Sunday, January 8, 2023

Errand day......


Our Location: 

North of MM 4, Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California


Today was errand day for Riley and I and we managed to accomplish everything in the list. Diesel, gas, propane, drinking water and groceries. It was an expensive day but a good one. We managed a long happy hour with the regular crew, Deb & Tom, Doug & Yuma as well as Ivan. A lively time was had at happy hour!! Today's photos were all taken this morning with my iPad. 


Sunrise this morning.

That's looking toward I-8.

Lovely pink over the home dirt.

It's hinting at being close.

It is glowing behind all of the mountains, not just the local area of the sun.

The small tan line is the Imperial Dunes, the blue is the mountains behind them.

The sun hadn't popped out in front of me but I could see it on the Cargos behind me.

At this point it was showing sunlight in the above photo.

The moon is pretty.

I thought I saw someone waving up there.

The sun is shining on the dunes, the light brown, the mountains behind.

But it's not quite over the mountains here...


And now it is.....


Thanks for following along. I hope you enjoyed your visit. 


Until next time...


Take care, be safe, 





  1. It was a wonderful day in our neighborhood!

    1. It most certainly was a wonderful day in the neighbourhood.


  2. It's so quiet and calming ... love the desert.

  3. We are less than a week away from our departure day. Soon we too will be enjoying those sunrise and sunsets!

  4. That was quite the list of things to get done! Hopefully gas and diesel prices are going down. Enjoying Happy Hour together just seems a perfect way to end the day outside! :)

    1. Actually the diesel went up about 20 cents a gallon between the last fill and this one. It is an excellent way to end the outside hours!!