Monday, June 11, 2018

Arriving and touring around the Shediac region ......

Our Location: Camping Parasol, Shediac, NB
(205 Main Street)
(Combined post June 10/11) 
We left Miramichi behind with the threatening skies once again. It looked much nicer further south and that's where we were heading. We pulled out of the Walmart around 9 am ADT heading once again south on NB11. We were in no hurry, our destination not too far to the south. We followed NB11 until we came to the small sea side village of Richibucto, getting off the highway and trying to follow the Acadian Scenic Trail. A number of beeps from the GPS had us leaving the Scenic Trail and once again getting back on NB11 as there were restrictions on the other road and we couldn't follow it along the sea shore. Not a problem, we managed to get to our location anyway. 

The little town of Shediac, New Brunswick is nestled on the north east side but in the southern part of the province, not far from the Confederation Bridge (which takes one to PEI), nor from the provincial line between NB and Nova Scotia. Shediac is a mere 20 minute drive from Moncton, NB. We found the park we had reserved for a couple of days sitting up against the water which we can see from our spot. Camping Parasol is a small, tightly packed little park with numerous sites, many pull thru's and lots of seasonal rigs. We were greeted with a hearty "Welcome to New Brunswick and to Shediac as well." The owner JC (Jean Claude) is an exuberant fellow with a ready smile and a french accent. A nice gent that lead us to our sight, helped us park and then left us on our own. The park is tightly packed but still just right for our needs these last few days. Water, sewer, electric, they have a laundry, bath house, a large tent serves as the clubhouse and some great wifi. We are very close to the Information Centre here in Shediac. 

Jelly fish on the beach.
We arrived before noon on June 10 and once we were set up we immediately headed out for a look around, stopping in a couple of parks and jutty like areas to view the ocean and the surrounding views. We toured the little town of Shediac, including the Provincial park area at one of the beaches, we stopped at a couple of local shops, bought a few little trinkets and called it a day. Back home we closed all the windows and vents as the air is crisp and almost cold here. 
One lane Shediac Bridge.

Same bridge, different angle.

We took this board walk until we came to the end. It's located at the Information Centre.
June 11 dawned with full sunshine on deck. What a wonderful sight to see. We took our time getting ready to go out for the day, leaving around 9:45 am ADT and heading right back along the trail we couldn't take yesterday due to some restrictions. We followed the coastal highway all the way back to Richibucto, stopping at numerous places along the way. Detour for a bridge or two had us checking out more back roads. The views were pretty much what one would expect to find, houses perched on the shore above the cliffs that lead to the water below. The wind swept plateaus show signs of new growth with vibrant green of the new grass and leaves on any of the hardy bushes that manage to hang on in the sparse dirt and the wild winds. The ocean is cold, dark and threatening in appearance, waves not cresting but rolling instead. We passed through towns such as Cocague, Bouctouche, St Anne, and many more that I don't recall. We stopped at the 'dunes', walked the board walk, stopped at a few little fishing spots, viewing areas and just where ever the urge hit us. On our way back home we decided we'd go out for chinese food but alas the place wasn't open today. Figures doesn't it? We finally made it home around 3 pm ADT where we quickly closed the windows and vents as the cold air was moving in once again. Oven roasted chicken, turnip, cabbage and rice, along with a salad made up our dinner today. Dishes done, things cleaned up, Jan went for a walk along the sea shore, I worked on  my posts and Riley did whatever it is she does. 
Covered walk way at the Information Centre.

I believe these could be tidal pools.

Oyster beds.
The sun is slowly sinking and the air is growing colder with each passing minute. Not extreme but we now need jackets not just sweaters. The ocean breezes are cooler than we thought they'd be and everything is very late this spring. Tomorrow we'll be moving on a very short distance and the day after that will find us in another park for a few days. After that we'll have to make more plans. 
The Atlantic Ocean.

We walked this path.

It's a house.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the visit and the pictures. 
This Lobster is located a short distance from our camping spot, we can see him if we step in front of the Igloo.

It's a real dog. Hahahaha
Until next time....take care, be safe, 
The Captain and crew....

Looks like part of the crew is in trouble.


  1. Keep enjoying your adventures, wonderful sights and very friendly people. Still a little early there for the warm weather, another month will be much nicer.
    Travel safe.

    1. The folks tell us that spring is very late this year, the folks are extremely friendly and we're enjoying the experiences.

      Take care, be safe,