Thursday, January 19, 2023

A visit with friends….


Our Location:

Truckhaven BLM, California 

After a couple of cups of coffee Riley and I climbed into the Dogsled and headed off to find our friends. It wasn’t a far jaunt and we could see the noses of the White Lion and the Stinger Bee peeking at us over the edge of the cliff. We found the path up to the top and pulled in between the two. Soon Yuma came scampering out and ran like a speed demon to the truck. He was excited to see us. It wasn’t long before Doug also came strolling out with a smile on his face. A few minutes later Deb & Tom also descended the steps and a coffee time visit was upon us. 

The view from up top where the WL and The Stinger Bee are parked.

It looks very flat down there but it isn’t.

The WL, the Bee and the back end of the Dogsled. A white van neighbour too.

A spectacular view.

 Very rough, lots of ruts.

Doug, Yuma, Riley and I took a stroll but couldn’t get close enough to the edge to see the Igloo. A few more quick moments of visiting and Riley and I headed for home. I didn’t take a photo of coffee time.  We have plans for Saturday but our Friday plans have changed and so we will once again head over for coffee time in the morning and see what the day brings.

I don’t think the Dogsled could squeeze in there.

Chatted with my dad tonight for a half hour, lots of wind there, a bit of blowing snow but still not very cold. Folks are starting to worry about a late spring, well into May. I guess we will see how that works out.

Yuma looking for a way down.

Riley way over there.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the visit.

Until next time….

Take care, be safe,



  1. Glad you made it over this morning. Yuma was jumping happy, but you have him pretty well trained not to jump, so he kept it down a little. So glad the stormy weather went back north so we can have our nice days back. Rugged terrain in those pictures.

    1. We enjoyed seeing you and Yuma again. The time passed quickly today but we will return another time to visit again. The terrain is very rugged, eye catching and I’m sure breath taking coming up or going down some of those spots.


  2. The views from up there are awesome!

  3. You took some great pictures. Sorry to read your plans changed but glad to read we will see you soon...😊

  4. Cool pictures. I am sure the change in scenery is nice too. Enjoy your time there!

  5. Those are very nice views. Nice you are close enough for visits.