Saturday, January 21, 2023

A visit to Julian, California ......



 Our Location: 

Truckhaven BLM, California

This morning started off slowly for us, we had no plans until around 9 AM MST. We gathered up our garbage and pointed the Dogsled toward the road and off we went. We stopped at the Ocotillo Wells BLM where we deposited our trash. I chatted with my SIL Janet this morning. We hope to see her on Monday. 


I think that might be Big Bear Mountain with the snow covered peak.

Very pretty off in the distance, don't you think?

There is a big variety of cactus on this drive. See the barrel cactus?

Lots of huge rocks out there!!


From the BLM land we went up the hill to the rim and stopped between the White Lion and the Stinger B.  A few more rigs had pulled in since we left yesterday but we still managed to park between the two. After morning greetings and pets for Yuma we climbed into the Little Black Limo with our chauffeur Thomas, navigator Deb and followed the Little Silver Streak with Doug and Yuma. We would make our way into Borrego Springs (no photos, sorry) and continued along climbing, climbing, climbing and still climbing to an elevation of a little over 4200 feet where we crested the mountain top and arrived at Julian. Our first stop was the Julian Pie Company where Tom and I purchased an apple pie each, and I managed to snag a few cookies for the bag as well. 


Don't you love that view?

There is a house up that hill.

Beam me up Scotty!! For you Star Trek folks.

We bought a pie from there.


The sidewalks were getting busier as the minutes went along and so we found our feet taking us to the Miner's Diner. Lunch was descent, Riley and I opted for Bison Burgers, a first for us, I think.  From there we wandered around into this shop and that shop. It was on the coolish side and we were all happy we had worn heavier clothing. We had thought of stopping at the pie company again so Tom and Doug could have a single piece of pie but the line up all the way to the sidewalk changed their minds. Instead we all headed back to our respective rides and began the trek homeward. Winding, twisting, hugging the curves and maybe even catching a little air in places, we finally made it down to the bottom. We all wiped our brows from the hard work!!! A few quick tours here and there in a few spots and soon we all parked back up on the rim relaxing after the hard work of touring all day. 



Main Street, Julian, California

A very cute little tourist town.

A working model train in the Miner's Diner.

Love the sign.


Soon a small white jeep pulled up and out pops a couple of folks that seemed to magically know who we were, Jeff and Fran ( Ruffin it with Rufus ) stopped by to visit. It was nice chatting with them for a few minutes and hearing a few things we didn't know! We were happy they had stopped by! Soon however it was time for Riley and I to head home before dark came. We said our goodbyes and see you laters and off we went. 

Some left over snow in the shady corners.

Yep, snow for real.

I think he wanted to be my friend....

Al, this photo is for you. Borrego Springs down there.

A bit of a closer look.

At home we found we had a few new neighbours. Since they are still hooked up, I assume they will be here for the night before loading up their toys and heading out tomorrow. A call to my dad and we called it a night. 

A very deep gulch here on our way down the mountain side.

Growth on the side of a very rocky and steep side of the road. Directly across from the above photo.

That notch is actually a two lane road that we just came down. It winds down the mountain side.

I think that is a solar far way off over there.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 

Yep, I think those blue things down there are solar panels.

A little stone guard rail behind the big metal one but they aren't very high. Borrego Springs in the background.

Fran, Jeff, Riley, Deb D, Yuma, Doug, and Tom.

Until next time...

Take care, stay safe, 



  1. If Big Beat is that beautiful from afar, just think how beautiful it would be up close! If you are ever in the Custer SD area every restaurant has bison burgers and we have the best pie shop in the lower 48!

    1. We had a great day, the views were fantastic. The distances are very deceiving out here. I haven’t had any pie yet but they all looked excellent. Smelled wonderful too.


  2. Two wonderful days in a row filled with beautiful views. One walking, one riding and you took great pictures both days. It was nice to meet Fran and Jeff.

    1. Truly stunning views both days. Meeting Jeff and Fran was fun, maybe we will run into them again another time. The company makes the day! Thanks for sharing it with us.


  3. A trip to Julian is always fun, especially with a pie stop :-)