Friday, February 16, 2018

Foggy start, great hike, and a wonderful sunset....

Our Location: Saddle Mountain BLM, Tonopah, AZ

Awake at 3:30 am I finally gave up the idea of drifting off and started my morning shortly after. Reading blogs, commenting, catching up on Facebook, more commenting. You get the idea. It's taking longer and longer to accomplish this goal each day. I think I'm getting slower and slower at it. 

That shape is the mountain under the fog....

No wind, no rain, just dead calm, not a sound outside until 6:43 am ( I know because I looked at the time) I heard the soft pitter patter of rain on the roof. Ironically I was checking the weather at the time and it said the rain was over except for a slight 26% chance of precipitation, with percentage falling quickly as the day progresses. By 1 pm we will be pushing the high of 66F/18C and no more chance of rain. I guess the desert has had it's drink for a while. 

If you look at the time stamp on this picture and the next, it's the same peak....

We have no plans yet for the day but I'm sure we'll think of something and if not we can always read and sit around outside drinking in the beauty of the area. We'll even set up our patio furniture and get ready for the rest of our stay. We haven't set it up due to the weather and have our chairs tucked under the  overhang on the Igloo out of the weather. 

Just taken a bit further back a few minutes later....that's the Igloo and Dogsled nestled in there...

Outside to take pictures shortly after 7 am and I took over 150 as the entire place was covered in fog, thick rolling, dense, white fog. It was incredible to see and I can't begin to describe some of the sights so I won't even try. It was an excellent morning for taking pictures. However it was damp and a bit on the chilly side with a lot of moisture in the air. No sign of the sun until much, much later. I walked about a mile just taking pictures before coming inside as I was amazed at how the fog drifted and twisted around the mountains and the peaks. 

That's the same mountain top you can see peeking through on the right of center as in the first picture posted....

Inside we had our hot cuppa, and chatted about the day's plans or lack of plans. A phone call and a bit of research had us finalizing our decisions with regards to replacing the loveseat with some chairs. Hopefully that will be accomplished by the beginning of next week. I'll keep you updated when it happens. 
The fog was thick and rolling in and out, around the peaks, and lasted until just about noon.....

Riley and I decided we'd go for a hike. In fact it was Riley's idea and so I was quite surprised but extremely glad to agree to such a wonderful outing. Off we went and were gone all morning. I can tell you it was a fantastic hike, and I'm so proud of Riley, she did much more than she thought she could. I will admit we picked a pretty tough climb and we'll be careful not to pick one that is quite so tough next time but often it's hard to know until you're already way up there and starting back down. We went about 2/3's of the way up one of the bigger mountains with some spectacular views of the valley floor. We were gone about 3 hours and Riley rested only a few times. She's determined and I'm so proud of her for putting so much effort into it today. Congrats Miss Magoo!!

So very pretty as it curls and winds it's way around the mountains....

Back home we sort of settled down for a bit to just kind of relax for a few minutes but found that sitting on the door side of the Igloo which is facing into the west was too warm. Hey, guess what we can fix this problem now. Riley pulled out the small step stool and pushed the button for the awning while I dug out our new sunshade. With the awning out and pulled down, tightened into place we unzippered the two sections and with the two of us it took us about a minute to slide the top piece into the track on the roller (since it didn't come with instructions I guessed at trimming the long edge left over), we then zippered the longer part of the shade to the shorter top piece and voila, instant sun shade. Perfect fit, perfect colour and I will tell you Riley sat outside longer today than she has since we've been the southwest at any one time. She really enjoyed a couple of hours out there. She even put on her new hat!!

Isn't this just an amazing shot?

Lunch was BBQ'd today, with Miss Riley doing the hard work of turning the packets. I prepped lunch after we installed the sunshade, and while I was inside making myself a salad Riley was checking out the new sun shade and bbq'ing at the same time. Lunch today was grilled parm potato wedges, acorn squash with brown sugar and butter,  orange zest asparagus, mushrooms, and green beans, along with a ham steak. I will say it was too much food after my salad but it was certainly good. 

How do you describe something like this?

After lunch I spent the rest of the afternoon reading my book and enjoying the sun as I found it a bit cool behind the sun shade. Just around 4 pm Riley decided to come inside and the sun was slipping behind the mountain beside us so removed the lower section of the sunshade, tucked it away into a canvas bag, retracted the awning and bingo, everything was away. Less than 5 minutes to remove it, fold it, and put it away. We're going to enjoy this sun shade!!! 

Views to the east from our hike....

That's us in the center for the picture, single truck and 5'er. It's a very long climb to this point....

Do you see the tall green cactus towering over a small green bush at the top of the whitish line of gravel in the middle of the picture? We climbed about that far today. It doesn't look long but it's a very long way up there.....

Around 5 pm I put away my book and due to our location I need to walk a fair distance to catch the sunsets and so donned my fleece sweater, long pants and headed off in search of a good location. I walked for a long time before the sun was actually ready to set and then had to walk all the way back while taking pictures as well. It was a glorious sunset tonight with some pretty dramatic colours and hues. Very inspiring. 

Our new sun shade.

Different view....took less than 5 minutes to install.

Riley's new she tucked behind the sun shade...

I chatted with oldest daughter Courtney while taking a few pictures as well. We got caught up with what her and hubby Matt has been doing the last few weeks, their plans for the next while and some tentative plans for the meeting up and spending the weekend together in the spring. Looking forward to that, we missed seeing Courtney in the fall before we left. It just didn't work out as our schedules were just too different. I miss her and am looking forward to a visit. 

The beginning of the sunset tonight....

After ending the call with Courtney I was heading back to the Igloo when this dog comes bounding out from a converted school bus barking and listening to his owner about as well as rock being told to stand at attention. I don't understand people with dogs that they can't control not having the damn things on a leash. I have no walking stick, nothing in which to fend this dog off and the guy is sauntering along like he's got all the time in the world. Telling me he won't bite and that's he's only guarding them. I"m thinking that's fine buddy but get this ******** dog away from me before it takes my arm off. When this owner fella gets close enough he finally realizes that this dog isn't just barking, he's stalking forward and sideways trying to get around behind me. Owner guy runs the last little distance and  had to jump between me and the dog three times before it finally backed off. He apologized and offered some lame excuse but I suggested that all dogs are to be on a leash when outside, his comment was he'll be going back in the bus. Really? That's the answer, put him in the bus?  

It just kept getting prettier and prettier...

I'm not a dog owner, but I like dogs. I have a real problem with people that can't control their dogs in any environment. Not everyone loves your pet, not everyone is happy to be approached by your pet, not everyone would enjoy having their arm, leg, face or other body parts chewed on by your pet, what if there had been a small kid there, I don't want to think what would have happened just because you can't be bothered to put the damn thing on a leash. I'm not talking about the dog that wanders 10 feet from the camper to do his business and comes back when he's called. I'm talking about the kind that doesn't listen to anybody, that show all their teeth and have no intentions of doing anything except drawing blood or worse. We had the same issue at Joshua Tree with a dog. How do I stop this from happening? It's not like I was doing anything except walking along the road, and they weren't even close to the road. Of all the dangers that people worry about while travelling and staying on BLM and dispersed camping land, this is the one that worries me more and more each time I step outside to go for a walk. 

I'm always amazed at the different shades of each colour that you see....

Back home I finally settled down to edit pictures and write my post. We closed all the windows and vents as the night air here is a bit coolish tonight. I wonder if it has something to do with the rain and the dampness in the air. Oh well, tomorrow will be another gorgeous day and we've a few plans in the works to get us through the day, plus I have a project I should get started on or I'll never get it finished. 

Off towards the  north......
I never get tired of the view...

Thanks for stopping by, sorry for the rant. I hope you've had an excellent day doing whatever it is that gets you through the day and if it hasn't been excellent I hope it's at least been a good day. Remember, if we never have a bad day, how do we know when we are having a good day? Feel free to leave a comment. I read them all. 

It's a vivid red line across the sky...and ink black clouds....

Off to the Northwest.....

Until next time.... take care, be safe, 

Goodnight from Saddle Mountain BLM, Tonopah, AZ....



  1. You are so right about the dogs, even our little guy is kept on his leach.

    1. I'm sorry for the rant Bill but it royally tics me off when I have to fear for my safety over some thing as simple as a piece of rope.

      Take care, be safe,

  2. You had a much better weather day than we did but figuring it is only the 4th day of rain since Oct. 24, we can't grumble too much.
    I totally agree about the dog and I AM a dog owner, as you well know. I have a fear of large dogs especially. I also worry about the large dogs around our little one. Nice sunshade and Riley! Love your hat!!! the colour is awesome on you!

    1. It's moving your way, the nice weather I mean. I figure a few days of rain over the winter is a huge advantage over even one snow storm. Don't shovel, bundle up, freeze my .... off while I'm moving the stuff, and while getting stuck is always a possibility, at least in sand it's warmer.

      Absolutely bigger dogs are a danger to smaller dogs and any other animals around. I mentioned children because there are three not very far from us, I would guess the oldest might be 7 or 8. That worries me and I think I may take a walk up there and just enlighten the parents.

      Riley took a little bow and says thanks. She likes the hat too.

      I'm very pleased with the sun shade, it's maybe a darker brown than I would have picked but once it was up, it was perfect, not too dark at all.

      Take care, be safe,

  3. I'm guilty at times for not having Yuma on a leash. It is no fun when a dog you don't know rushes towards you friendly or not.

    Loved those pictures of the mountains and the fog. Right on that slope you hiked is where I saw my first tortoise. Near one of those green bushes half way up.

    Nice full sunscreen that certainly does the job. Riley looks great in her new floppy hat.😎

    1. I wasn't referring to you and Yuma but I will say that if one doesn't know the dog it's very frightening to have him come bounding toward you barking. What bothers me most is that this fella is saying he won't bite and in the next breath says he's just guarding them. The problem is I was no where near them, they are quite a distance from the road and I was one the road. The thing that sticks in my mind is that he never even tried to grab the dog's collar. Isn't that the first thing you do to get control of your dog? So why didn't he? Anyway, enough about the dog.

      I never thought of looking up the mountain side for tortoise, I'll have to remember that. I've heard that a couple of Canadian fellows seen two big horn sheep while out climbing around the hills. So I'm keeping my eyes open for those as well.

      I like the sun screen, it does everything I want it to do.

      Riley says "Thank you Doug, I like the hat too. I can hide below the big brim any time I want now."

      Take care, be safe,

  4. I cannot believe I am saying this but what luck to have had fog. Your pictures are gorgeous especially the first one.

    It makes me angry when people think it is okay to let their dogs loose. Seriously, no one can predict what their dog/animal will do in unfamiliar surroundings with strangers walking by. We had a Lab and when people would get close and ask, does she bite, I would always say, not so far but I cannot promise she won't. At the same time I had a tight grip on her leash. Honestly, I think people who do not control their animals do not care about the animal or others. Luckily he got there in time so you did not get harmed but you are right, what if you would have been a small child who made the wrong move. Oh yes, put the dog back in the RV that solves everything. I feel sorry for the dog. Unfortunately, you cannot fix stupid. I am done with my rant...:)

    I know what you are saying about the sunscreen seeming dark. We bought a black sunscreen to match our motorhome and were surprised how much heat it blocked while at the same time not blocking the view. We are so glad we bought ours and sounds like you are too.

    Riley, what a great hat! I love the wide brim.

    1. I agree, the fog was amazing. I had to cull through a lot of pictures to find those few and I still haven't even edited most of them. I'll stick them in a file for a day when I have no pictures to post and use them then. It was truly amazing to see how it changed so rapidly while offering such fantastic photo opportunities.

      The issue with the dog has upset me enough that we're thinking we may move. There is no way to get safely around that area in which this bus is parked without walking a long way out of the way. It is parked between two roads but close enough to both that the dog would still be an issue. In fact I was walking on the road farthest away from the bus. I agree, it's not the dog's fault. I'm truly temped to go buy a leash or a 20ft piece of rope and just drop it out the window on my way past the spot with a note on it saying the rest of us would like to feel comfortable walking on the roads, please restrain your dog but I doubt it would do any good. Anyway, enough about the dog.

      I love the sunscreen. It allows enough light through that it's pleasant enough to not need my sunglasses while sitting out there. I can read with out any issues of the sun in my eyes, I don't need a hat tilted down low enough to take the glare off of my glasses. I haven't taken my laptop outside but I'll bet it helps with the glare issue as well. I'm so happy we got the darker one.

      Riley says, " Thank you Deb. The wide brim is what I wanted as my baseball cap just doesn't cover everything I want covered."

      Take care, be safe,

  5. I love the 2nd picture with the fog, what a beautiful mountain. I agree about the dog, I can see where it would be a little different if his owner was right there to start with might have been better. He just sounds very irresponsible. Love your new sunscreen, we really need to get one. All of your lunches sound great, but today's really sounded wonderful! The sunset pictures are beautiful, can never get enough! Have a great night...PS Love Riley's hat!!

    1. The fog was an amazing piece of most of the pictures in the morning. It changed so rapidly and was stunning to see with different lenses. Glad I wasn't driving but it sure was pretty to watch.

      The dog was sitting beside the owner and turned and bounded across the space at me. I was on the roadway. The dog didn't even hesitate when he was called, he just ignored everything else but me. Anyway, enough about the dog.....

      We love the sunscreen too. It's perfect in every way. Love that's darker because it helps to filter a bit more light and keeps things even a degree or two lower than a lighter one would I would be willing to bet.

      We're in a funk with cooking and we need to do something different, we're looking and thinking about something totally different. So we'll see how do with that idea.

      Thanks, I love the sunset pictures too.

      Thanks Shirley, I like it too. Different than my cap and it covers more so will keep me a bit cooler. (Riley)

      Take care, be safe,