Friday, June 29, 2018

More rain, New Brunswick.......

Our Location: Casino Moncton, Moncton, NB
We left PEI under overcast skies that were threatening to open up at any moment. It held off while until we reached our destination around noon, and continued the rest of the day, all night and is still coming down at 10 am today which is Friday morning. 
Heading toward Confederation Bridge on the Island of Prince Edward!!
Lupines are everywhere out here on the east coast. Known as ditch flowers.
We crossed the Confederation Bridge ($46 for 2 axle vehicles and $8 per each axle after that, our total was around the $64 mark) under cloudy skies and very little wind. I expected the bridge to be higher and with more cross winds and was pleasantly surprised to find neither true. Single lane each way, it's scenic and short about 13 km/8 miles I think. Leaving PEI in the rear view mirror and seeing the welcome to New Brunswick sign we are now officially heading in a home ward direction. We passed near the little town of Shediac (we stayed there on our way east) and travelled on to Moncton. The Casino Moncton allows RV parking for up to 7 days free of charge. Simply go inside and get a players card, also gives you $5 off of the buffet price. We dealt with an extremely funny fellow goes by the name of Ron who had us laughing the entire time. Nice place, we'll check out the casino today sometime. Note for those that are interested: RV parking is BEHIND the building. Follow the signs but continue on when you see the NO OVERNIGHT PARKING signs, follow the lane that runs behind the Casino to find the RV parking area. Lots of space, you need to go inside and get a card to stick in the window so security knows you're allowed there. 
Lots of churches as well!

Such red soil out here.
With rain falling we opted to stay home the rest of the day. It rained hard at times, rained all night and is intermittent right now. Hopefully it clears up by noon (although a high possibility of  heavy rain this afternoon) as the weather sort of indicates, which will allow us to do a few things outside hopefully. Tomorrow will be nice (again it's a maybe) and we can drop down to see Bay of Fundy and check out the beaches for a while. Sunday will find us heading toward Edmunston, with perhaps an overnight along the way. Extreme heat is forecast here as it is in Ontario for the long weekend, so we'll see how it goes and what we decide to do. Amazing the extremes we've been experiencing the last few days. 
Interesting spire on this church.

A stop just before the bridge had me notice this old truck. Must be a custom grill. It's a Ford Mercury.
The pics were from our short 2 1/2 hour trip from Harrington, PEI to Casino Moncton, Moncton, NB. Thanks for stopping by. 
Confederation Bridge leaving PEI. Note the higher middle for boat traffic and the curve before it heads to New Brunswick?

That is New Brunswick you're seeing over there.
Until next time... take care, be safe, 
This picture and the next one were taken through the blue tint on the Dogsled windshield, looks much bluer than it really is.

Back in the province of New Brunswick once again.

You can see the overcast skies.


  1. Beautiful pics Deb! looks like a great area. Nice that you can stay for free and by then you'll be ready to move on. Boy that's an expensive bridge crossing. Do you have to pay to go back? Enjoy and i'll hope the rain quits for ya.

  2. Nice that you may be having some better weather. Have driven that bridge a few times after it was built, Before that there was 2 ferries getting on the island is free but you have to pay to get off of it either bridge or ferry.
    Enjoy some more sites if you can before making the trek back to Ontario. Travel safe.

  3. I am catching up slow but sure. What a wonderful trip; to bad about the rain and the mosquitoes you encountered. (Those little buggers are out in full force here.) What beautiful scenery you, Riley, and your sister got to take in and thanks for sharing the pictures with us. That is one of my bucket list trips...then continuing south along the east coast. Continued safe travels. Take care.

  4. I, too, catching up on posts I've missed while watching our hotspot usage.
    Hope the rain has settled out, not sure where you are today but I'm sure you are enjoying yourselves. Keep on the right side of the highway, Deb!