Wednesday, June 27, 2018

PEI and some touring....

Our Location: Harrington Family RV Campground, Harrington, PEI

We laid over an extra day in Baddeck, NS due to rain, leaving Monday morning it was still raining and rained all day long. We opted to leave NS due to the weather forecast which had rain pretty much the entire upcoming week. Instead we headed out to Caribou Island Ferry heading for PEI instead. It rained the whole way and long into the night. 

The ferry between Caribou Island, NS and Wood Islands, PEI.

It's sister ship passing us during the crossing. 

The ferry crossing took about 75 minutes, a bit rolling which made Riley ill but she recovered quickly. We were parked on the bottom deck which is for bigger vehicles and found ourselves among empty log trucks. A few other RV's behind us but still some empty spaces available. We put our feet on land and headed off toward Charlottetown and the little village of Harrington. We arrived and managed to set up in the rain but everything is soft and it took some effort to get us level. 

Very red soil here in PEI.

Riley & Optimist Prime from Transformers.

Happy Birthday to sister Jan who celebrated on our travel day!! She's older than I am and younger than Dad. We'll leave it right there. 

 Tuesday morning found us seeing sunshine and wonderful blue skies, warm temps and we took full advantage of it. We headed out to Cavandish to tour the wax museum and Ripley's Believe it or not, then off to drive along the coast stopping in a number of different places, including the Acadian Museum in Miscouche, PEI. We eventually ended up at West Point Lighthouse and a quick walk along the boardwalk there. We were disappointed that the coastal highway doesn't really go along the coast but more inland and in order to reach the coastal views you pretty much have to find some 'no exit' roads and follow them to the ocean, which we didn't know at the time. A few places allows you views as you drive but not very many. 

The 1/2 ton man, and the most kissed man (short guy).

The guy had huge hands.

Made entirely of match sticks. 

We enjoyed the day on Tuesday seeing a lot of country side and the abundance of Lupines that flourish wildly here in PEI and are referred to as Ditch Flowers. Tall Phlox also grows wild here and fills many ditches as well. We stopped for a quick bite in Summerside on the way home from our day of touring and enjoyed watching two fellows pulling up some oysters right in front of the restaurant. Back home at the Igloo we talked to a couple that has a unit here for the season and live not far from where we had toured earlier in the day. Friendly folks in these parts. 

Riley and Johnny Depp at the Wax Museum.

Sister Jan enjoying some time with Denzil Washington. 

Today (Wednesday) we spent some time in Charlotteown touring a great deal of the city. Riley and I visited the Confederation House or Province House but it could only manage to watch a short video and see a few replicas of the original artifacts from Province House as it's closed for renovations. Jan toured some of the streets instead of coming with us. We all managed to find our way to St. Dunstan Basilica for a quick tour inside, as well as a walk along the waterfront at Confederation Waterfront Park. Some very cute little shops along the way. We also managed to check out a couple of laundromats before heading home to collect our dirty duds. 

Some new famous faces in this display.

The beach at West Point Lighthouse.
At home we picked up the dirty laundry, dropped off a few things at the Igloo and headed back into Charlottetown for a few errands. We are only a few short miles from the part of Charlottetown that we had checked out earlier and so were quite happy to tour first and leave the dirty clothes as home for that part of the day. We had the laundry completed quickly, we used the laundromat on Eden Street off of University Ave if anyone is interested. After that we headed out in search of a Chinese Buffet which we finally found just beside Walmart, which was good as we needed a few things anyway. So lunch, a couple of stops for items at Dollarama, Walmart and a drink for the Big Dog in preparation for our departure tomorrow. Today was the nicest day we've had on our entire journey so far, it reached a nice balmy 77F/25C with amazing sunshine and a fairly good breeze. We were back home just before 6 pm. The day was full for sure. 

Interesting display near the welcome to Charlottetown sign.

A replica of the table used by the fathers of confederation during the forming of Canada.
 So ends our time here in PEI. It was nice, we enjoyed the two days of touring we've done. The weather for touring has been wonderful and we've enjoyed it a great deal. A cute spot, friendly folks and some amusing accents to be sure. 

Riley and our first Prime Minister Sir John A. MacDonald having a discussion today on the streets of Charlottetown.
Sister Jan also was chatty with the man. 

Tomorrow we move on to Moncton, NB where we'll be staying at the Casino there for a couple of days while we tour a bit of the area. Possibility of rain again tomorrow. We're all glad to be heading in a homeward direction and hopefully some nice weather. 

Very ornate inside, all stained glass windows and some truly lavish ornamentation.
 Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. 

Jan & Deb. 
Until next time... take care, be safe, 



  1. Happy Birthday Jan.
    Nice that you got to see some of PEI, Ann of Green Gables is always an interesting stop . maybe another time. Moncton is interesting with the reversing falls and magnetic hill among other things, Travel safe and enjoy the journey.

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes George, sister appreciates them.
      We enjoyed PEI. Lots of things to see and do and had we known we could have seen even more but alas, it was not to be I guess.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. Glad to see you made it to PEI and with a break from the rain.You must have passed by our old home in the Brae on your way to West Point.

    1. Thanks Richard.

      We enjoyed the sights of PEI for sure and would have enjoyed more had we known. It was a wonderful break from the rain. Amazing how wonderful everything looks in the sunshine.

      Take care, be safe,

  3. Those pictures in Ripley's are awesome! Looks like you had a great time! Love the sightseeings and the pictures you posted. The last pic of you two sisters is adorable!The statue pics are too cute! Have fun and Happy Birthday Jan!

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes Shirley, sister Jan appreciates them very much.

      There were some interesting things to see for sure. Sis and I had a great time posing for the picture, Riley thought it better to stay out of the picture. Haha

      Take care, be safe,

  4. Hey guys! I have been absent from the blogs for well over a month. No internet connection.
    Sure happy to see you are enjoying the Maritimes. Interesting that we are heading out that way in late August. We are booked into Harrington RV Park in PEI so please share the good.....and bad. We were also going to stay at Adventures East in Baddeck but have decided on Bras dor Lakes Campground just down the road. The main reason a=was reports of soft and muddy roads. Looks like you didn't experience too much of that.
    Looking forward to following the rest of your journey!
    Travel safe.

    1. Hey there Dave. Amazing how lost one feels without a connection. We know the feeling as well.

      We're enjoying the trip except for the rain, which is way too much!!! However it's mother nature and nothing can be done about it.

      Harrington Park is great for what it is, as Passport America members it's a good deal. It's centrally located and you can tour the island from that location. Some longer days to be sure but still very doable. The park is very bare bones, the washrooms appear to be under renovation which is a good thing. The fellow that checked us in has some issues. Not the friendliest fellow but you only deal with those people on rare occasions anyway. The wifi was okay, but the ground was very soft. Big field type park, no shade available. No dumpsters, they bring you a garbage can. Golf driving range there, bring your clubs if that is your thing. Not sure if all sights are 2 or 3 way hook up. Check in guy told me he had no 3 ways but we ended up parked in one. They have no dump station that I could see which means either he lied about all the sights or you have to use an empty 3 way sight to dump, not sure. Located near the airport but we didn't hear a single plane. Close to Charlottetown, easy access. To use as a base camp site which is what we did, it worked fine. Lots of black flies in the grass made it difficult to be outside long.

      Adventures East is under new management, Shane has only owned the park going on his second summer. He's made tons of improvements, including bringing in many many many truck loads of gravel. The gravel is still settling and a bit on the rolling side but its not muddy in the least. Excellent services all around. Friendly folks, great wifi, outdoor heated pool, very clean laundry and bathroom facilities. A small canteen open on the weekends when we were there. Shane's sister Kathie/Katie is head of the 'to have fun' things, and is a great person for that sort of thing. Excellent location on the trail, not far from North Sydney. I would highly recommend Adventures East. Again a PA park for us.

      I hope you enjoy your trip out here to the East Coast and that you get nicer weather than we've had.

      Take care, be safe,