Sunday, June 24, 2018

Fun Saturday at Adventures East Campground....

Our Location: Adventure East Campground, Baddeck, NS
Woke to the sounds of rain again this morning but it's hasn't rained since we traveled here on Thursday. However it looks as if rain is the weather for the next couple of days. We're debating what we should do as we've all had enough of the wet stuff. 
Water fall at the side of the road.

Very green, don't you think?

 Yesterday (Saturday) Jan and I toured the Alexander Graham Bell Museum in the small town of Baddeck. Riley opted to stay home. The small town of Baddeck is very picturesque sitting on the edge of Baddeck Bay. Rolling hillside, lush greens of new foliage in various hues, quaint small town feel, it feels like new found awareness after a long sleep. The air feels as if it's gearing up for some busy times but they haven't quite arrived yet. Anticipation I suppose is the tinge in the air. 

Very curvy road, scenic as well.

Sis had a difficult time getting out but here she's happy to have just gotten in.
We toured the museum which was educational, informative and busy. Mr. Bell was indeed a very curious man, smart, intuitive, and busy. His interests ranged over a wide variety of areas, from water, air and land, as well as helping the deaf. Truly an amazing man. 

The view from one of the whale watching pull offs.

I believe this is the MacKenzie River area as seen from the same spot as above.

Back home we all enjoyed the park for the remainder of the day. We watched children and adults alike participate in the Western Weekend. Sack races, three legged races, water transport, ring toss, etc. Clearly a good time was had by all. Around 5:30 there was a chili cook off in the big tent where 14 different pots of chili were in the running. Number 14 was the winner by overall ballot but none us picked that particular batch. Rolls were included and folks were encouraged to go back and taste again their favourites. A donation box was available. Such wonderful events planned for the special weekend courtesy of Katie, the sister of the park owner, Shane. Shane is only a year into this park ownership but doing amazingly well. We wish him luck!! The evening ended off with a movie for the three of us and then off to bed. 

Some great views.

We just followed this ribbon on and on.

We are debating about moving on today, what we should do and where we should go. Various weather forecasts have us thinking it may be time to head  toward PEI or back toward the inner reaches of New Brunswick. None of us have an desire to tour Halifax in the rain, it's just not fun. So we will decide that when we are all up and moving. 

Some pretty interesting shore lines along the Cabot Trail.

Yep, we went that way.

This  may have been my favourite view.

We passed through here.

The Atlantic Ocean.

I hope you've enjoyed the views.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy more pictures from the Cabot Trail. 

Until next time... take care, be safe, 



  1. Such wonderful scenery in that area, glad that you had a nice sunny day. Peggy's cove and Lunneburg are interesting scenic villages if you get that way and weather permits. And of course PEI is another scenic area to explore.
    Good luck with your wet weather and joy wherever you decide to go.

  2. Glad to see you got a visit in with Alexander Graham Bell.Also agree that Peggy's Cove and Lunnenburg would be great spots to visit along with my favorite Mahone Bay if you decide to stay.Rain,unfortunately is a part of the maritime life.