Friday, February 23, 2018

Our day in the city....

Our Location: Saddle Mountain BLM, Tonopah, AZ

(this post covers Thursday, Feb 22, 2018, 
all photos were from my phone taken over the past number of weeks)

The morning started lazy for me and I missed the sunrise. I'm not really sure how that happened but oh well, it did. 

Happy folks....

Out of bed I started getting the sausage fried up to go into the crock pot for our sausage soup. Heating up the kettle as well for our hot drinks while puttering around tidying up a few things, adding a couple of items to our list. You get the idea. 

Wow, nice entrance...

We had the crock pot on before we left, but I didn't leave it on high as I wasn't sure how long we'd be out. Left it low and slow for the day. We have left over veggie soup if the sausage soup isn't ready when we get back. We'll just switch it from Thursday's lunch to Friday's. No big deal. 

He has a great view.

Out the door we managed to haul all our garbage with us as we haven't been out to leave any trash for a number of days. We pointed the Big Dog's nose east and headed toward Glendale, AZ. We've been into these areas once before but not as far as Glendale. Very nice neighbourhood. Lots of stores to choose from and I'm happy to say that we had no difficulties of any kind finding our first destination, Cabela's. 

A slot canyon in the store...

We've never been to a Cabela's before or at least I don't remember being to one.  A very unique shopping experience for us, we loved the 'mountain' setting with all of the animals looking out/down at us. The little canyon trail is very cute and I'm sure kids love it. 

I've been looking everywhere for big horn sheep and they are all right here...

We however were on a mission to find some hiking boots. We've never had hiking boots before because we've really not hiked in this kind of terrain before. As country girl growing up in farm country I'm used to walking in various fields, forests, etc but not in mountainous regions although in some places the terrain would be similar. However I was much younger back then and now I need a good hiking boot for a number of reasons. Riley also needs a good hiking boot for her own reasons. 

That's some set of horns this fella has...

We found exactly what we wanted without too much trouble. The nice 'outfitter' Nick was the only one on the floor and was very busy but was extremely helpful. We were in no hurry and didn't mind fending for ourselves at all. Riley had to pick from the men's section as her feet just aren't going to squeeze into a ladies size 10 that was about the biggest size they had in most of their ladies hiking boots. No problem, she often wears men's shoes. I didn't have any issues either, although I would have preferred the 6.5 I took the 7, with a heavier pair of socks they fit better than the others.  After leaving our life savings at the cash register we headed out to find the Dogsled still waiting where we'd left him under the shade tree. 

This guy must have great leg muscles and balance. He stood like that the whole time we were in the store.....

I didn't get a picture but for us it was interesting to see a man walk out of the store with a rifle in hand. No case, no trigger guard, just the gun. He had his NRA hat on as well as his attitude. I have no issue with guns at all, it just appeared out of place for this Canadian to see such a thing. 

I think that might be a glider....didn't make any noise.....didn't crash into that post either....

We opted to return to Buckeye for the rest of the items on our list. We know where the stores are located and it's much easier to shop in an area we know than running all over finding the stores in other areas. 

Pretty tiny, we noticed this in Parker while we were pumping fuel..

Our first stop was Lowe's where my big purchase of 8 bolts (to replace my makeshift swivel stopper) cost me all of $2.75. Our second stop was Game Stop, Riley wanted to purchase a new game for her 2DS, where she picked up the game she wanted for a very reasonable $25. Next we ended up at Verizon as I had a question regarding my jet pack which they didn't really answer as I'd already tried what they suggested and it didn't work. However I'll eventually figure it out or take the jet pack into a store and they can do it for me. 

Yep, I paid $4.29 for a few gallons of fuel one day...

After that we headed into Walmart where we had a few things on our lists to accomplish. First being a hair trim for both us. We haven't had a trim for a while so we both were feeling like sheepdogs with hair always in places we couldn't see through it. Both ladies did an excellent job, we were happy with the cuts and within a half hour we were out in the store with our list and a cart. Except for butter beans we managed to get everything we wanted. I like butter beans in my home made soup in place of white beans. In the deep south they make them with a ham hock and stuff, but I didn't care for them that way. 

 0 to 60 in 20 minutes. I love that....

The only thing we didn't get today was drinking water and we can go back to Tonopah or Wintersberg for that in the next day or two. I'm very pleased with our day, it kept us both from walking, it got us out and about, seeing new places, although we'll be heading right through Phoenix on Monday when we leave Saddle Mountain. 

Above caption from this bus at Dome Rock, Quartzsite, AZ

Back home we put things away, I finished up the yesterday's soup, Riley had chicken and shrimp for lunch and we put the sausage soup in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch. From that point I settled down for a rest on my bed, and finally woke up around 5:15, slept for over an hour. It's been a tiring day. 

Nice finish to the ramp/overpass in Glendale, AZ

I put my jammies on before 6, crawled into my chair and just enjoyed my book. It felt nice to just sit here giving my fingers a rest as well as my brain. 

Foggy day after our arrival here at Saddle Mountain.

So there you have it, our busy, tiring day out in the big city stores. We had fun, we enjoyed the rest and different pace. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. 

Same foggy day...

Until next time... take care, be safe, 

This one may have been with the camera and not the phone, but I'm not sure..



  1. The big cities van tire you out. Love Cabelas stores when ever we are near one.
    One thing that we have seen is people wearing a holster around their waist with a hand gun in public which is legal hear in Arizona. A real head turner the first time we saw it. Just like the old wild west.

    1. I don't mind the cities, or the driving. We did a lot of things and I think tired just kind of came about naturally. I'd certainly go back to a Cabela's store if ever I run across another in my path.

      I've seen lots of guns in holsters, New York state allowed that and maybe still does, I'm not sure. I've been around long guns all my life and it's not that I've not seen someone carry them, I used to shoot myself long ago, but I'm not used to seeing one in the middle of a city, no case, no lock, just walking around carrying a rifle. If he weren't coming out of a 'gun store' one might think he was up to no good. It was just a 'wow' moment. Hahaha...

      Take care, be safe,

  2. I'm sure we've never been in a Cabela store. I'd probably want to leave a donation. I need hiking boots too, I'll check back home for a sale. :)
    Looks like you completed the list and were able to get back home for a nice rest in the late afternoon. I love shopping but when i return home, I need a snooze too!

    1. I loved the store. I could spend some time in there and some money as well. They have some great camping stuff, as well as some apparel, hiking gear, fishing gear, etc. Always worth a look I'd be willing to bet. I was actually quite pleased, they had some really reasonable prices and sales.

      I have to be in the mood to shop or it's: get in, get what I need, get out. I'm always tired when we finish. Although I'm getting better, I've still got a long way to go when it comes to shopping. It's one of the things I like about a list, I don't have diddle and daddle around guessing what I need. My biggest issue is I forget the list. Hahaha..

      Take care, be safe,

  3. I'm sure you two got excellent hiking boots at Cabela's. Interesting store to visit.

    Sounds like you got most of your chores done and more. Now it's my turn 😊.

    1. We did get excellent boots. A very interesting place, I'll be going back in the future for any other hiking gear I may need. I like it, very nice layout. Interesting stuff they have too.

      Yep, got most of 'em accomplished, a couple more before we're ready to pull out. Thinking maybe laundry before then too. We'll have to hurry to get that one accomplished.

      I don't remember where we took it, but I liked it too. It was a great picture.

      Hope you got some rest and some chores accomplished today!!!

      Take care, be safe,

  4. Oh, and I loved the picture of you two. You both look happy.

  5. It's nice exploring new areas but if you're hiking you definitely need good boots.
    Great pictures. Liked the sayings on the Bus.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We've been talking about hiking boots for a while, and I just decided if we're going to be doing all this hiking we should have the proper boots. It'll be a while before they are broken in but they'll get there.

      I love the bus saying. I thought that was a hoot.

      Take care, be safe,