot Trail. With brilliant sunshine, warm temps and warmish to cool breezes we spent the entire day on the road. Leaving home around 9 am we stopped for lunch around 3 pm at Mountain View Restaurant at Pleasant Bay on the top western side of the Cabot Trail, and continued on home arriving around 6 pm.  We stopped numerous times, enjoying the sights, the weather and snapping pictures!!! Instead of giving you a written description of what we seen today I'll just add a few pictures over the next couple of days. Enjoy the pictures of the upper Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. 
Just starting out near Baddeck, NS

Sorry about the smudge on the window.

When high tide comes in this will be covered. It smelled awful!!!

Water was very shallow near the shore.

Lots of these kinds of areas on the east side of the Cabot Trail.

Driftwood on display Wreck Cove grocery store.

This is Wreck Cove Grocery Store with sister Jan coming out.

Some very pretty views.

We couldn't get down to the water here.

You can see the gate and the steep cliff.

It was loud with the crashing of the waves.

We climbed some mountains too.


It never looks the same.

Some times we couldn't see any water at all.

Love some of the names.

Two lane, pretty rough in some places, pretty skinny in others and fantastic in places too.

The Dogsled looks pretty small here.

We just came down that road.

We checked out some Whale Watching tours but opted to skip it.

Some folks have some pretty fantastic views from their windows.

High tide cuts this path way off.

There are people living on that island out there.
That's enough for today, I'll post more another time. I hope you enjoyed your visit. 
Until next time... take care, be safe, 


  1. Such amazing scenery along the trail, Loved it glad you got to see a bit of it. Enjoy more of your travels and have too much fun.

    1. Thanks George. Glad the weather seems to have made it's summer turn now, looks like some good days ahead for just that kind of thing.

      Take care, be safe,