Monday, June 11, 2018

Miramichi, New Brunswick tonight......

Our Location: Walmart Front Parking Lot, Miramichi, New Brunswick

(June 9, 2018 Post)

Woke up this morning to a very unusual sight, a big yellow ball in the sky. We had no idea what it might be but we were informed it’s called the SUN. Yes it was shining brightly and made us all feel so much happier and warmer too. The night was cool, the morning wind was also crisp. Fluffy clouds dotted the brilliant blue sky but not threatening in any way. The night was quiet at Walmart and I didn’t hear any noises of any kind until about 5 am ADT when a big rig pulled in behind us for a couple of hours rest. Other than the Igloo not a single camper was in sight. We pulled up the feet and headed off around 8:30 am leaving Bathurst behind us in the rear view mirror. 

Chaleur Bay which is the bay between Gaspe Peninsula and NB's north east coast.

Such a pretty blue.

Taking the scenic route of NB11 once again we headed for points further east than Bathurst,  a small place called Caraquet on the tip of the eastern shore of a jut of land. The road was amazing with scenic views and vistas much of the way. We managed to find a place to pull off to view the water which is Chaleur Bay. This body of water is dark and cold looking with some muddy areas around the bottom of the cliffs. Off in the very near distance a mere 14 miles away we could see the long arm of the Gaspe Peninsula of course is in  Quebec. We enjoyed a couple of more stops along the way this morning, two at churches, one at an information centre, and one at a fuel station. Sis paid for the fill up this morning at $1.34 per litre. 

No pull offs here, we were parked in a gas station parking lot.

Tiny little church by the sea side.

The churches were very different, the first one was stone, regal and majestic. It stands on a large plot of land that overlooks the Chaleur Bay with a cemetery on the grounds as well. I noted one stone that was in excellent condition, no moss, no rust, easy to read, the death date was 1889. A final resting place of amazing beauty with the waves crashing below and the birds screaming above. Crab apples blossoms in full colour now were being blown away by the wind as we watched. The second church was a nice wooden structure, painted white with stain glass inserts in every window. It too had a cemetery behind but I didn’t make note of any of the the headstone dates. Very bright, inviting, not regal or majestic but soothing in its own way.

Can you see me way up on the top of the steps?

Love the cliffs over there.

The rest area/information centre was housed in a light house, which happened to be closed today. (pressure washing the outside in preparation for repainting)They had a few picnic tables and benches also available. A picnic table enclosed in a wooden structure similar to a lobster trap was an attention getter. A small foot bridge over a little gully and a couple of open picnic areas as well. The views were stunning, cliffs and weathered homes, waves crashing at the bottom of the cliffs offered those postcard  views that I’ve seen for years but never in person. We truly enjoyed the ride along the Arcadian coastal area. A stop at the Historic Arcadian Village netted us a disappointed as it wasn't open to the public yet, but will be starting tomorrow, June 10. We made our way slowly to the Miramichi area of New Brunswick where we once again are in a Walmart lot. This will be our last Walmart for a few days as tomorrow we move to a camp ground. The temperature climbed a bit today, not sure if it was due to the sun or the difference in location. We are getting much closer to the bottom part of the province. 

Lovely view, don't you think?

Can you see the different colours in the water? Shallower by shore, then drops off fast.

The temperatures today were a mixed bag ranging from cold enough to need a sweater/hoodie  during our sight seeing stops near the water but further in land we needed only light sweaters. As I type this at 6:10 pm ADT the clouds are moving in once more and the feel of rain is in the air. Hopefully it holds off until much later. While I didn’t mention it we of course call Dad when we  stop each day just let him know his daughters and granddaughter are fine and where we are so he can follow along in the comfort of his home back on the Island. 

The information booth is housed in this lighthouse, obviously closed until they finish the pressure washing and then painting. The Blue, White, Red plus the star is the Acadian Flag, very prevalent here in NB.

Lobster trap over the table.

More picnic area.

The view from along the walk way.    

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

A nice country church.


Until next time…. take care, be safe,

Home on a pole.

Church on the way to Miramichi, NB.

Willy Jeep seen at Walmart in Miramichi.

Welcoming us.

Lots of water around this area.



  1. Some amazing scenery you will enjoy there and with just keep getting better, hope you weather does as well. Keep travelling safely and have too much fun.

    1. Thanks George. We are definitely enjoying the sights and views. Spectacular in some cases.

      Take care, be safe,