Thursday, January 12, 2023

A visit to Mexico with friends.....



Our Location: 

North of MM 4, Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California


An early morning as we left here at 7 am MST with Deb & Tom (Celebrating the Dance ) heading for Mexico for an 8 am appointment at the dentist. Us Deb's and Riley waited patiently while Tom was in the chair, stopping for a coffee while Tom went on ahead. We spent some time in the courtyard at the dentist office sitting in the sun waiting for Tom. Eventually he came out and we headed off to get some food and a drink. The little cantina seems to be our go to spot. 


Little courtyard alleys pop up out of no where.

A kiss ...or maybe Mexican parking.

Love the yellow at the dentist office.

I would love some of those but I don't think they would do well in Canada.


After breakfast we walked around, shopped in a few places and just enjoyed the company. A couple of purchases, a couple of drinks and before I knew it we were in line to come back and I had taken hardly any photos. The line, while long, moved very quickly and we were through pretty fast. No issues bringing our purchases back and soon we were in the Jeep heading off in a direction that would not take us home. 



Fake grass in the courtyard.

The dentist is on this corner.

We can see the end of Snowbird Alley from the dentist courtyard.

I like the tables but they are cold unless directly in the sun.

A couple of side jaunts and a few photos and we were home around 3:30 MST or at least we think it was about that time. It was a good day and we will be repeating it tomorrow as Tom has another dentist appointment and they have kindly invited us along. We do have a good time! 


The All American Canal.

We went on safari.....

An interesting place on the journey. Note the saguaro, that isn't original here.

The palm trees are pretty!!!


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your day. 



The water is low in the canal.

The Wall, with the open gate but no one is there.

These photos are how they came out of the phone, I didn't do anything, except crop or retouch a shadow in one..

The sky is so beautiful out here.


Until next time....


Take care, be safe, 





  1. I always enjoy your pictures of Algodones because they are areas I don't see when we are there since we stay in the main shopping area. The dental office looks really nice!

    1. Thanks. I love the bright colours. I often forget to take pics because I’m too busy enjoying myself.


  2. Beautiful pictures, Deb. Sounds like you four had fun today. Glad Tom's dental work went fast and you had some time to wander the streets. Sounds like more fun again tomorrow. Miss you guys.

    1. Thanks Doug. Tom’s chair experience was longer than expected but we did have a good time. We mid you and Yuma as well. The new dog in your spot doesn’t come to visit! Nor do the folks. Lol


  3. The dentist office is the brightest spot in a very bright 4 block area. We love it too.

    1. We had some time to enjoy the view as Tom’s chair sitting was longer than expected. The whole area is bright and clean. We are enjoying our visits there a great deal.


  4. Love your pics of Mexico. Sounds like a great time over there! A ride with Tom and Deb is always fun!