Saturday, February 18, 2023

A much nicer day……

 Our Location:

Road Runner BLM , Quartzsite, Arizona 

A cold start to the day but it warmed up nicely and it was shortly after the noon hour that I started feeling the heat, not hot but much warmer than the past number of days.

Borrego Springs Badlands,  California 2018.

More Badlands, same day as above.

Today was a day of reorganization for us. Not labour intensive or things that required a lot of effort but things easily accomplished. The only strenuous event was the vacuuming.

Sunset,  2018.

Sunset 2018

We passed on the outing today as I felt the cold wind and ground would not benefit my already aching and swollen joints. Riley didn’t feel it would help her sinus issues either. So we decided the reorganization mentioned above was a good fit for the day.

I love Barrel Cactus, they are so colourful.

Teddy Bear Cactus, known as the Jumping Cactus.

We did both attend happy hour for a while at least before coming home, closing the door and calling it a day. 

Superstition Mountains in the background, teddy bear cactus in the foreground.

I enjoy these photos with the sharp spines highlighted by the light.

I chatted with SIL Barb and my friend Linda, both back in Ontario.  I will also be chatting with my dad a bit later tonight. A birthday note, my cousin Ron celebrated a birthday recently turning 60. I hope you had a great time at the party!

The fog rolled into the Saddle Mountain area and we could only see the mountain top.

The photos today are some favourites from past posts.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all had a very wonderful day.

Until next time…..

Take care, stay safe,



  1. I am a fan of cactus and gorgeous sunsets!!

  2. We too laid low most of the day and powered through for happy hour. One more happy hour tonight and we move on starting our journey home!

    1. Sorry we didn’t get to connect again but life is like that. Enjoy your last day here in the area and do us all a favour and hook the crappy weather to your bumper and haul it far, far, far away please! Enjoy your class!, learn lots and bring a gift for the instructor to kind of make up for your future behaviour. Lol. Have fun. Safe travels.


  3. Pain is no fun for sure! Beautiful pictures for sure! Hope the pain subsides and Riley feels better!